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Full Version: Figures In Cotton Wool Clouds
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big tommy
rolleyes.gif Can anyone remember being told about cotton wool clouds? Or was my mother just having me on ?

She used to tell me if I searched long and hard enough ,I would find my fate in them . Who I would marry , the face of the one you loved . if you would travel and so forth .

Well, today was a lovely day with lots and lots of fluffy clouds all around .So I sat outside the front door and stared at the changing formations .

Hoping , I think to see Jean's face or something to tell me she was allright .

I saw ships ,planes , even a flying saucer ,but nothing to tell me my fate or fortune .

Still I cant give up on this . I am sure my mother actually believed it herself . I will keep searching among the clouds .Just in case.

heres a wee pic for u tommy biggrin.gif
Can I tell you a lovely wee story (true) about clouds?

When my daughter was 2 1/2 our beloved dog died. It was a glorious summer day and there were lots of big fluffy clouds in the sky. As we walked along our street to the shops, Kirsty looked at me (I was obviously looking sad, as I was thinking about Ben not being with us, for the first time ever) and said, "Don't be sad, Mummy. Look up there. You can see Ben," and she pointed to one of the big white clouds - and there indeed was our Old English Sheepdog, Ben, in amongst them!

Yes, you can see things in the clouds, bigtommy. You keep looking - Jean is there, looking down at you. rolleyes.gif
rolleyes.gif Jings a wis jist poppin in tae ask if anywan remembers 5stanes(stones ye toss em up 1 at a time whilst pickin wan up frae the Table, mind ye a feel kinna daft noo as whit yees are awe chattin aboot seems way mair interestin laugh.gif Iam sure ave seen many o thing amidst the clouds, especialy mashed tatties haha jist kidin wae yees awe fur a laff noo a don`t mean it atawe in a negative way. I pray for you Tommy & ask god tae Bless ye with a look at yer Jean`s face & I mean that sincerely.
penny dainty
I'm sure you can see faces in the clouds and lots of other things as well.Do you remember when Diana died, it was her funeral and there was a cloud that looked just like her up there in the sky, it was on the telly.
Am still seeing them and am nearly 64,, think there might be a want..
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