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Full Version: Playing Balls Against Walls
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Tori G
Good on you GG for helping bring back memories:

Heres one...we use to play with the tennis balls against walls everywhere,... espeicially at school, and it was allways a rush to get to the shed first. Doing one handers was hard at first then got easier, then again swinging it behind your back was just as hard. By the way Im almost peeing myself laughing here as I can just imagine how some of this sounds to you different minds out there.

Heres one of the songs we'd sing... Under the branches under the trees boom boom boom boom true love to you ma darlin true love to me,etc etc etc,..Bring back any memories, like a said in another post theres heaps of these songs for this activity, and another thing I have actually shown my son and neices and nephews this over here in Perth Western Australia. cool.gif.
keelie gal
I used to love this game tori and spent many a happy hour playing them wub.gif
I used to love it to cant rememeber many of the songs at the moment, but now and again I remember them, its only a few weeks ago I said to my daughter about playing with two balls against a wall and she looked at me as if I was daft. My daughter is 25.
love annabell
Across the street from us there was a small farm which was used as a piggery and the out building facing the street was a two storey bricked affair.
We spent hours playing "heiders". To the unuinitiated agame of bouncing a ball off the wall and kept airborne with your forehead and kept it up until it fell then another person took a turn, or it could be played by your self for hours.

I do remember one song the lassies used to sing while skipping. It may seem politically incorrect but remember this was sung with no malice from the mouths of children.

Archibald .bald.bald King of the Jews, Jews, Jews
Bought his wife. wife.wife a pair of
When the shoes. began to wear.wear.wear.
Archibald.bald.bald began to swear.swear.swear
When the swear.swear.swear began to stop.stop.stop.
Archibald.bald.bald.bald. began a
When the began to sell.sell.sell
Archibald bald.bald.bald. rang a bell.bell. bell.
When the bell.bell.bell. began to ring.ring.ring.
Archibald.bald.bald. bald. began to sing. sing. sing.

Do re mi fa so la Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!
The things one remembers what's my pin number?????
wee mags
I lived at 26 Guthrie St and we were at the end of the building right next to the Gable end and we would play doublers against the wall ,
one two three aleary
I spy Wallace Beery
sitting on his bumbaleary
kissing Shirley Temple rolleyes.gif
wee mags
Lennox your uncle David lived in the top flat right hand side, we lived in the bottem flat ,left hand side,across from him was the McKays second floor was the Callaghans,the Carneys first floor was the Rollands ,and old Mr & mrs Mc Tavish when the McKays moved the McCollgans moved in one of their sons Frankie was a promising Footballaplayer the last I heard he moved to Austrailia
My mother was from Possil Park and as a child she taught me to sing a version of the 'Wallace Beery' song above, which she had learned as a child. You bounced the ball with one hand and sang

One, two, three O'Leary
I spied Mrs Creery
Sitting on her bumbaleery
Early in the morning.

You also passed the bouncing ball under one leg at the end of every other line. We two often chuckled about this one together and she always told me never to tell it to anyone -- because she said that 'Bumbaleery' was a very rude word! ohmy.gif
I remember playing this game too, we called it "Doublers"

It's funny when you think of all the songs and rhymes that were made up for it.

Valros smile.gif
At Sandwood School, Penilee, during the season for "Balls" - we used to make a mad dash to find a vacant solid wall. We did lots of nifty little acrobatic tricks. You sang the "ditty" over and over until you went through all the tricks. As soon as you dropped the ball you were out and the next person was in. First trick you lifted your right leg and put the ball under it, next trick the left leg, next trick legs apart and put the ball behind your back and through your legs, next legs together (We called this one gibralter???)and turn sideways and put the ball behind your back and then the final one "Big BIRly" this one you stoated the ball and birled and caught it before the ball fell. tongue.gif

Rabbie Burns was born in Ayr
Now he stands in George's Square
IF you want to see him there
Jump on the bus and see him there

The next part was done one handed
Penny, tuppence, thruppence etc., until you dropped the ball.
Hours of fun - We went from Balls season to scraps. Does anyone remember collecting and trading scraps? You would put your scraps in an old book, one in each page. Then you would exchange books and put up the ones you might want to trade. Then would follow some hard bargaining.
Just reading your msg marfrisha made me

Used to sing wee songs like....... wee sam a piece n jam, wee betty a piece n spaghetti, then there was..... way down upon the swanee river where i fell in with a spash, along came an alligator singin..... chinese sausages n belfast ham.....lolol
Angela Chick
Mags am laughing here as well a remember singing that one aboot the aligator, laugh.gif
There was one I learned -
I learned this at school- I was about six at the time. it was during ball season and I truly thought that they were talking about nice wee rubber balls just like mine. I was always a great one for learning new poems and rhymes and ma mammy was that proud and would have me recite them to all and sundry[center]. Well my mother had some people over for a cuppa and she asked me to tell my latest wee poem that I had learned in school and I proceeded to tell this one -
Hitler has only got one ball
Eichman's got two but very small
Himler has something similer
But poor old Goebels got no balls at all.

I felt so sorry for poor old Goebels cuz he didnae have ony we red rubber balls that he could stoat against the wall.

Needless to say my mother was "black affruntit". Although she now tells me that they were really all in stitches.
I remember singing that one but we knew it wasn't wee red rubber balls, and my mother never heard us ohmy.gif
Iīve loved reading about these games I used to play too! donīt you remember playing against the wall but with a ball in a stocking? I remember one rhyme"away up in Holland in the land of the Dutch there lives a wee lassie I love very much...and another we clasped another person between two and at one point whirled her over to the chant of"della fheesa delala lift your feet..."I loved the scraps season and was terrified of those circles that ordered you to choose betweeen a kick or a punch or join the bunch or tell yuor loverīs name.thank you for the opportunity to remember the good bits-itīs such a pity children donīt play in the streets now -at least in Spain they donīt īthough my kids did years ago.
Oh memories you have evoked with all the little Ditties and ball games.
My very favourite ball game was "LEDGY",,,,
The ledge on the wall of old buildings you threw your ball, if your aim was correct it stayed in the air and you caught it
This was 5 points, if it missed ,would hit the ground and came back to you, we carried on adding 5 until we reached 50(I think)
You had won the game if you achieved this fete.

Do you remember "Kick the Can", gosh, could go on and on.

Priceless, and all the wee songs,,,,,,,GREAT. biggrin.gif
Good memories! Also remember "heiders" in the close. climbing dykes, dreepin aff high walls, jumpin fae tops of middens tae wash houses etc. etc.
did you also play on top of a shelter and drop stones down its airhole (because it was all sealed up then)? another thing we did was walk along the railings like an Olympic gymnast ,barely managing to keep our balance.Back greens were great places!
when we played in, and on, the shelters they were still open, but we never used them during air raids. One of the neighbours was a carpenter and he braced up the back close, including folding bench seats, for use during the raids.
Railing and wall walking was our specialty! The higher and longer the better! Just normal tenement kids having fun..........before T.V.'s, computers, and home telephones!!!!!
I'd forgotten about the ball in a stocking! Do you remember tying the stocking to one ankle then kicking that leg sp that the stocking went round and round. You had to jump over the ball with the other foot.
And what about stilts? My dad would put string through two tin cans, one can at either end, and you stood on the cans and used the string to walk along on your home-made stilts.
I love dballs and had a huge collection of scraps - remember the cherubs? We used to swap scraps with our pals if we had "doublers".
Another thing we did was to play in the backcourt at shops. We raided yhe middens for old tins, bottles, boxes, and used different stones and broken glass for money. Clabber (mud) made great pies or mince or bread and cakes to sell in the shop. We used to shout when we had everything set up, "Shop's open! Come n' buy!"
Can you imagine the Health and Safety people nowadays hearing about all of that?!!! mad.gif
Oh the memories. I used to do that with the tin cans [stilts] and it was great fun. Also loved playing doublers and beds [peever]. The peever was usually a boot polish tin. My pal's dad worked in a tailors shop so we would get tailor's chalk to draw the beds. Playing in puddles was also a great sport. I loved puddles.

I remember my first bike [5/- second hand]. The bell rung all the time so folk were getting out of your road before you even turned a corner! The next one cost 15/- [second hand] and it had a 3 speed gear [I wouldnae call the Queen my cousin] I cycled from Maryhill to Carbeth and thought it was wonderful.

Another wee rhyme I remembered was

Vote vote vote for Mr Churchhill, who's that knocking at the door
If it's Hitler and his wife, take a game of game of game of game of poker and a knife
And ye won't see Hitler any more.
Hi Jock, you must have been following me... tongue.gif great fun on summer nights
I really loved playing balls and my favourite was ' Ahve a Lover ' where you had to do the trick bit a few times at the end of a line, here's a really hard song that only the Big Girls could do good.
Ahve a lover in America, ahve a lover in Dundee I E I E
Ahve a lover in America an' he's comin' hame tae marry me I E I E
First he took me tae ma wedding, then he took me hame tae tea I E I E
Then he ran away an' left me wi' 3 bonny babies on my knee I E I E
Wan wiz sitting on the fireside, wan wiz sitting oan ma knee I E I E
Wan wiz sitting oan the doorstep shouting Daddy Daddy Daddy come fur me I E I E

I'm sure this must have been a wee rhyme from the GI Brides era
We also done the usual soap powder spelling ones like DAZ and OMO and Mrs Yellow etc where you did the trick on the last letter.
Mrs Yella met a fella oan the way to Portabella.
Mrs White goat a fright in the middle of the night, she saw a ghost eating toast halfway up the lamp post.
Mrs Brown went to town wi' her knickers hanging down.
Mrs Red went to bed in the morning she was dead.
Mrs Pink done a stink in her neebours kitchen sink.

I'll ask my wee sister and I'll bet she can remember more
I cannot remember if these were play songs or not

Murder murder polis three sterrs up
The wummin on the middle sterr hut me wi' a cup
Ma heid's aw bleedin' ma heid's aw cut
murdr murder polis three stairs up

No last night but the night before
three wee monkeys came tae the door
Wan hid a fiddle wan hid a drum
An wan hid a pancake stuck tae it's bum
Yes Jinty they were great songs for playing balls. Our version was I've a laddie in America [not a lover]. I had forgotten all about that one, thanks for reminding me.
what was the song that we used to sing where we used to have to play wan hanny at the end with the two baws stotin against the wall a played left handed anwish a could find a wall noo so a could try it again laugh.gif laugh.gif
glasgow lass
aye stuarty,,, wiz that no called waans a toozy towz a toozy threez a toozy and so on laugh.gif laugh.gif right up until we would drop a ball,,,
I think it was the rabbie burns one

Rabbie Burns wis born in Aye
noo hes doon in georges square
if ye want tae see him there
just jump on the bus an pay yer fer
(one handed) penny, tuppence, thrupence..............
glasgow lass
laugh.gif murn,, that was the polite way of doing it hen tongue.gif
we were all posh in Priesthill
used tae whitten oor sannies every day rolleyes.gif
Whit did ye whiten them wae, Blanco?
that was it murn a forget aww the games wee played jorries five stones a loved that game but a never learned to not play on the gravel my knuckles scraped to shreads laugh.gif
dae ye remember chinese ropes?
oh aye and the boys in the playground used to watch us as we had to tuck our skirt in our kinckers when it reached the oxters and why we ever tried it a dont know as a dont remember aybody managen to do it ha ha ha laugh.gif
I still play doublers against the wall of the house with the g'daughters. They are still learning how to manage the two balls, and the 6yrs old who is left handed finds it difficult.
They fell about laughing a few weeks ago when I hit the kitchen window with a right bang. laugh.gif

One of the songs they like is:

My father's a king, my mother's a queen
I'm a little princess and your a dirty wee thing
It's not because your dirty, it's not because your clean
Because you've got the whooping cough and measle's in between.
My mother said if I play with you,
She'll put me over her knee and this is what she'll do, she'll give me,
One two three a leery, I spied wallace beery
Sitting on his bumble leery, kissing shirley temple. laugh.gif
Paddy oon the railway
piking up stones
along came an engine man
and broke Paddy's bones
oh says Paddy thats no fer
oh says the engine man ye shouldny be ther
snap heather am a left hander as is my son stuart but his brother derek writes with his right but like in the style of a left handed person if you understand that laugh.gif
i loved playing at balls,we played at school then when we got home we played in the back close against the cellars, we were amused for hours not like the kids nowadays, i tryed to teach my 2 girls balls when we stayed in the tenemants and they were bored after 5 mins and wanted to play rounders mind you i might have hogged the balls for a wee bit longer than i should have, the schools should start learning the kids these games cause the games are gonna die with our generation and the fun they missing out on ,give me a game of balls,skipping ropes chinks,rounders,2 man hunt,dodgey ball, blue murder god that game was murder but great, anyway i'd take one of they games to a playstation any day lol
I remember singing a song that went along the lines of...
"something something ..battle fields were covered in blood huh.gif
there I spied a wounded soldier lying dying saying these words..
Bless my home in Bonnie Scotland bless my wife and only child bless ..something something"

Isn't it weird the songs we sang and how we couldn't even repeat them now ..
"Eeny meeny miny mo
Catch a ****** by the toe
If he squeals let him go
EEny meeny miny mo

How did this one go..
"Hands up kick the can
somebody somebody's got a man
I'll stop now I'm getting funny looks biggrin.gif
Loved all those passtime games, we used to play balls at a wall round the old wummin would always come out to put her bin out and give us the look as the wall led into her kitchen lol....x
I loved playing ledgy ,buttony, peever, ropes,t girds,tying strings to cans and walking on stilts.
kick the can, relieval,rounders, back court concerts, truth or dares.>>>. never cost a penny for any of those magical memories of childhood days. smile.gif
We must have been better off than I thought we were, out in far flung Blantyre, 'cos
Mrs Cleary was
sittin' oan 'er bumbaleery,
eatin' choclit biscuits !
Just remembered a skipping and balls song:-
( the lassies used to let me play too)

Ma maw's a mulyinare
(wid ye buliev it)
Blue eyes an' curly hair
( a dinny buliev it)
See her walkin' doon the street
Wi' her big bannana feet
Ma maw's a mulyinare
mamie 1
thanks everybody you have all given me a great bellhy laugh tonight. laugh.gif It brought back so many happy childhood memories, I remember them all, Does anybody remember kick the can, where we would all go into a circle and try and push each other till someone knocked over the cans, that went on till there was only two left ,and whoever was left was the winner remember was.
mamie 1
MRS SO SO DAUGHTER rolleyes.gif
My father told me of a game they used to play with cans when he was a kid. There were rows of miners houses with beds built into the walls and the toilets and wash houses ( for the clothes wash, the family bathed in a big zink bath in front of the fire) were built onto the back walls outside.
The houses had wooden shutters to cover the windows at night. Before night-fall one of the boys would walk past a house and stick a big safety pin with a piece of cotton thread attatched, hard into the wooden shutter
and then the boys would wait untill someone came out and closed the shutter and sneak over to the window and tie a big joiner's nail onto the cotton thread. Cans would then be stacked up, very quietly and carefully in front of the door. the cotton would be pulled, from a safe distance, and the big nail would rattle against the window and when the someone came running out the boys would run away shouting "Nurcky Nurckeee"

We were told naturally not to do it, but we did it too.

To be really mean though, we'd ignore the bit with the safety pin and cotton and just pile the cans up at the door then pick a hero to get up
onto the wash-house and creep up the slates of the roof and place a big clod of earth and grass on top of the chimney pot and then slide back down quick as you could.
As the house filled with smoke they'd come running out knocking cans all over the place while we shouted " Nurckee Nurckeeee"
That was Miners' Nurcky Nurcky but if you got caught you'd get a hiding.
All good clean fun for growing lads.
Lynne Kumar
Hey Everyone, I was just reading about kids games and all. Joyce Wilson and myself would play ball in the lobby. Always banging on Mrs McFarlanes wall to her kitchen. I remember we used to play near the midgies in the back. Those were the days. Does anyone remember Chinese burns? You had to be a tough kid to play that one. Boy did they hurt! Between climbing the trees in the woods behind us, knocking the door and running away and skooting in our cool skooters, we were hot kids! Ain't that right Joyce? Lynne
Posted this on another site; great reading all your posts, we DID have fun for nothing in those days!
GAMES? Long one this - could go on for hours
Three Jolly Welshmen - mentioned already
Kick the Can - different versions of this
Peevers - in sexist times even the boys did this (when they were young of course)
Cowboys & Indians - most of the movies at the ABC Minors were cowboy (Hopalong Cassidy?) as were most of the series on TV (Cisco Kid; Range Rider?)
Skipping - mentioned here as I can remember girl at either end of TWO long ropes spinning these round fast and other girls skipping in this "vortex". Too scary for uz boys!
Spinning tops - "One, two, three a learie"
Carts made out of wooden box and old pram wheels
Ha'penny placed on line between two pavement flags and you tried to knock this off the line
Generally, just balls against the tenement wall and the poor old lady who lived on the other side telling us off cos of the noise - we would run away for 5 mins then come back - "Oh golly gosh" as they say down here; we were really wild!
Concerts oot the back (of the tenement block)
Squibs in matchboxes scooting across puddles
Very loud bangers held while fizzing then flung at the girls
Letting off squib at top of tenement outside door of girlfriend (we wuz 13); running downstairs fast to find my "pals" had lit a banger in the close!
Hanging on the back of the coal lorry with our steel tipped heels scraping on the road
How sad what the kids of today do (or don't do!)
We were lucky that we had a park opposite but the park keeper would chase us off that into the street and the twice daily copper (remember they actually had legs then!) would chase us off the street and into the park
We were always out playing, shouting up for a "jeelie piece"
remember frozen "jubblys"? Penny ice lollies from the local shop?
Plus racing Dinky toys down the hill; fitba; even cricket; hide an seek; Monopoly in a tent on a summer's evening; 8 weeks holiday in the summer - it was always hot and sunny!

Pity some of the old games dont come back ,kids would be a bit healthier and more entertained . The fresh air would also benefit a lot of the youngsters today .
I remember all these games well, i loved playing doublers down in the back close also the ball in the stocking. Alot of the time was also spent swinging off the T shaped poles that held the washing lines down the back court and there was a fabulous tree up the back where we used to spend loads of time collecting bees and wasps in jam jars. Why do kids nowadays always complain there is nothing for them to do, we always managed and we always had a terrific time
Can anyone remember the rhyme and the various stages of the 2 ball game.
I know it was straight aginst the wall, and there was a bounce once stage, and a under the leg, aournd the back, a turn around (around the world).
But can't remember them all or the sequence and the rhyme.

Used to love this as a kid and would occupy me for a whole afternoon, am now trying to teach my niece.
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