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Full Version: Whips And Peeries
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OH ah loved ma whip and peerie, we used to put chalk in different colours on the top and a tac, and when ye wheeched the whip and got it goin, it went rainbow colours... oh the joys back then hahaha simple things for simple minds hahaha.
Had great fun with my whip and peeri,done the same things dizzybint was thinking about them the other day great days happy memories if we could then back time.
Now the children sit with their face glued to the latest Ipad.
I wonder what memories they will grow up with as they seem to have lost the art of just playing games with each other. rolleyes.gif
What did ye call those things that weans played with it was a metal gird and something? I remember my Dad saying that he used to run for the messages with one when he was a wee boy. I know Heather it's a shame about children being stuck with these electronic things. They seem so anti social. We still have lots of board games here and when we bring them out sometimes when our grown up family are here we all still have great fun. Mind families used to play cards for pennies on a Sunday? Happy days. smile.gif
Gird & cleek, Missus. Often made from old bike wheel minus spokes. Some warriors in Shettleston ran around with car tyres, mind you.
Our whole family used to go to my granny and granda Mclaughlans in Rolland St every Sunday night.The adults played Newmarket or The big tottie as they called it. As the oldest grandchild i got sent for the fish suppers which the winner at cards had to pay for. probably cost them money when i think of it. Happy days.
Thanks Bilbo.s. smile.gif

Irrie, it's funny when we talk about these things ye'd think we'd all been brought up in the same house. smile.gif
Gambling on a Sunday? Tsk,tsk! An´ah´m supposed tae be the heathen ! laugh.gif tongue.gif
ma granda used tae get us tae pull oor mooths tight finger in each side and say send me doon ma whip an peerie biggrin.gif your awe trying it noo in't ye laugh.gif
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