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just watching( france v all blacks) half time all blacks totally commanding different class they are to internatnational rugby that brazil are to football outstanding.
Oor Wullie
I used to wonder why it was that New Zealand is so good at this game and then I spent two months touring around NZ. Everywhere I went I saw kids [some as as young as 3 or 4 ] playing rugby.

Cities, towns, villages, no matter. On any green space, kids were playing rugby.
Scots Kiwi Lass
Yes, for sure rugby is the national game in NZ. When my son was 6, we started him playing football (or as it was known here then, soccer). Boys could only start playing rugby for clubs at the age of 8 then. He played soccer in Tai Tapu, the country area we lived in, then played for two years in Sydney, before we moved back to NZ. He was tormented at school for being a "soccer sissy" and finally pressured into rugby by his mates. He played for about 3-4 years before giving it up at the age of 13 when he started racing speedway bikes.

We are all rugby fanatics here. I have been hooked on the All Blacks for the last 30 years and this year I will be at Murrayfield to watch them playing my second favourites. Despite the ABs setting the standards in world rugby, they have been unable to win the World Cup for 20 years but maybe this year is the one!

By the way, I was born in Glasgow and our family were all Rangers fans. In fact, football ruled our lives, to be honest. After emigrating in 1963, I gradually lost interest in football and these days I find it a very boring game to watch, even the World Cup final.

I have just been watching the Rugby Sevens tournament, the final one being played in Edinburgh, so was able to have a good look at Murrayfield. Roll on September!
Yep my 10 year old son plays club rugby in Auckland, and he also plays in the school rugby team - but he plays "soccer" every day at lunchtime and his Celtic strip is right up there with his All Blacks gear.
Another thing, Wullie, the All Blacks are really well marketed both here in NZ and abroad. And they are available, lots of public signing etc so the young kids get to meet their heroes...
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