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Full Version: C.b Radio
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I guess this is not a toy but it was very popular in the 1970's and 1980's.
I had an F.M 40 channel rig, and my handle was stargazer. I was even in a CB club.

Did any of you have a C,B?
10 10 good buddy i'm of for a 10/100.
Hi, I still have one in my van, l think l probably have 4 or 5 more in the garage at the house. All of them are Cobra LTD 29s. There are still some C.B. clubs on the go over here, but the cell phone has really put them out of popularity. Most of the truckers over here still use them, the highway patrols used to have them in the chase cars, but l think they done away with them too.
Thats a big 10:4 good buddy.
Smokey and the bandit was one of my all time favorite films.
Buford T Justice. biggrin.gif
CB is dead and gone in the UK.
i remember my friend Anne had one as did her boyfriend. I think she was called snow queen or something like that. Me and my other friend tried it a few times but never got into it I was Tiny Bubbles and she was Twinkle Star. All I remember is 1/4 for a copy.
My son hid a speaker in the garden under a clump of flowers and every time someone passed he said hello, how are you. We were all watching from the house and most folks just looked around then walked on but when a couple of drunks walked by and started having a conversation with the flowers I thought I was going to die laughing. Naughty yes, but harmless and funny.
I was not quite so amused when said son played a trick on me by saying someone calling himself Fores Kinn had been trying to contact me and I fell for it. Guess you can work out what I was calling over the CB for several seconds before I realised what I was saying.. blush4.gif
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