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Did you ever dream of becoming a ballet dancer, a singer, an actress, a doctor? Maybe you wanted to marry the boy/girl next door, did it come true? Best stories will receive a prize ...yet to be determined. cool.gif
When I was just a little girl I use to sit and dream of all the things I wanted to be. And then as I grew older and things remained the same I went of and married and things never seemed changed ,now that I am older I look back on my life and had I to do it over I often wonder how it would be . Now the moral to my story is that when I was growing up no matter what I did in life was never good enough. sad.gif I wanted to be a nurse !
Marion Dougan
I wanted to be a film star. My Granda used to tell me I would go places in films ( Auld S****) My youngest son Craig calls me Hollywood Marion. I wanted to be Susan Hayward, she was and still is my favourite. My Dad used to tell me I ooked just like her lol lol. My 2 cousins when they were 5/6 made a wee movie, something aboot a fire, cannny remember too much aboot it, jist know a gret when Ma cousin Catherine goat picked. Bit you aw mark ma words, I'll be in the limelight wan day lolololol
laugh.gif .Marion yer the best, ahm in hysterics here....Ah always wanted tae be a clippie...the way thae turned the wee haunle an the ticket wid make the noise comin oot wae the wee tae mention how when the bus went roon the coarner they'd that knack of puttin thur feet in the ten tae two pusition an wid lean back oan the poles, still takin the money an turnin that wee haunle, ah thoat it wis dead gallis....then the driver aye shouted "tie" tae the conductress if he'd been given the tie signal fae the bus driver gaun the opposite way....that wis the code fur those in the no that the Inspector wid be at the next stoap...Oh it wis jist aw that important lookin tae me....Here Marg jist buy a wee nurses uniform pet an kidoan....ah'll buy a clippie wan an you kin come ower tae ma hoose an we'll start a new game...nurses an clippies, how dis that sound? {woowoo!!}
Margaret P
Up till now no I wanted to be a princess and had dreams about it ,hope there is still time
big al
I wanted to be a writer - this is the closest I've gotten to it yet - so I'm a failure then..................
Yer no deid yet are ye Al??? It aint over tae the fat lady sings mind , plenty time left biggrin.gif
Ah wanted to be a sailor an a did it . rolleyes.gif
wee mags
Me a wanted tae be a dancer like Ann Miller I used tae drive ma daddy daft tappin all over the concret scullery flair,that wis ma dream tae be a dancer and performer and guess whit I done it when the weans were growin up a danced all over the place making sure everyone wis awe right and as perfom!!!well you should have seen me a school pto meetins!!!! what a performance [thats no ma boy yer talking about ,hes no quiet at hame ] wink.gif
Its great to read these old posts. Catherine, Ria (Gemini) and I had a good gab the other day about being clippies. I lasted a couple of days during the war but she made a good living being a clippie. I was put on the run from Possilpark to Clydebank and all the men went upstairs and smoked their thick black tobacco. By the time I got their fares and came downstairs I was sick to my stomache. Also, my mother, who had been a clippie during WWI told me to ALWAYS get rid of the coppers. I was so busy trying not to be sick I forgot her advice and that bag was like a yoke around my neck. I don t think I lasted a week on the job.

Marion says that Susan Hayward was her favorite. Well, the other day I was out with a friend near Carrollton, Georgia, and she mentioned that Susan Hayward was buried in a Catholic graveyard near there. I looked it up on the Net and sure enough, she was right. I think the actress and her husband owned a cattle farm and Susan was the one to help build the Catholic church in that area.
a wanted to be a dr but a would never have the qualifications so a became jackess of all trades master of none thats a wee fib a have raf certificate and a fancey machinest oh and a head cook in a school a think a should have had a medal for that job laugh.gif
like marion i would have liked to have been a film star but not todays type, the older ones are the best, but i was too shy for anything like that so i used to draw with a pencil all the film stars, my mum has one i drew of june allyson when i was 7 but i dont know what happened to the rest
Tori G
I too wanted to be an Ballet dancer,Singer, Artist, the closest I got to a Ballet dancer was, doing tap dancing, but that never stopped me trying to ballet dance. I remember in Glasgow, with the Valda Hunter dance school doing a concert and I had to start one of the shows doing the Red red Robin, well silly me forgot the words and I was so embarrassed and ended up with stage fright and was crying, well I was only six at the time, ha ha, and they had to close the curtains and start again after Valda had a wee talk with me, then I was ok, phew!! As for dancing, I do that all the time, when ever I get a chance, and Singing that I cant stop anymore, ha ha. Other than that, I wanted to be a designer (Clothing), cant sew for peanuts, but I still design on paper everynow and then, and drawing and painting(which I went to college for) I still do art when I put my mind to it. rolleyes.gif
vg, i love drawing and painting but im no good at it, tried disco dancing wen i was younger but kept tripping up so i left red faced!! loved karate wen i was younger but had to give that up aswell but im now bak into it and its the best thing i ever done makes u feel good after it,as for acting dne drama classes at school and became a tech at the st columbia of iona school in maryhill wer i done the make up for the cast of west side story, vg, wen u forgot the words in red red robin u shooda just went TWEET TWEET TWEET , im sure no one wooda noticed aww and a hug for u for gettn upset, linda u shooda been a model uve got the figure for it, and no i dnt fancy ye lol, i woodve liked to be a teacher as i love to see people bettering themselfs,my ambition for the moment is to see my daughter thrive, and have a great life cos she is one in a million.xxxx wub.gif
biggrin.gif Is It Wrang Tae Dream To Be A Wife & Mother? That was awe I ever wantit,A Dreamt Ma life would get better & my Man would be a good kind gentleman,we would live in a bungalow A huge Gerden Anawe Here Iam Am Living It Every Day.

I Did many A Thing In between But awe ave ever dreamed was to love & be loved back so ave got that & then merr So am Gratefull Yet Hope Iam Not viewed as a Fool For Wanting so little when I couldve asked for more. wub.gif
Linda, to love and be loved is a lovely dream for any child to have......true love is something very precious that money can't buy ......somebody up there was paying attention to your dreams and sent your soul mate to you!!! smile.gif biggrin.gif
As a wee girl, I wanted nothing more than to be a nurse. Every time I played houses or pretend games with my sisters or friends, I was always Nurse Westerwood (don't know where I got that name, but never mind!).
However, when I was 16 I wrote to the Nursing Association who had their offices up Sauchiehall Street. I explained that I had always wanted to be a nurse, still did, but the sight of blood made me feel sick or faint, did they think that would be a problem( wub.gif idiot!). Back came the reply that they didn't want nurses who keeled over every time there was a wee drop of blood! Don't call us, we'll call you!
I never got to be a nurse - but having children and being a teacher soon put an end to my squeamishness around blood! Could they not have told me I would get used to it? Why did they not just give me a chance? sad.gif
From as far back as I can remember, I loved to sing...I still do! My parents used to take me to The Pavilion, The Empire, The Empress (which later became the Metropole at St. Georges Cross) and The Winter Gardens in Rothesay from when I was very young. I longed to be up there with the rest of the cast, on the stage belting out songs. When I was a teenager, I went to folk clubs and was the girl singer with a group...all very informal and no microphones. I met my husband at the age of 18 and carried on going to the folk clubs but then we got engaged at 20, married at 21, first baby at 22, 2nd baby at 23. Our 3rd baby arrived 5 years later when I was 28, so there was no time for a singing career, but I sang all the time to my children and have tapes of us singing from when they were old enough to talk. They are 36, 35 and 29 now and know all the words of all the old songs!
biggrin.gif Thats a lovely thing that furr you & yer weans tae share yer dream & captured oan tape as well,Georgia ye wurr a singer & by sounds o it ye still urr,here noo that soonded awfy familiar that wantin tae sing & in the Rothsay wintergerdens anawe ah think ye telt me this afore hen gawn yersel ya wee chanter so rerr sing furr as long as ye live ma china! wub.gif
i wanted to be a nun, it never happened cause i got 4 kids lol
Sumac... When we got married,my Wife couldn`t face a Crappy Nappie, Then spent over 20 Years Working OB/GYN to O.R. to Clinics.
laugh.gif I wanted to be a bus conductress,, big ambition,. laugh.gif
I wanted to be Ginger Rogers and ruined my Ma's sofa by "dancing" off and on it. Unfortunately, there was no Fred so my career didn't pan out!!! TRhe other thing I used to do was look out the tramcaur windaes at all the lovely dress shops in the town and imagine having the most fabulous wardrobe, especially those "come dancing" poofy dresses!!
As a kid I really wanted to be a cowboy.
As an adult I was contracting in the aircraft industry ... so I guess I made it tongue.gif
glasgow lass
I would have loved to be an actress, once I saw Vivien Leigh in Gone With The Wind a said tae maself and ma mother , mum thats just me up there and can a have some acting lessons.
Mother said Lass yoor already a drama queen unsure.gif But Gone with the wind is one of
my alltime favorite films and one that I have seen form start to finish.....very unusual for me.
Right here we go.... mine wiz smashin,,, aw ah wanted wiz a white horse that I could tie to the lampost under my windae.. a red cowgirl suit with fringes and high white boots wae a matching hat... no much tae ask noo wiz it...
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