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Full Version: George Outram Press - Buchanan St.
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I worked as a copy-boy on the 'Evening Times' during the 1950s.
The whole building smelt of fresh newsprint and I recall the entire building vibrating when the giant presses in the basement were running. Opposite us, in Buchanan St.,an old chap with an accordion used to sing 'O Sole Mio' on Saturdays. He'd position himself so that the surrounding buildings improved the acoustics.
He was almost drowned out by the flocks of starlings which lived in the eaves of the buildings all along Buchanan St.
George Muir
In the 50s I worked every Saturday on the afternoon shift at the "Sunday Post" (which was then in Dobbie's Loan) setting headlines, doing corrections, etc. There was quite a distinct atmosphere in the newspapers back then, at least in the composing room. The click-clacking of the linotype machines, the smell of the fumes from the melting pots, how things have changed now - computerized typesetting, automated page makeup, etc. all done by fewer bodies.
I come from a newspaper family.

My dad worked at the Daily Record / Sunday Mail from when it was in Hope Street until its Anderston days. He was FOC and worked in the caseroom on permanent nightshift. As a wee girl, Mum used to take us to the big windows in Hope Street to wave to Dad. In the last year there, a HUGE roll of newsprint fell off the conveyor and landed on his foot, breaking his toes! He was so proud of the new building, as if HE had a lot to do with the new colour presses!

My sister worked from 16 until she was about 34 in the Evening Times, then for SUN in Irvine.

My husband, Colin's, dad was a journalist with the People as well as the Evening Times - Sport mainly.

My dear mum was only 50 when Dad died - and , unlucky for her, that was when Robert Maxwell died, having first taken all the Pension Fund! Mum has never received a penny due to her since.
George Muir
sumac, now you'll have all the GG punters guessing - what does FOC mean? biggrin.gif Since coming to Canada 39 years ago, I have worked in the case room (called the composing room in North America) of two daily newspapers, one owned by Thomson and the other by Southam. All shifts, day shift, afternoon shift and night shift (the worst!).
I read the book on Robert Maxwell. How sad for the workers,who were cheated out of their pensions....Yes George, I can well imagine with modern technology,the machinery in and around newsrooms has all changed. However, I must say,that at any given time while reading my local newspaper,spelling and grammatical errors are evident. ..Now if I may ask a question. While surfing the internet,and mainly Scottish chat sites, I came across a painting of the' Umbrella 'at Bridgeton Cross. It shows the tenemet buildings lit up,it is early evening,raining and two tram cars are coming down Main Street with the pavement glistening in their lights...I thought it the most beautiful picture. It was painted in 1938 by a...John N. Boyd...I downloaded it,but it does not do justice to the original...I am particularly interested in,knowing if prints of this painting do exist. You see, I have a sister in law who is quite the artist,and she wants to make a gift of a painting to Don and I, for our 50th wedding anniversary,which is 2008...My Dad and his stepwife,lived in Bridgeton for many years. Don and I,and yes the kids visited them there,therefore this picture would be perfect,as I walked the very streets shown in this picture many a time,even after my parents passed on. I visited with my Aunt often in Ruby Street,just off Dalmarnock Rd., So if anyone can help me out here,I really would appreciate it. George, I just know you will have a few ideas.. Rena
I replied to this ages ago, but a lot of my postings went missing when the changeover happened. I've only just realised my reply's not here.

FOC means Father Of the Chapel, and is a Union term for Union Rep, as far as I know. So there you are - nothing exciting, although when I ws wee I thought it meant Foreman On Charge!!! I thought my dad was a big boss!!! smile.gif
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