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Full Version: Tinkers Tartan
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Do you remember when it was a terrible thing to get 'tinkers tartan' on your legs. It was because you had your legs too near the coal fire, and they would be all mottled red. Because of this you would be termed a lazy besom, because you had sat at the fire doing nothing for so long.
Isn't it strange to think our kids will never see a coal fire in their lives, they don't know what they are missing. huh.gif
corned beef legs we called it

I knew it as - Granny Legs smile.gif
annie laurie
I remember it being called Fireside Tartan legs laugh.gif
Fireside Tartan my granny called it and I remember coal fires wi' your front roasting and your back freezing and only one fire in a 'new' three bedroomed house... meeting the winter mornings with the grey ashes to empty, the fire to set up and to blow with the shovel propped up in the middle covered over with the Evening Citizen and no hot water 'till the fire was well alight and the terrible times when there was no money for coal ....give me gas fired central heating any day.
I knew it as, ' tartan legs'.

I remember the days of putting the shovel in front of the fire with a newspaper across it to draw the fire and help it light quicker. You had to watch it incase the paper caught fire.

When my parents moved with us to Barlanark, it was a five apartment house and the only fire place was in the living room. The upstairs of the house was freezing in the Winter. So we got a paraffin fire to heat up the bedrooms, and we used to sneak into whichever bedroom had the heater and move it in our own bedroom. rolleyes.gif

We do not have a fireplace, as the house's where we live were built with Gas Central Heating only.
in my ma mammys hoose in ardencraig the hoose was an ice box and we all huddles roon the 23 bar electric coal fire as much heat as shovulin snaw for a livin the rooms hid iccicles inside the windies bliddy freezin we never got enough heat between six to get tartan legs then lol a think this pig got too near the fire well fired
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