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Full Version: Singer's On Fire
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Singer's sewing machine factory loomed large in the lives of children growing up in Clydebank. Nearly everone had a relative who worked in Singer's and Singer's large four-sided clock which towered over the town ensured that not one child could use the excuse "I didn't know the time" when late for school, curfew or anything else. It was not surprising then that someone invented a game called "SINGER'S ON FIRE!" which was very popular in the tenements that made up the Holy City where I lived.

"Singer's on fire" was not a difficult game to play, all that was required were a group of children, fearless and fast on their feet.
There were three homes on each floor of the close and ideally, there would be one child for every door on all floors. Once everyone was in place, the children on the top floor would bang loudly on their allotted door, ring the bell and scream "Singer's on Fire" then make a mad dash to the floor below where the process would be repeated, this time with six kids and so it carried on til the ground floor was reached then everyone scrambled to escape out of the close with angry neighbours in hot pursuit.

A great game if you didn't get caught but best not played in your own close.
A good game but one better not played in your own close.
biggrin.gif crafty yet different way tae play chap the door run away anywan mind whurr yeed tie the 2 neighbouring doors the gether wi string a chap them up and each o the doors wurr trying tae open at the same time hahaha many a laff had as we heard adults swearing and cawin oot al bl...y git yees ya brats haha laugh.gif
Talking about Singer's in Clydebank. Does anyone remember in the mid 1960's all the goldfish that were swimming about in the canal by Singer's factory? There were thousands of them and once it was reported in the Daily Record, men woman and children could be seen standing along the canal bank with fishing nets and jars. I think the theory was that someone threw some goldfish in the canal and the temperature of the water by the factory was just right for them to breed.
From Rossy
My memory of Singers is a wee bit unusual. Two sisters who lived above us in our close both worked at Singers. Apparently, all the off-cuts of mahogany from the cabinets which surrounded the sewing machines, were piled up for the workers to take away. These two girls carried enough kindling home in 2 shopping bags each to keep our close going for many years for free. Others had to pay 2d a bundle!. I still can smell the lovely pungent aroma of that wood in our fireplace. biggrin.gif
I had visions there o seeing Dusty Springfield alight... when ah read the title, aye ma wee mammy worked in singers during the war, she said the train to get there had blue lights in the compartments.. just thought id throw that in...
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