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Full Version: Need Some Help
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Im looking for some circle games for out of school care kids,but Im not having much luck in googling Scottish ones and I canny mind what I played.I have a vague recognition of playing a game that started "my name is.......Im the leader of the gang,my wife is Berry Gable she's the best in all the land" and there was another like that,don't remember it though and was the feather bed not a circle game too?I can't remember.Needing ideas of anything we can play in a hall.

ta Tulip
Tulip, what about bee baw babbity..... do you know that one?
Hi tulip, jaybee, the one that tulip mentioned is:

My name is MacNamara.
I am the leader of the band.
My wife is Betty Grable.
She is the fairest in the land.

Oh, she can dance and she can sing
And she can show a leg.
The only thing that she can't do,
She cannot boil an egg.

Many more rope jumping rhymes can be found here:

As to other games, how about:
  • I sent a letter to my love and on the way she dropped it
  • Ringa Rossie
  • What's the Time Mr Wolf?
  • In and Out the Dusty Blue Bells
  • The Grand Old Duke of York

Thanks for that folks.

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