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Full Version: Why Did We Do It?
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One thing I remember all the kids doing during the school hols in the 60s was collecting car numbers in a wee book....why???...... biggrin.gif
Hey we done it in the 50s Championi ,no idea why, mind you cars in the schemes in those days were few and far between lol
Practisin tae be traffic wardens when ye grew up?...laugh.gif
java your awfy clever youv got an answer fur everything hen so ye have
penny dainty
makes a change from train spottin , don't they write down numbers as well?Don't fancy it myself
That wiz arerrgame so it wiz a could even stand wi ma back to the main road and tell ye wit the car make wiz as it went bye me. I always did live a sheltered life.
My excuse is that the old cars had a distinctive engine noise about them , not like these modern motors,they ALL sound the same. AHHHH!! The Good Old Days eh??
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