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Full Version: Catching Rats
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My late husband was brought up in the Gorbals and it was overrun with rats so one night when he was about 13 he and twenty friends armed with sticks,old golf clubs any weapons they could find would search the back courts killing over 200 of the vermin,Someone phoned the Evening Times they came out and took pictures of them with the rats. Their dog Laddie was given an award for the amount of rats he killed. And the young of today think they have it hard lol
That sounded like a good way to spend your time back then Magsrose lol
No xbox's or playstations back in those days hee hee
wee sammy
I once caught a Rat or should i say she turned into a RAT after i married her wub.gif
Oh how this subject makes me shudder...RATS

To this day, I am scared to death of mice and cannot fathom even looking at a picture of them on T.V. I really do get sick to my stomach at the sight of a Rat. Why?

Well living in the Gorbals,in our back yard was a paper Mill. I cannot recall the name of it...It was about I think 3 stories high,with decks running the length of the building. This is what we saw when we looked out our back windows...Well the rats would scuttle along these decks like cats and believe you me, they were the size of cats,black in colour, out for a stroll. But what put the fear of them into me, was that the boys used to catch them in cages chase the girls with them,corner us and swing the cages in our faces...I can still hear myself screaming.

People would put rat poison out near the middens in the backcourt...Sadly,even though we watched her like a hawk,my beloved wired haired fox terrier somehow managed to eat some poison...A horrifying death she suffered.
ohmy.gif shoking stuff does anyone remember the huge Binmen strike wherein maist of Glasgow got inundated wi the R Blighters,even had the army come through tae shoot thum in oor st in Galloway st springburn OMG a was wee N maist weans wurney alloed oot that week as they came in tae erradicate thum eek!think it was late 60s or early 70s was awfull ave had horrafying irrational fears o thum since cos wan came in mums & she jist grabbed me by the hair she was tying up at the time cos a telt urr a saw a cat ,turns oot the cat gwas a ...! so anyhoo ave wrote aboot it elsewhurr oan site how mum was getting a new fireplace in & the auld black yin pult so the ... went doon unner flerrboards n clawed fur weeks tae it jist stopped wan night eek!!!!!!!
penny dainty
Yuk Rats! I mind the binman strike well , I was walking home from my pals house through the short cut and there was a dirty great beastie sitting right in the middle of the road, i'm sure it was sizing me up for lunch. I was terrified to walk round it in case it went for me so I doubled back the way I came and it took me over an hour to get home, wasnt happy.
Used to live up the road from the Govan ferry and remember my Ma telling me about the day a man (neighbour) picked me up and brought me hame cos I wis throwing stones at a big dog (Rat) that was hissing at me.

I thought I wiz in truble but wizny !!! smile.gif

I reckon the area about the Clyde wis rife withthem ?? unsure.gif
they recon that we are 15feet at anyone time in the uk we have rats in my bottom shed and the boys take traps to see how long it would take to get the first yin 15 min efter the jam bread went on the trap deid as a door nail a had to stop feeding the birds as the rat man came and put poison down in blue packets they take it back to the nest and feed the young they bleed to death and a need to watch trudy as she is a yorkie and they are ratters the coalminers used to take them down the mines to catch the rats she runs after them but never catches them not through lack of trying and if she ever did am no lettin her back in the hoose ha ha until she dumps it laugh.gif
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