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wee mags
growing up we played a came called beds ,you drew a design on the pavment and you used a peaver,the was made by using an old shoepolish tin that you put stones in to weigh it down,
you then stood at the top of the, design and slid the tin down the beds and you waited to see where the tin landed
then you hopped down the beds till you came to the spot where the tin landed,then you balanced youself on one leg,then you waited you turn and whoever got all the blocks first was the winner ,
Hey Mags I too remember this. Lots of fun was had by all the girls in our street. Mind you if the kids tried to play beds today everyone would complain about them chalking the sidewalk.
wee mags
Isobel my oldest Grandaughter plays what she calls hopscotch [beds tae me ]
she draws the design on the driveway, and she uses a piece of old marble she brings with her,next time she does it I will take a photo wink.gif
I've seen the kids here making these 'beds' or hopscotch, they use that sidewalk chalk that washes off. In some of the schoolplaygrounds they are painted on permanently.
There was two designs for beds.
1. A grid of 3 x3 squares ( 1 - 9 ) with an arch at the top that you could only hop on ( 10 )
2. 3 single squares on top of one another ( 1 - 3 ) that you hopped on, then a double box across them that you placed both feet on ( 4 & 5 ) then a single box ( 6 ) then a double ( 7 & 8 ) a single 9 and an arch for 10.
Does anyone know if the word hop-scotch was coined to describe this "scotch" game??
This was the oldest reference that I could find, maybe it did originate in Scotland but why then do we call it beds or peever?
When did the Scots ever call anything by it's right name????.......... laugh.gif
You never said a truer word Elma!
We called it peever biggrin.gif
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