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do any of you girls out there remember the comic the bunty? i used to love it when i was wee so i could cut out the wee paper doll at the back and make new clothes for it
Marina, don't remember the Bunty, probably after my time.

The popular girls comic's in my day were, The School Friend and the Girls Crystal.
There was also the Beano and the Dandy for boys or girls.

We cleared out the loft today as it is to be Insulated on Monday and found a book ' Ideal Book for Girls '. It belongs to me and the date on it is Christmas 1949.

We also found a letter from a Priest in St. Aloyius, Garnethill dated 3rd August 1958, advising my husband about his Release Papers to get married, and saying he was pleased to meet me.

There were also games belonging to our son, Battling Tops Cluedo, Totopoly, Monopoly and Formula 1.
Hi there Heather and Bunty, yes i remember all those auld comics. For boys there was the rover,wizard,adventure and the hotspur.Then came the eagle and the glossy ones with pictures and that was sad cos it stopped wee boys reading and using their imaginations. There were lots of other smaller ones like film fun and knockout but none of the equalled the DC thomson comics who also did the dandy and beano.
Bunty that was a great game battling tops. Isnt it wonderful when you find all those treasures......Andy
Hi Marina

What was the mag that had the three Marys in it, was it the Bunty.

I used to go and stay with my gran often and she'd have lots of mags for me to read (she loved to read before she went to sleep).

Cheers - Teeny tongue.gif
teeny i cant remember, all i remember is the wee paper doll and outfits on the back page that you cut out
Tori G
Teeny,.... that must have been the vodka she put in your tomatoe jucie b4 you went to bed, so you would fall asleep, that made you think of the 3mags,... boom boom, I could'nt resist that, ha ha. (Good to see you on).

Marina,.... my dad used to bring me the bunty and another comic every friday night after work, we even got mussels and welks as well. My brothers got the beano and the dandy. I know I loved those comics, but do you think I can remember them now,...not a chance, however I do remember cutting clothes out of one of them, I loved doing that too Marina.
Oh the Bunty my favourite laugh.gif
I loved the Bunty! Teeny, I think it was the Bunty that had the four Marys. Used to enjoy reading about them so much. I liked the Beano and the Dandy too. Another favourite is Oor Wullie. Every time I'm home I buy the Oor Wullie album, or The Broons, whichever one is out that year. This last visit it was a special edition from the 1960's. Really great. biggrin.gif
Tori, you've sussed ma wee granny oot re the vodka LOL. "Mussels 'n welks" ... yuk !!

I remember cutting out the clothes too, but it was hard to get them to stay on the models.

Tumchie, I must have been hauf sleeping reading the Bunty right enuff, cos a managed to reduce the 4 Marys to 3 Marys haha. Ah've a memory like a sieve laugh.gif
Hi everyone! Came across this site that you might enjoy.
Bye the noo! biggrin.gif

Ah don't think we got the bunty {good wee site therr Tumchie if ye did}..we'd the Mandy, Tammy an the Jackie, an ma brother got the one wae Desperate Dan in it.
Mum used tae pick them up oan her way hame fae work oan a Friday, but if she wis late an runnin fur the bus we didnae get them that week laugh.gif
Between my Granny and my mother we used to get a heap of comics some I can remember were the Beano the Dandy the Eagle the Hotspur and the Jackie.

Also I seem to recall there comics called the Victor, the Penquin also the Judy is that right?

We use to keep the comics after we had finished with them and Elaine McFarlane's dad Tommy use to come up and get them, not sure what they did with them when they were finished.
i remember when i was wee and we lived in barlia drive at the time, my mums pal had given me and my brother 50p each, so we went to the shops and i bought a glass bottle of strike cola and penny sweets and when we got home i opened my ginger and i dont know why but i put one of those sherbet tablets that you used to get inside the bottle and put the lid back on and i shook the bottle and it went everywhere it was all over the ceiling and the walls and the carpet, my mum went ballistic when she saw it smile.gif
Angela Chick
Hi marina, a remember the wee doll at the back you cut the clothes out for a loved that, i loved the My guy with all the wee photo stories, we bought that every week biggrin.gif
hi angela, i remember my guy and jackie, the comics kids get today are rubbish compared to the ones we got
what about the beezer the topper twinkle fab208 music meloday and the list goes on tongue.gif
desperate dan and his cow pie tongue.gif
I used to get The Bunty, Judy and Diana comics when I was at primary school. I then graduated to the Jackie. When I was about 16, I used to get the Petticoat magazine which was much more worldly and was one of the influences that made me move to London when I did in '71.

Funny though, we never seemed to have enough money for food but I still got my comics.
When i was a teenager, my foster-brother drove a Scammel (the hudgie motor) for British Railways...he used to deliver comics to ????....but he'd bring home several with the front page torn off

I remember the Valentine and while the stories were "soppy" for a young man, I used to get the words to all the popular songs..e.g. Pretty Blue Eyes by Craig Douglas comes to mind..

The Dandy and Beano were my favourites..remember Lord Snooty and his Gang?....Dennis the Menace.....Beryl the Peril.....going back a bit further.....who remembers...Pansy Potter (the strongman's daughter)?...Maxi's Taxi....Hugh and you?...great memories! mellow.gif
Somewhere up in my attic here in Georgia there are faded copies of the comics that my Dad used to send my kids. I would never think of throwing them out. My family pet name was Bunty so Dad always sent these for the girls. I agree with Andy that they were great reading. I think of all the comics you cant beat The Broons. Andy, question for you. Are the Broons published bi-annually. I remember one year it would be Oor Wullie and The Broons the next year. I'm not sure how the wee kids here would enjoy them but I know that Suzyq, their mother, would.
Oh the Twinkle....that wis ma furst comic if ah remember right Stuarty..mind ah goat a ring wae it wan week an thoat ah wis in heaven laugh.gif

Bunty ah think yer right an the Broons an Oor Wullie rotate each year wae each other.

Davy oor Maxi gets called Maxi's taxi's by ma pals mum...ah thoat she'd jist made it up.
with a pink dimond made of 1carat plastic laugh.gif
I remember Desperate Dan, Pansy Potter, Dennis the Menace and Beryl the Peril. laugh.gif

Can anyone confirm if there was another comic called ' The Film Fun '? or is it my imagination. It came out on a Wednesday.
George Muir
There certainly was a "Film Fun" Heather, can't remember who was all in it, but there was Abbot and Costello, also Max Miller aka the Cheeky Chappy biggrin.gif
minnie the minx biggrin.gif
my husband has just reminded me of the plug from the bash street kids rolleyes.gif
Heather and Film Fun..I believe there was such a comic...however I better remember the Radio Fun which changed to the Radio and T.V. Fun...with people like Billy Bunter (the world's fattest schoolboy) and Arthur Askey (big hearted Arthur)
billy whizz korky the cat laugh.gif
Roy Rogers hahaha.

my first comic was The Bunty
Have alook at Film Fun here

I'm surprised that none o' you lassies have mentioned "Girl". Another DC Thompson creation brought out as a girl's equivalent of "Eagle". Now there was a comic. I remember before its launch scores of black Humber 'Hawk' saloons with a gold eagle on top toured all the cities.

BTW. Another strip in "Film Fun' and the one I remember most, was Laurel and Hardy. biggrin.gif
quester am no auld enough to remember them tongue.gif

we got our son a gift box of laurel and hardy films for xmas last year he loves them but there all silent ones, ill get him some of the other ones this year
Sorry marina. Sometimes I forget how old I am rolleyes.gif
QUOTE (weesmasher @ 19th Sep 2005, 04:31 AM)
We use to keep the comics after we had finished with them and Elaine McFarlane's dad Tommy use to come up and get them, not sure what they did with them when they were finished.

I remember my dad coming in with loads of comics (we probably still have some in the loft after the 15 years or so since we got them), i loved reading the Beano and Dandy, i read the Bunty and Jackie but they were always a bit girly for me (i was a right tomboy)

And here was me thinking he went out a bought them all for me tongue.gif

We still get The Broons and Oor Wullie every year at christmas
The Eagle and its sister comic Girl, were published by Hulton Press of Manchester.

It's been a while since the last posting, but I've just got round to reading them.
Every week, my old aunty bought my big sister and me the Bunty and Judy. We would read our own one then swap. Do you remember that, in one of them, you got a gold-plated bracelet if your letter was chosen for printing? I used to write and write, but never got a bracelet. My aunty said it was all a fiddle and nobody ever won one.
On a Sunday my dad, who worked for the Daily Record, would bring home a bundle of comics for us, and one of them was calledHere and Now (?), Now and Then (?) - I can't remember its name, but it was an encyclopedia-type comic and I loved it. Does anybody remember it? unsure.gif
Guest May *
i remember the Bunty well and the romeo and the judy and girls crystal but my fav comic was the school friend with the four mary's in it. They were Mary Cotter, Mary Field, Mary Simpson and Mary.............cant remember the fourth name. Can anyone
penny dainty
Mary Radleigh was the other one , she was a Lady and a wee bit posh.
great memories there i used to get the bunty, mandy, and judy many years ago and also the wee paperback comics too
wee sammy
The Broons always think of Horace he has been going to school for the last 50 years and hasnt aged a bit laugh.gif
Angela Chick
Sammy never mind horace what about the bairn she had the same dress on for 50 years laugh.gif
i remember the bunty ,judy,twinkle,misty,jackie ,pink,mandy,its amazin how the four marys never got old,wish i knew their secret ha ha bye
mad mo
penny dainty
'Aint that the truth?
Who remembers Mr Minette,, Moira Kent, and the circus one, cant mind the name..
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