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Full Version: Fishin In The Noonday Sun
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Fishing was a pastime quiet popular with the glesca weans back in the late 1940's, but the beauty of it was making oor ain fishnets. this was done by cutting the top of an old silk stocking tying a knot at the bottom end and fixing onto a wire which was then jammed intae a cane. A jam jar was next on the agenda and string , which was wound round the neck and hooped .With this tackle I set off for ally park (alexander) and spent many hot sunny afternoons catchin baggy minnies, and on a good day mibby a big white doctor . Then sittin doon tae eat a pice 'n'jam an a drink oot o the boattle o water .Aw this an it never cost a penny, well the cane if yi hudnae managed tae acquire wan elsewhere biggrin.gif Happy memories

still here in glesca
biggrin.gif ave chatted aboot this in another topic title but jist loved the memory awe oer again nothing tae beat it mais o todays weans wouldney want tae get dirty ,sad eh. sad.gif
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