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Full Version: Who Remembers The Dandy
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A friend sent me this link......such nostalgia...greet,. greet....

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Me!. Desperate Dan and his Cow Pies. Lord Snooty and Pals etc.
I remember the Dandy ,Lizeeloo and the Beano . In teen years it was the Weekly News and what were the wee thin romances called? Photoplay ,where I cut out pictures of my pin-ups was another favorite . cool.gif
does anybody know the numskulls a cant remember what comic they were in? unsure.gif
ohh i loved the numbskulls - it was the Beezer it was in i think
Whit aboot The; Bezzer, Topper and Sparky?

The were good reading when I wus a wean.

Then da da *TV21* Daleks everywhere!
i remember the old comics,my own son likes the beano nowadays as it is still going strong so is the dandy.i do however remember the american comics you could get years ago in dad used to bring me in one on a friday night(wendy the good little witch,little dot ,ritchie richand i think it was called the archies) plus a quarter pound box of milk tray.ah happy memories , bye
penny dainty
I remember those American comics Peeps, I used to buy them in a wee shop in Millport when I went my holidays.
an I just luuuv dalecks even now biggrin.gif
Dandy Beano Hotspur Rover !!!!!!
The Bunty and the Judy I remember most, it was great being a wean sure it was. smile.gif
Does anyone remember the School Friend and the Girls Crystal? I got the School Friend and the baddy girl prefect was called Imogen!

I also loved the Weekly News with Wee Hughie and Black Bob [his master was called Andrew Glen and they were from the Borders, I think]. God we were so innocent in those days.
I remember the School Friend and the Girls Chrystal, there was another one called the Girl...(something), can't remember. I recall getting the first edition of it and was hooked, got it for years. Still enjoyed the Broons and Oor Wullie in the Sunday Post though!! biggrin.gif
bbc 4 is showing a programme about old comics on monday 10th sept called comics britannia if anyone is interested .it is on at 9 in the evening, bye
Thanks Petalpeeps ah'll watch out for that. smile.gif
George Muir
Does anyone remember the "Film Fun"? That was a great comic too laugh.gif
QUOTE (Melody @ 13th Aug 2007, 03:45 PM) *
The Bunty and the Judy I remember most, it was great being a wean sure it was. smile.gif

bunty and judy, me too, the 4 mary's???
Aye George, I remember the Film Fun and there was another magazine call the Picturegoer, do you remember it?
cover from 1966 and look who's on the back

It’s crazy but it’s true
I only want to be with you
Wow Murn, that is a terrific picture of Dusty. One of the best I've seen.
remember lookin forward to Christmas cause there wis always one or two books usually the Beano and the Bunty

lets not forget the Topper
I was a prolific reader even when I was a wee tot ( 50's - 60's ). my favourite comics were, Bunty and Judy, my wee sis used to get the cut out doll on the back with all it's paper clothes and stick them in her scrap book. My favourite story in the Judy was of ' Valda ' if I remember rightly she had lived for thousands of years and used to go into a cave up in the mountains and bath in an ice fire to regenerate!!!!!! lol. I also used to get boys comics as I read my dad's wee Commando books. I got the Victor and Hotspur and Sparky, I loved Alf Tupper and his going to the chippy. Then I got older and wow I progressed onto the Jackie...
Hi Jinty, do you remember which comic the 4 Mary's was in?
the 4marys were in the bunty am sure its the bunty deffo it was the longest story written for girls in a comic it was stopped in 2001 sad day eh
that was my favourite, always wanted tae go to boardin school and be jist like them smile.gif
I think the 4 Marys were in either the School Friend or the Girl's Crystal. I wanted to go to boarding school too!
Murn, Stuartys right it was the Bunty, I've looked all over the internet to find out what their names were to no avail. I'm sure one was called Mary Radcliffe. I also remember ' wee Slavey ' .
The Four Mary's - Radleigh, Simpson, Field and Cotter...biggrin.gif
penny dainty
Oh I mind o wee slavey as well Jinty , long time since I heard of her, mind the bunty and the 4 Mary's
Yes, you're right. It was the Bunty! My Dad bought my sisters and me comics every day - Bunty, Judy, Beano, Dandy, Beezer, Topper and the Bimbo for the youngest! Must be why we're all great readers nowadays.
look what I found biggrin.gif

Lady Mary Radleigh was known as "Raddy",but she was down-to-earth and didn't like people to use her title.She had shoulder-length blonde hair.Her father,the Earl of Radleigh,was one of the school governors.The other Marys would often go and stay at their home (I think it was called Radleigh Hall or something like that) in the holidays.

Mary Simpson,known as "Simpy",was a scholarship girl,and had long, wavy black hair.She had originally gone to a school in Ironboro,a comprehensive I think.Mabel and Veronica used to be mean to her because unlike them (and I think most of the other pupils), her parents hadn't paid to send her to the school.

Mary Cotter,known as "Cotty" was the artistic one,and sometimes won photography and painting competitions.She had long,straight black hair and sometimes wore glasses for reading etc.

Mary Field,known as "Fieldy",had a black,straight bob-cut,and was very sporty.She was especially good at hockey.

Always thought Simpson looked like my sister, same hair.
Apologies for my bad memory, Murn. I should have just've said, '' One name began with R.'' lol
My uncle Jim lived the next close to us. He was an electrician with D.C. Thomsons who printed many of these comics and every weekend he brought them all home for us. However, they didn't print the 'Eagle' so my dad bought it every week. But we couldn't get a read at it until he had finished it from cover to cover. By that time it was past our bedtime, so it was the next day before we saw it!
Agnes & Robert
I used to get the Dandy,Beano,Adventure every week, I would sometimes get the Film Fun with Cardew the Card, and I believe Jimmy and his Grockle was in the Film Fun, we are going back a few years
oh corkey the cat and deperate dan
Dandy – Korky the Cat, Beano – Biffo the Bear, Topper – Micky the Monkey and the Beezer ? Graduated on to The Buster, The Valiant and The Victor which being the 1950’s in my case and just after WW2, were full of war stories. The Eagle was a class publication apart from the great stories, it was printed on glossy paper which gave it a quality feel. Then The Wizard and Adventure and the small pocket sized Commando comics. Then the American invasion with all the super heroes – Superman, Batman, Green Lantern etc – in the DC Comics. Plenty of publications for your pocket money and we did a roaring trade swapping comics between pals.
Even the names there, BigArturo1, of the war comics ;Valiant and Victor...
These were the nuclear deterrent aircraft in the fifties before the Vulcan completed the trio. I served, later in the sixties, on the Victor, touched the Vulcan a time or two and we had an historical Valiant on a plinth on the base
wee sammy
What about Alf Tupper the runner the guy would eat Fish Suppers and never lost a race laugh.gif
Comics can mirror your childhood to adulthood.
Beano; Dandy; then
Topper and Eagle; then
Rover; Hotspur; Adventure; Wizard; then
Tit Bits; then
Remember swopping American "horror" and 3D comics round school in the early 60s.
In Paisley, near the ABC Regal cinema, "Yankee Mags". An absolutely incredible shop full to the rafters with new and used American comics. Used to spend hours there just reading, then buying one comic! Loved all the "Archie" comics.

mrs g
I remember "Yankee Mags" very well. It was in Walker Street, Paisley next door to the red Post Office (at least, that's how it was always described. As a child I visited it regularly where we could buy really different comics and scraps (remember them?) When I was 14 I started to work in the shop part-time and continued to do that til the shop closed around 1983. It was an Aladdin's cave!!! It is very affectionately remembered by many adults in Paisley as it opened before WW2 !
QUOTE (wee sammy @ 1st May 2009, 10:04pm) *
What about Alf Tupper the runner the guy would eat Fish Suppers and never lost a race laugh.gif

"the tough of the track"!-My favourite was Dc Thompsons "Commando" comics or "Wee Warries"!-used to get them in any one of the 3 or 4 comic shops on Parliamentary rd in Townhead-the man used to stamp them with a star or a crescent or whatever and you could "swap" them for other comics-I remember the price of Dc comics in 1959-marked at the top right hand-10c/9d! only 10c wiznae 9d!-at $4 to the pound it was nearer 2 1/2d !-some profit!-wee Warries were 6d-musta collected about 200 of them-new ones came out every week-think I had a full set from no1 to no 235!-worth a mint now!
used to get the Eagle now and again but it was too posh and too dear!-but liked Dan Dare,Topper and Beezer were more my level-"Kings of Castaway Island"-that sort of stuff.
I remember the "cut-throat" business of swapping with yer M8s.
"That wan? that's two fur wan, or nuchin' pal."
ach the eagle came oot when ah wis loosin interest in comics think ah wiz 32 at the time it wis ah yuppy comic. me, ah loved the rover ,adventure ,wizard an hotspur. wild young dirky , the deadly dirks , stories ye followed up each week . morgyn the mighty an strang the terrible ,tough o the track aye he wis beatin noo an agin but usually cos o some upperclasses skulldugery .me an ma pal used tae go haufs there wis 4 comics ah week an we used tae take wan each an swap ower .dudley d watkins wis ah great cartoonist he gied us oor wullie the broons etc my fav wis v fer vengeance the deathless men aw guys who had suffered at the hauns o the nazis there leader wis a brit agent who had infiltrated the gestapo von sumpkin or other . ach it wis aw good fun .an it wis only ah tanner tae get intae the pics on ah setterday efter noon am talkin 40s an early 50s things wis bleak but ach ye made yer ain intertainment in govan it wis the lyceum ,vogue ,plaza , aw showed ah kids matinee on ah setterday .
ops there wiz ah radio fun an ah film fun ma sisters luved them laurel an hardy , etc in the film fun ah wisnae intae them
The Dandy and The Beano. I think at some time they were the reading diet of the Scottish youth.
I remember so well waiting patiently for the weekly editions. In my day I paid tuppence for each comic, I carried them home from the newsagents like some demented secret envoy expecting to be mugged. When I got home I would read them very fast then re-read them slowly. After that, it was a case of swopping for any editions you had missed. Speaking of which, if I did miss an edition for whatever reason, my heart would miss a beat and I would go into severe withdrawal symptoms.


I remember The Dandy, The Beano. One came out on a Tuesday and the other came out on a Thursday. I think the Film Fun also came out on a Thursday.

I can't remember what day the Girls Crystal came out but I still have a Girls Crystal Annual 1949.
A bit bashed about but still readable.
Tommy Kennedy
Dandy/Beano..still going strong. The most succesful comics ever. Privately owned.

Tuppence, yes....I buy the odd one for my wee G/kids - now 2.95!!!

There was a second hand shop in Rutherglen Rd that sold second hand ones for a penny; paid you a farthing for your old one.
My son's got stored away the yearly annual Dandy/Beanos I bought him in the 60s/70s
Dave Grieve
DANDY in danger! according to todays Daily Mail the DANDY's circulation is down to 8000 per week and is in danger of being closed down.
This is down from a peak of 2,000,000 copies a week
The BEANO is not that much better with a weekly circulation of 32000
ohmy.gif ohmy.gif
That would be sad but true !

Maybe the Dandy and Beano circulation could improve with a page 3 girl !

Tombro laugh.gif laugh.gif
Wash your mouth out Tombro. ohmy.gif
help ma boab ah thought it closed down years ago. Ah canny remember when ah last saw one in a newspaper shop. Ah used to read it when a wuz a wee boy in Govan but ah canny remember when ah last saw a kid readin it. Ah loved readin it and that where ah learned how to speak proper !!
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