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when i was a lad the bike of choice was a chopper.
I had a tomahawk, that was smaller than the chopper.
It was a dangerous bike the chopper, as the gear stick was right in the center of the frame, and if you slipped
off the saddle, it could give you a nasty injury.
Denamrk street in possil was the choice street for bikes, and roller skates as it was so flat.
me and my pal Kenny smith would ride our bikes all day up to the bird sanctuary in lamb hill.

what bikes did you have?
I had a Raleigh, 3 speed, Got it new from Fishers Household Supplies at Glasgow Cross after my Ma had a win at the bingo.
The bird sanctuary in Lambhill? Was that across from the graveyard?
I think we called it Paradise, no to far after you crossed the canal bridge, on the right hand side?
Tam C
Got my first bought bike when I pased my Quali ,my dad bought it from Alexanders on Great Western Rd can't rememeber the make (it will suddenly come back to me ) before that built them from scrap bikes we found up at the scrap coup down Pinkston Rd near the power station .Learned to ride a bike from a bike hire shop down on Grove St off Georges Rd Cheers Tam C
i had many bikes in my youth all got from bits and bobs from the barras on sunday mornings my dad said only get the bits with receipts and dont ever buy a working bike it might be stolen and you will lose all your money if it is
A lesson i did not have to learn the hard way Dad 1 bad world 0
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