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> Was Thatcher Death Party Inappropriate?, George Square celebrations at ex-PM's death
post 12th Apr 2013, 06:21am
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From: Glasgow
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A party in George Square immediately following the death of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has been replayed on news outlets around the world. Critics of the those who attended the 'Thatcher Death Party' claim that the celebrations were inappropriate, bringing shame on the city. In defence of the those who celebrated the death of the 'Iron Lady', other commentators highlight the massive, ongoing damage inflicted on the people of Glasgow as a direct result of the former PM's policies, which many claim directly targeted the working classes.


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post 12th Apr 2013, 07:37am
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Mega City Key Holder
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The George Square 'celebrations', like the party by Liverpool FC supporters were not spontaneous. It has been planned and publicised on social media ever since the Mogwai record and probably before that. In other locations throughout the British Isles and beyond the celebrations just sprung up. The woman forgot the rule about keeping her enemies nearer. She alienated whole sections of our communities. The deep seated hatred of the woman hasn't just appeared. A lot has been said about the age of some of the party goers. Everyone was and still is affected by what she done.
If the George Square party seemed OTT. I don't think we've seen half of it. This coming Saturday will see an anti trident demo. It may turn out to be a little busier than it would normally be. London too will see an anarchist rally on Saturday. Funeral day is unlikely to see much in the way if quiet dignified respect.
I wasn't there dancing. I won't be going to Saturday's do either. On Wednesday I will not even switch the tv on.
I can't condemn these revellers.
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post 12th Apr 2013, 07:38am
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Look at the ages of those attending, in my view any excuse for demonstration. The woman did bad but she also did good. Name a PM who was all good! Death is something that should never be celebrated.
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post 12th Apr 2013, 08:12am
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If these people celebrating in George square are Scotland's future then god help us, they are pathetic
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*donald a*
post 12th Apr 2013, 08:16am
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I'll celebrate when all the Lab Con Thatcherites are out of power. Vote YES!
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post 12th Apr 2013, 08:20am
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Super Resident
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Strange how people forget the state our country was in when Margaret Thatcher over, held to ransom by the trade unions, and yes it was painful for a lot of people, but it could not continue. This country ALWAYS without exception gets into a mess EVERY time the Labour party takes control and the Tories are left to make good on all that is wrong and if not done overnight then the blame lies with them. Right now I feel saddened that people could be so undignified over someone's death no matter what they thought of her and her policies, especially those who we not even born, just goes to show that hatred is learnt.

Time for this country to get though with people who CHOOSE not to work and use the money saved for housing needs and our elderly. Because this country is a democracy they are entitled to show how they feel undignified and disrespectful though it might be.
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post 12th Apr 2013, 08:58am
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Not a fan of Thatcher at all she did some terrible things that deeply divided and affected people but to be fair a lot of what she did was needed (a lot was brutal) but it was done too quickly with little thought to how it affected people but the celebrations were imho out of order and attended by a large percentage of folk not even born when she was PM - If at times she showed little dignity does not mean we shouldn't respect her death if not her politics (although the TV coverage has been OTT and no need for such a lavish funeral 10m and we are all told to cut back?)
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post 12th Apr 2013, 09:00am
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Super City Key Holder
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It was a disgusting show those who attended should be ashamed one guy in his 50's said he hoped " she died in agony"what kind of man says that?

if this is an example of how socialism conducts itselfs then what chance have they of ever reaching out to the public.And those who blame Thatcher and her Goverment for evrything,remember labour has controlled Glasgow for over 70 years and we still have people living in slum property ,kids going to school hungry people in their 30's who have never worked oh yes labour can hang it's head in shame if the lefties are looking to blame anyone...

Sunny Govan.
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post 12th Apr 2013, 09:01am
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Super Resident
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From: Stonehaven
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Thatcher's impact was not restricted to Scotland or the UK. A good example was the impact on Cambodia.

Does anyone think there are "reasonable" elements in the Khmer Rouge. Does anyone believe that the UK government should have supported and trained the Khmer Rouge?

Watch the Pilger video, as Mrs Thatcher's role is discussed, Lord Brabazon is interviewed and a Foreign Office official interrupts and won't let the interview continue.

You can scroll in to the start of the interview at 31 minutes if you don't want to watch the whole video.

What should our attitude be to the UK leadership who supported the Khmer Rouge?
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post 12th Apr 2013, 09:06am
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Joined: 21st May 2011
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I personally think the George Square revellers where celebrating the death of something far greater than the person that was Maggie Thatcher. They were celebrating the demise of an ideologist and her cronnies who ruthlessly and without compassion drove their reforms through parliament in the 1980's. Scotland, in particular, has an axe to grind with the Tories (not just Thatcher) imposing the Poll Tax upon us a whole year before the rest of Britain! Ask the people of Liverpool or Yorkshire if the George Square party was inappropriate. And if I were Campsie I wouldn't be too worried about the people who CHOOSE not to work, I'd be more anxious about the bankers lining their pockets with fat (1.5 M) pensions.
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post 12th Apr 2013, 09:11am
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Special Visitor
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From: Corkerhill,Glasgow
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QUOTE (albageorgia @ 12th Apr 2013, 08:29am) *
If these people celebrating in George square are Scotland's future then god help us, they are pathetic

Reason being is that their not getting proper education and therefore most of these idiots are on benefits of one kind or another.Do you think if they were too lose a days pay if they worked they would have been there. DEFINITELY NOT
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Scottish Anna
post 12th Apr 2013, 09:21am
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Posts: 2
Joined: 24th Jul 2008
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I agree with Campsie, the behaviour in George Square was appalling. Other countries must be shaking their heads in disbelief. I wonder how many of those celebrating would cope with the conditions we had to in the seventies? Queuing for bread while the bakers couldn't churn it out fast enough, no heat or lighting unless you had a coal fire IF you could get coal (we lived near an old railway line and would dig to try and find fossils to burn) candles were scarce, but my brother was a butcher so we used lard to make candles, so dangerous and the smell, ugh. As for the rats? everywhere! The country needed a strong Prime Minister and we got one. I wonder how this bunch of leaders would cope with these conditions? They just want to be everyone's friend. What we need is someone with balls, oh, she's dead.
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*Old Sail*
post 12th Apr 2013, 09:26am
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Her policies were feudal and she bore no shame for her statement that "the people in Liverpool and Bradford relish their lives in squalor" and her contribution to Britains poverty.
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post 12th Apr 2013, 09:34am
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Regardless of your political affiliations or beliefs, in death as in illness, a person should be capable of compassion and behaving with dignity. I would think many of those involved would not have been either born or able to vote during the Thatcher years therefore may be reliant on the information and bias of others. Whilst I personally have no belief or confidence in any political figures regardless of their party, I certainly would not wish to be represented or associated with people who were not capable of behaving themselves in an appropriate manner. The people of Glasgow must be mindful that they have been governed as a city by the same group for many years and issues of prosperity, wellbeing, education and good housing for everyone is not always in the best interests of those who are reliant on the votes an oppressed and downtrodden society. Perhaps self interest is served before any public interest. There are plenty of celebrity do-gooders making a nice living on the backs of the poor and needy. Where would they be in a thriving, vibrant society without a cause to take up on the suffering of others?
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post 12th Apr 2013, 09:40am
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Settling In
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Illegal Republican march outside the Barrowlands to 'celebrate' her passing
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