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Full Version: Chinese Ropes
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Mind the Chinese Ropes.
Ye'd tie different colourt elastic bands the gither, either side there would be two people haudin them an you'd dae the scissor jump over them, and it would jist get higher an higher.
If you were the one haudin an end the higher it got the mare ye'd shield yer eyes incase the other 'hauner' let go an the things wid ping oan ye .
If a car came ye'd haud it up an the driver always crouched doon in their seat when they passed under it laugh.gif
keelie gal
Catherine i remember them i had many a fun hour playing oot in the street with them you would buy a big bag of them from the newsagents spend ages making them up,i remember one summer day playing a game with these in the street and i had a pair of flip flops on not ideal when playing this game and ended up with a big skint knee ouchhhhhh, i never done that again laugh.gif
Oh, Chinese ropes! Many's a happy hour spent at this! And we never moaned about it taking so long to make them up. Kids now would be fed-up after putting a few together!
We were much more content then, weren't we?
Carol G
Been talking at work about chinese ropes and found this website. Memories are flooding back. Loved my days of playing this game in the street, playground anywhere. We also recall using chair legs in the house to play on your own! Ah happy days!
I work in after schoool care and we got some just recently.Sumac,you are right about kids getting fed up tying them.They are now made out of elasticated rope!!!

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