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Full Version: Rounders
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wee mags
Dis anyone remember playing Rounders ?it was just like Baseball only difference was you played it with anykind of bat you could find for instance a big stick.a cricket stick, a tennis racket ,if you could hit the baw wae it ,then it was awe right
we played on Guthrie st the top end of the street was Home then the right side was first the bottom of the street was second and the right hand of the street was third . wink.gif
by the way it wis the bottom part of Guthrie St other wise yae wid be runnin doon the hill awe the time
Ah the magic of summer, after dinner when it was still light and you didn't wander off with your pals but kids of all ages stayed around the area and played big games like rounders (ours was with a tennis racket) , a truly magical time
How timely, Mags. Suzy's wee lass is on a softball team. I went to one of their practices last Saturday and here I am telling Suzy that they are playing Rounders. Softball is baseball with a soft ball but the rules are the same. Those long summer nights to play Rounders with the whole length of Ardoch Steet and no cars or the coalman's horse to get in the way. Nae uniforms and the bat was anything handy.
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