For many years I was puzzled as to why Anniesland Court was a listed building. It is in the top category. I decided to check if Anniesland Mansions were on list due to their magnificence and the fact they were almost 100 years old. After I bought my computer, I looked on Historic Scotland website. Upon noticing no listing, I wrote an email to enquire how does a building get listed. The reply came back, saying send recent pictures and postal address. I took 25 pictures with my digital camera and sent one set (I have other set) to them. Another email arrived thanking me for pics, it would take quite a few weeks and I would be told in due course. Almost 3 months later, I received a letter. It told me that Historic Scotland were to list Anniesland Mansions at Category B. Yes, I did celebrate with a bottle of Irn Bru. There was a 4 week consultation period (maybe for objections). I contacted Department of Heritage and Design, who informed me that they were included on November 10th, 2004. This was not done for personal gain. Merely an enquiry which led to the listing of one of the best buildings on the run in towards Glasgow city centre. To any resident of the said building, I never set out to upset anyone. Please be assured, it was Historic Scotland who listed Anniesland Mansions, not me. I merely brought building to their attention.