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Have posted a few pictures on different pages this week about Glasgow as it is now.Been totally rocked by the responses about how people see the city today,Thought it might be cool to have a page for pictures about Glasgow -as it is now or how it was in the past both aspects are fascinating.GG'S posting today about picture halls/cinemas/trams really fascinates me . I can go any day and take picture's of the city as it is today but the enjoyment is comparing it to how it was.So anybody got anything they want to post.
I will post a few pictures of Glasgow today,
Dial Inn and the Armadillo
St enochs
George Muir
ohmy.gif Scotslad, here's a picture of how St. Enoch's Square looked "then"
When was 'then' George?

Last time I stayed at the hotel was in Nov. '66 - remember it well - I was bringing my Mum back to Canada after my Dad's funeral.
Our room did not have 'private facilities' and the toilet was down the hall - Mum went off and, for the longest time, didn't come back - I got worried - found her, much confused, in the entrance hall to the toilets - apparently when you went in the lights went on, opening a toilet door also brought light, closing it switched it off - she reasoned that getting out would also bring darkness and decided to stay put, convinced that her dutiful daughter would eventually come to her rescue. She was right, the moment the door was opened, the lights went out. Think they had 15w bulbs in the hallways! Can you imagine such a system in this day and age? It really was quite scarey! Glasgow's COME A LONG WAY!
George Muir
huh.gif Fearn, the picture of St. Enoch's Square was taken in 1954. Three years before I had worked as an office boy in the Platform 1 Goods Office, but left in 1952 to do an apprenticeship as a compositor. Although I knew my way around all the platforms, etc. I have never been in the "marble halls" of the hotel. I think working in the station must have given me the wanderlust!
Thats a fantastic picture George -it looks so congested even back then.Hope others have some old pictures of Glasgow.
Art Deco at its best Melody.
And the walled Garden -kinda bare in winter but you should experience it in summer totally awsome.
I agree... it would be wonderful to live there alright, however do you see what I mean about going to the pictures.....much better in the Ascot building..thanks for the photo...I think we're showing off now.. our fabulous architecture....well why not!! Glasgow's architecture is something to be very proud of. smile.gif
We're getting too lovey dovey laugh.gif But I agree with you Melody,going back to the Ascot,I remember it as picture hall -just and loved it but today I think its ugly and I think it should have been demolished.It was left empty for years as a total eyesore because someone decided it was grade 2 and therefore listed.Am fascinated by architecture Melody-always have been I think I missed my vocation in life.This city breathes architecture Melody and although we often disagree on everything and anything we both love this city with a passion and thats evident in all our postings-we just look at it from different viewpoints.I want everyone that either lives here,or used to live here or might want to visit us to see what Glasgow is and be proud of it.
Although I have been born and brought up in Glasgow I still stare up those wonderful tenements and buildings in town, and often sigh a sigh of pride. ..I can't think of a town to equal Glasgow for the quality of it's architecture.
The red sandstone tenements especially on a sunny evening, well ..I can't think of anywhere better to live.... just perfect for people to live in! Oh I feel all cosy now!.... I hope we don't fall out before the night's in! laugh.gif
Great pic of St Enochs 'then' George. I see the old SMT red buses in the far distance lined up waiting on the approach road to the station where I used to board for Renfrew - and a lucky day if my Uncle John was the driver!. Nice also to see the BEA airport bus which was heading the same way as me. I lived on the edge of the old Renfrew Airport - the graceful terminal building of which is now a 'Tesco' supermarket!.
We are not going to fall out tonight Melody-but tomorrow is a new day.We both love this city with a passion,its evident in every posting we make and I might slag you about stuff but I respect you totally.We look at the city in different ways sometimes but I think I always look for the positive and hope for change where as you see it in past battles and how things might have been better.Heavy stuff for a Saturday night laugh.gif We both just want the world to look at Glasgow and admit this is one well cool city and I love it .
Me too smile.gif
QUOTE (Rab @ 6th Dec 2003, 01:13 PM)
Great pic of St Enochs 'then' George....... Nice also to see the BEA airport bus.......

Rab - tks. you jogged my memory - the BEA bus - we were on our way to Prestwick Airport. Couldn't for the life of me remember why we stayed there.

Remember too that my poor Mum had shingles and couldn't bear any tight clothing. She was wrapped from her neck to her knees in cotton batten liberally dusted with baby powder (as suggested by Boots' chemist) topped off with a sacklike housedress and a fur coat. Every time she moved there was a puff of powder! Thankfully the seats were all window and aisle and leg room was adequate. We laughed about it months later but it wis no funny at the time!
Hi Guys great Pictures and Memories
Let me share one of mine
I was 3 when my Wee Sister was Born
Hated her Crying so one Day I pushed her Pram up to the Tram line in Thornliebank
was just aboit to dump her on the Line when the downstair Neighbour caught me
Needless to say I still remember the Smack I got
By the way I love my Sister Dearly I was only a Wee Lassie then
George Muir
ohmy.gif Fearn and Rab,
I well remember boarding the bus at St. Enoch's Square to take me to the Prestwick Airport, leaving the family behind and venturing into the "unknown" via Air Canada. The date was July 12, 1968.
Another pic of Glasgow which has gone through an amazing transformation.
George Sq was resurfaced a couple of years ago.Nicknamed Red Square after that.They cleared out loads of old statues and generally opened up the Square.Did not like it much when it was done but have come to love the wide open space and the red tarmac.They now want to re do it with grass and stuff again.Should they change it?
I must admit Red Square did have a certain appeal for me laugh.gif
I think I liked it better the old way, not sure really!
Melody I know we are best pals just now.....grit my teeth here,How could you like it before with that patchy grass and all those daft statues.I am gonna suggest they paint it blue and put up a Maggie statue..would that make your day? You are kiddin me about it being better before...........yes?
George - wonder if you had a 'send off' from Prestwick on July 12 like I did from Southampton on the same date in '51?

Parades and Bands galore on hand that day, streamers and balloons flying.
Scotslad, guess my vote for keeping the red won't count but please, no offence to Maggie, don't make it blue!
It does seem to be getting used nowadays whereas in the past it was like a park...dont walk here!!

I'm loving all these pics:)
Hi Scotty an welcome to the boards...ah'll pass oan askin ye tae babysit fur me if ye don't mind pal bigsmile an winkywink!

Great pictures Scotslad, ma sister got married in the cathedral...Ah still laugh at the look of horror oan the ministers face when ma wee cousin who wis eight at the time an werrin the kilt, couldnae haud it in any longer an aw ye heard wis the splish splash oan the red carpet .
Always mind it wis seventy pounds extra if ye waanted the red carpet laid, goat wur moneys worth laugh.gif
annie laurie
Hi George,
Throughly enjoyed your pictures of St. Enochs , that is where I left for Preswick Airport also, 37 years ago,
Was back in Glasgow last year, I get lost now in the town centre, everything is changed so much, but I still love to visit,good to see you posting again George,
If you pay a visit to my site, some great old photos of Glasgow. I mean old.
I was just joking about it being Blue Fearn I really like it the way is today -even now with the ice rink in place for Xmas it still looks good.
Listen to me Scotslad, that grass was a tiny bit patchy because it was a wee place to lie down and sunbathe on a very infrequent summer's day for all my beloved Glaswegians. I liked that and it was familiar the way it was....people first!! Yes I did like it!
'Dear Green Place'
wee mags
nice photos ewan Iam sure that David L. will enjoy the transport ones after all he was a bus driver rolleyes.gif
laugh.gif Melody I guess you did like it then-I could just never understand why anyone would want to sunbath in the middle of a traffic island but we are all different
Figured that Scotslad! I've been pulling it up on the web cam - really wonderful show of lights.

aye, it looks great:)
even better to be sitting here in the warmth watching folk enjoying the cold. LOL
Scotslad have you got a transcard as well as a camera, you certainly get about, Great Photo's.

Here is a photo of George Square Now.

And Then, This is my favorite photo of Glasgow it was taken in 1903,

Thanks for the old Glasgow pictures Ewan and Alsw,absolutely fascinating and so much detail in them.It makes you realise that many parts of the city have not changed out of all recognition.Glasgow's architectural detail is brilliant and to see it in these old pictures is fantastic.The city has been washed and scrubbed and some of the old buildings are beautiful and added a few exciting new ones.I just wonder looking at the pictures taken in the early 20th C if the sandstone was still red or blond or already black with soot.I ve added a picture of a cleaned red sandstone tenement-still classic looking and at least a hundred years old.
Are we the coolest or are we the coolest! smile.gif
Even on a day as cold as today we can take on anyone Melody.Glasgow Rules...
Scotslad, the colour and sparkle of the buildings was the first thing that struck me when, after several years absence, I was back in 2000. Took me two days to find my way around but dear old Glasgow looked and felt wonderful.

The picture of St. Vincent Street (think it was yours) particularly impressed me - my Dad had his office there.

Really think we should have all these wonderful pics on one thread – they’re really worth preserving……..nudge, nudge, nudge to our great leader MARTIN!
We need a Glasgow Only, Old and New Photo Gallery.

Anyone else agree?
Have they cleaned up the Royal Infirmary building yet?
I just used to accept it but, looking at the photo of the front as in Ewanmac's 1920's? pic, it looks as if the stones are all different colours. I dont know if that could be attributed to dirt or the stone itself.

I have some photos of friends and myself taken on the roof overlooking the area of that pic (66/67ish)...Unfortunately you wouldnae know from the pic where it was.

I and many more like me will be glad to get rid of that awful red colour in George Square. I do not know anyone who likes it. Everyone considers it an eyesore, and agree that the Councillor who Authorised this piece of vandalism should be shot.
It used to be lovely in the summer with the grass, flowers & statues. The people who worked in the area (I was one of them) spent their lunch hour sitting on the grass or benches eating their lunch and always left the Square clean & tidy. Weather permitting it was always packed, and people passing through would sit for a while, but not now.
There are no benches or grass now and the only time it looks nice is during the Christmas Season with the lovely Crib, Christmas Lights, Ice Rink, Helter Skelter and the other seasonal attractions. mad.gif

Does anyone remember the Rabbie Burns Statue and the rhyme the children used to sing:

Rabbie Burns was born in Ayr
Noo he's doon in Georges Square
If ye want tae see him there
Take a caur and pay your fare.
Heather, you mean they removed the benches? Not when I was there in 2000 - May of that year was glorious - the benches were well used - 10 sunny days, not a drop of rain.

Ok, I'm an ex-Pat - what do others like me think?
The benches are still there or were still there in October ,my son and I had lunch in October-OK I promised him lunch just never told him it was a sandwich in the Square wink.gif The Square certainly annoyed a few folk when the council re vamped it and I was one of them when I first heard about it and while the work was going on.After it was finished I was still unhappy with the colour but it has grown on me over the last few years and I like the open aspect .There were far too many useless statues cluttering it up and the grass was usually just dirty mud after events in the Square.It was originally designed as an open area in front of the city chambers -piazza style but gradually got cluttered over the years as worthies in the city chambers kept on adding statues.If they decide to go ahead and spend more money changing it the council should open a web site with the different designs like the new Clyde pedestrian bridge and give the public a say.They took displays of the bridges round Libraries and sports centre's etc to give the public a chance to express their views.
Fearn I so agree with you ,when the sun shines on the red sandstone in particular its dazzling.I think I have a couple of pictures looking down the whole length of St Vincent St I will look them out.I particularly like the old 1914 picture from Ewan taken down at St Vincent Place -his pictures are amazing and I keep going back to have another look and discover something new everytime.He has one of Kelvingrove and I have only just noticed there are sheep grazing in the park!I am partly to blame for the fragmented approach to the pictures I suddenly decided to start posting when simeone was talking about Sauchiehall Street-Just never expected to go ahead and post so many and on different threads.Mary the Royal is just as I always remembered it but I have seen a few buildings in Glasgow where the stone appears mismatched -I have often wondered if they were just economising and were not overly fussy about where they got their supplies from.You see it in particular on the blond sandstone but there again it does not seem to weather in the same way the red does.It might be a weathering effect maybe somebody on the board will know?
I think the decision by Glasgow City Council to remove some of the lawned areas and then resurface George Square with red tarmac, was seen by them as some sort of business opportunity.

The Square is now prime exhibition land, and rarely a month goes by when it is not rented out and a marquee or portacabins erected for some sort of event, art exhibition, etc. Just now it is taken up with the Christmas fairground and ice rink, a high revenue earning event.

Even during the summer months, some or all of the benches may be removed to allow extra space for exhibitors, and the Square is lost to the citizens of Glasgow not just for the period of the event, but in the days before and after to allow for erecting and dismantling of the temporary buildings.

There must be better places in the city for such events. Perhaps not the fairground and ice rink, but surely art exhibitions, etc., could be held in one of the many grand rooms inside the City Chambers, leaving the Square available to the people of Glasgow.

As for the statues, I hadn't noticed that any had actually been removed. I know there was a proposal to move almost all of them to Bellahouston Park, but this was quickly abandoned after uproar from media and public.

I am sure that in the not too distant future, those inside the City Chambers will come up with another bright idea for George Square, perhaps turning it into a free car park for council staff !!

Interesting comments D.C I have noticed the increased commercial activity in the Square and while not totally in agreement with that I do think the Square should be used for special events that either bring revenue to the city or promote its well being.I suppose its a thin dividing line on what is acceptable and what is not. If the council are removing the benches while events are in progress then I am not in favour.I like the ice rink but am not so keen on the fair.Perhaps as the city develops area's like the new Glasgow Harbour and the Science Mall on the Clyde these area's would be better suited for this type of commercial arrangement.I will now have to check out the statues,the Square seems so much bigger now I simply assumed some of the lesser known ones had gone somewhere.
I dont think it was a cost cutting measure..have a look:)
I've cropped it, lightened it and resized it to comply with the <100k's so hope it shows ok

you can see it especially in the centre and on those round columns above the main door (that we werenae supposed to go in! LOL)
Fearn re George Square

There were only a few benches put back after the "renovation", but because of all the complaints they had to put more in plus large tubs with trees in them. A few weeks ago I noticed the tubs were gone.
As I do not go into town very often now, I am not sure if this is just for the Christmas Season & the New Year party now held in the Square, but I will pay more attention and see what happens after the turn of the year.

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