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Full Version: Duffle Coat
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Angela Chick
A remember when i was at primary school, we used to get a duffle coat aff somebody, and we would all grab an end of it and someone would put there legs over each side and we flung them up in the air singing "mary queen of scots got her head chopped of on the 19th of december" when i think back we must have been bonkers laugh.gif
biggrin.gif Aye noo a mind o it well angelachick. ma dufflecoat was a Blue coloured Glover ,Mind ye there was stigmas if it wis black efter the couloured wans came in haha ocht the terrible things weans dae tae wan anither furr tae beat fashion haha it wis a rarety thit a even goat a couloured wan haha. laugh.gif
penny dainty
lol I had a blue Glover as well Linda
wee sammy
What about the Donkey Jacket with the leather patches on the elbows and around the shoulders felt like a real ass with that on laugh.gif
Seventeen ,begged my Mammy for an off white duffle coat .Thought I looked great .Got a lumber fra the dancin' .He leaned me up against the back close wall for a good night kiss .Coat was manky.
penny dainty
A white one , aw Jakka bet it looked lovely too, never saw a white one, would have loved it , but canna see my Mum buyin me one in white .My husband laughs when I buy anything white even now , cause I always manage to spill somethin on it.
Guest sandie
laugh.gif jakka13, ive never seen an off white duffle coat in my life - was it one of a kind, your post was so funny.
a had a purple wan with staghorn buttons a wore with my stay press monkey boots and manmade jacksond stitch shirt and braces and did a think a was pure gallus or what lol
Oh Stuarty the Gloverall..ahd a blue wan laugh.gif

Jaaka ah couldnae move for laughin, whit excuse did ye give yer mum? laugh.gif
Guest sandie
laugh.gif jakka, are you sure thats all you can remember about the night in the close - im all ears here.
Ok, mine was teale blue, now this was a couple (?) of years ago, so maybe that's not what it was called in modern history rolleyes.gif We lived in Kilmarnock at the time and went into Glasgow to buy it. I thought I wanted the regular beige duffle coat but my Mum, who was always a lot more fashion conscious etc., than I, thought the blue was much better. Needless to say, she was right and when I wore it skating at Ayr Ice Rink it was quite the conversation piece and attracted a bit of attention (especially when worn with a skating skirt of that era). ohmy.gif

Enough said ,I married the lumbar .The off white coat was popular ,my best pal liked mine so much she got one as well .A lassie with good taste but no imagination ,copied everything I got laugh.gif W e must have made quite a pair .Me 5foot eight and she nearly six feet .Add on heels for me and I was pretty tall .The two of us dressed the same ..Back in my teen years in Glasgow most girls my age were around five two or three so I always stuck out like a sore thumb .
That poor lassie was found dead in a back close from an overdose .Sad .
jakka this was white but it came out grey in the dirty watter sorry lol
Oh its near enuf Friday noo Stuarty, thank sleep in an nae school the morra laugh.gif

Jakka that wis an awful sad endin to yer post pet. Sorry to read it.
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