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Sorry, Weemags, ah apparently didny hive permission to reply to yer posting aboot beds,so ah jist started anither wan. Ah'm no trying tae hijack yours. I wis really tickeld by your post aboot beds, especially since ma wee neice wis jist here fae Scotland, and, aye, they still play beds, but they call it hopscotch. The grids are aw drawn oot on the playgrun fur them, so they don't hiv tae swipe a bit o their ma's white clay any mair. ( no that her mammie eve saw a pit of pipeclay in her life, no like us aulder yins that hid tae wash the stairs and whiten them!)

While she wis here, ah bought her some chalks, but naebiddy could remember how the beds looked. (wish you were here!). It wis only when we actually started to hop the wey we used tae (bit 100lbs heavier) that the image of the grid came back intae oor minds. We'd furgote aboot the half-moon shape at the top. There wis another grid wi 4 corner boxes and a big cross in the middle, wisn't there?

Sometimes we'd use a wee block o marble fur oor peevers. Somebiddy's daddy must've worked in a quarry or monument makers, because there were a few aroon then. Bit the best wan, like ye said, wis a polish tin filled wi gravel or sand and worn aw smooth wi the sliding. It wid get so worn, the wee snib thingie wid faw off.

Och ah'm away oot tae hop on the tar. Hope ma neigbhurs don't send fur the men in the wite coats fur me.

Weemags, ye jist took me back 50 years. Thanks.
Well, I have been told that I am old by my dear cousin who today is now 2yrs older than myself. So I need know if "Peever" is the same as "Hopscotch" now don't all yell at me at the same time.

Yesterday I was reading the BBC on line and they showed a old photo of a bunch of kids playing Hopscotch now it been a looooooooooong time since I played and I am sure I broke, fell skint my legs more than once. Alaysha was sitting next to me and she asked me granma will you teach me how to do that.? Now for the life of me I can't remember how so how about some help here, just in case any one has yestedays copy I would love it if somebody could send me the link again .
It`s Peever or some might say Peaver, Yer Right Hen.
OOPS!!! Aye peaver is the same as Hopscotch.Or is it Beds, Heck ah doant Know It Aw a Hop , Skip and Jump tae me . Methinks Peaver or Peever was the Bit of Marble you got from the Co-op Headstone place. and Beds was whit ye drew oot oan the Pavement. Three steps two beds one bed two beds and one. Ah ! Think `cos ah usty run bye `n kick the peever.
now you 'v ereally lost me TS. unsure.gif
Lennox, if ah remember rightly (from when ah played yesterday..laugh.gif)..this was the layout...
Click to view attachment

Ye try to slide the peever to each number in turn, ye must get it in the box, then ye hop through all the numbers and ye have to hop over the box with the peever in...where the double boxes are, ie 4-5 and 7-8, yer allowed to put one foot in each box, but that's the only time ye can have two feet on the grid....clear as mud as usual intit....biggrin.gif
'c'mon over here then and we'll teach the wain the gether cos I 'v got to pratice now , and thanks for the drawing of it now all I need to to is get it life sized laugh.gif
Ocht ah would skoosh ye, an ah'm no want tae show ye up in fronta the wean...and life size depends on who's feet yer takin intae consideration....laugh.gif
don't do the feet thing again, ( not on here ) Iam talking about her wee feet . mon we'll go swimming I promise not to duck yae ph34r.gif
penny dainty
Thats it Java , been trying to remember the layout played this at primary school , drew the board in the red blaze by dragging our heels through it.Sometimes the board would be there for ages and it was yours then someone else would come along rub out yours and draw a bigger one on top and say it was theirs, many playground battles were fought over a hopscotch board laugh.gif
laugh.gif...oh ah remember that Penny....the other regular argument wi us wis whether the peever wis on the line and still counted....laugh.gif
QUOTE (Java @ 3rd Aug 2007, 01:42 AM) *
oh ah remember that Penny....the other regular argument wi us wis whether the peever wis on the line and still counted....laugh.gif

It is so funny how these memories come flooding back , once you get things going, now tell me again how I am supposed to explain this to a 5yr old Okie Lass ?, who already thinks I talk funny wub.gif
hi Java you did a good job with the beds,, but when I played peever
we used an old shoe polish tin, couln'na get a peever..... huh.gif
QUOTE (angel @ 3rd Aug 2007, 10:30 AM) *
we used an old shoe polish tin, couln'na get a peever..... huh.gif

same here, I never knew anyone who had any thing else sad.gif
Add me to that, it was usually a Kiwi shoe polish tin, and for some reason black polish comes to mind. (no idea why, unless it was something to do with the fact that most men's good shoes or boots were black?)

tongue.gif thats just aboot right ..g.b.
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