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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
taurus Posted 16th Jan 2021, 07:55pm
  I`m the same with jars ,I used to stick it in the hinge end of the pantry door,opn the door,sometimes it worked,but I noticed the door was looking a bit worse for the wear,and jars in the sink with hot water,then one day I was telling a visitor of my problem and she posted me 2 gadgets. one for the rim of the jar,I hear the air pop,and voila !.the other is a long thing that opens that annoying ring pull on the can. My husband says ,every time sad.gif,the worst invention ever ,when I take a can out to use,and the biggest percentage have them too. progress from the old can opener.some hopes.
so sad to hear of your eyesight problems Tee,we take our eyes and everything else we get at birth for granted,and we only get a lend of it,it`s not meant to last us to the end.I got my cataracts done at 79, 20 20 vision now,which I would have loved for the previous 40 years or so.
TeeHeeHee Posted 16th Jan 2021, 07:44pm
Attached Image

Problem solved, Ash (get one on Amazon)

What I have is a stainless stell plate bent up on two sides at half an inch (12mm) which, being a DIY guy I did myself and with two screws fixed under a shelf above your kitchen sink it's in the ideal position.
My trouble with my hands is that at the wrong moment my fingers, which have been broken more times than enuff, go into a painful cramp twisting towards my wrist and causing me to drop things which I try, usually unsuccessfully, to catch between my knees before hiting the floor, which doesn't do glassware any good rolleyes.gif .
As for superglue, I have three great 5 or 6 mm mountains of it right beneath my desk here where I tried to repiar that rotor arm mentioned above but didn't see that I was missing it by a mile so if anyone knows how to get big lumps of hardened superglue of my laminate floor without tearing the top layer off, let me know tongue.gif
ashfield Posted 16th Jan 2021, 04:29pm
  I'm a bit the same with repairs although you are talking to our dishwasher laugh.gif My problem (apart from lack of talent) is painful joints in my hands, if you know anybody who can get the lid off a jar of pickled beetroot, would you send them round rolleyes.gif I tried all the usual things, rubber gloves, boiling water (sounds like I'm delivering a wean laugh.gif ) but it just won't shift.

I also have a glue for every occasion and can tell you this, superglue is not as super as it used to be yes.gif
TeeHeeHee Posted 16th Jan 2021, 03:46pm
  Ash, I've always been a DIY kind of guy but the trouble now is that with anything I do I have to consider that the now inherant dificulty that faces me with anything I do myself is that I can't see exactly that which I'm staring at.
This means I have to go by feel when trying to put a screwdriver onto the head of a screw; after I've struggled to place the screw into the hole in the first place.
To comabat this I use a magnifying glass and a small LED lamp (the kind you might see on people's nappers at night when the're out with their dogs but which I carried in my hand because they attract moths etc at night right in front of your eyes rolleyes.gif )
With that and a srewdriver and a screw to fix, I need four hands.
Three weeks ago I replaced the bottom rotor arm on our dishwasher and earlier this week I took delivery of the detergent dispenser for the same machine.
Straight onto YouTube whichg is every DIY guy's little helper (always providing you have a serviceable mouse at hand tongue.gif ) and there it was, nae bother ataw ... except that my old model had more screws to remove and replace than the ones shown.
Still, job done ... and I have one screw left over unsure.gif
Fortuneatly, before I stripped it all down again: removing the outer and inner panels which seemed to have more screws than than an aircraft wing, I realised that the screw which I had in my hand was from an item on the old dispenser which I wanted a closer look at.

Saved me 500+ on a new dishwasher which the Boss Lady thought was a better idea even when the replacement parts had cost me 87 for both together.

Trouble is that the Boss Lady thinks that she can now spend the money saved on something she might like; like new boots, coat and Accessoires laugh.gif
ashfield Posted 16th Jan 2021, 02:12pm
QUOTE (TeeHeeHee @ 16th Jan 2021, 01:59pm) *
No: but Mary has one laugh.gif

My wife is fond of DIY. Anytime I ask her to do anything that's what she tells it yourself tongue.gif
TeeHeeHee Posted 16th Jan 2021, 01:59pm
  No: but Mary has one laugh.gif
ashfield Posted 16th Jan 2021, 12:53pm
  You don't have servants huh.gif laugh.gif
TeeHeeHee Posted 16th Jan 2021, 12:28pm
  I couldn't get GG on my computer since Thursday afternoon; in fact I couldn't get anything on my pc since Thursday afternoon: and all because I had tidied up the desk upon which it sits (to please my better half)
I know my desk is a mess but I need to have everything at hand, within reach, because I have difficulty seeing where things are: every thing includes things that shouldn't be there anyway but if they are there then I know where they are; if you get what I mean tongue.gif
So after dispersing with everything that really shouldn't be there; screwdrivers, dog collar etc etc., I got the furniture polish out and applied a bit of elbow grease to remove the few coffee-cup stains and pushed the monitor to the side to clean under that too.
When the desk was sparkling clean again and the monitor returned to its original position I placed my hand on the mouse and clicked ... and nothing happened: the cursor remained , immobile, on the middle of the screen.
Now, I know that I hadn't touched anything as they say when things go wrong, but I checked all the cables anyway, pulled out and replaced all the USBs, switched off and on ( as you do) but the brand new mouse had gone on strike, so I took the battery out and replaced it ... nothing!
Not to be outdone I took Brand New Mouse#2 out of its unopened package; using a carpet knife which also resides on my desk, and replacing the USB from defunct Brand New Mouse#1 with that of BNM#2 and was ready to start afresh having seen the signal on screen that the pc had recognised the new USB device was installed and clicked on BNM#2 in great expectation and ... nothing (again) unsure.gif
So I take the USB out and place it in all of the other USB sockets and still get zilch.
Logical conclusion is that I've either done something to the monitor when moving it; and I know I haven't, or the monitor doesn't recognise the mouses (are they mice too?) or the monitor has coincidently gone defunct at that moment.
Last night, having gone cold turkey for about 30 hours, I went upstairs to Mary's neice and asked if she had a spare wireless mouse she could lend me, just to make absolute sure that that wasn't the problem ... and it worked perfectly!

Conclusion: both the Brand New Mice which I'd bought only a few weeks ago were crap and the second one (#2) more crap than the first since it hadn't worked straight out of the packet.

I will, of course, buy some new Duracell batteries (which were included anyway with the crap mice) just in case it was crap batteries and not crap mice but I've ordered two new mices (Logitech this time) just to be on the safe side.

Honestly, it's enough to put a sane person off tidying his desk tongue.gif
TeeHeeHee Posted 14th Dec 2020, 11:55am
QUOTE (sumac @ 13th Dec 2020, 02:18pm) *
Oh, Tee, was she OK?

Who? Bonnie or Kelly? tongue.gif
They were both OK seconds later; Bonniee when I lifted her down and Kelly when she got her breath back.
People go up there to BBQ; even in winter.
This is how it looks from the air in summer but I didn't take that shot rolleyes.gif
Attached Image

The galvanised tin bit on the top is the cover at the top of the wooden spiral-staircase: Kilroy was never theree as far ads I know but there's about 7 or 8 signatures from some guys from Mourne. biggrin.gif
I took Ken Booth and his lovely misses, Lynn, up there one year, it's about a two hour steep hike to the tower but there was a Hornet's Nest warning at the foot of the stairs so we had to keep out in case we upset the squatters. unsure.gif
ashfield Posted 14th Dec 2020, 10:47am
  Of course she's not going to jump, she hasn't got her parachute on tongue.gif
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