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Full Version: Uefa Cup Final
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Oor Wullie
I'm reading that tickets for the Uefa Cup Final at Hampden are priced from 30 pounds to 85 pounds.

Are the neutrals likely to pay that kind of money to see a game which will be on TV ?.
Doubt it very much Wullie !
See if you can get a few and we'll punt them on ebay and go fur a swallie on the profit. No way ah wid pay £85, Ah grudged the £35 for the AC Milan game at Parkheid.
Oor Wullie
I'm reading that there were over 50,000 at the game with an estimated 30,000 from Spain.

Not a bad turnout from the locals then , considering the prices and [ I hear] atrocious weather.

From the little I saw, the two Spanish clubs put on a decent show.

A good advert for Glasgow ?
Don't know when I'll get to put these photos I took on the big day in the 'Images' section, so here they are just now...not thje greatest, but it was a wee bit wet and I only had a small camera! rolleyes.gif

...some more...
...and the last for now...
laugh.gif laugh.gif nice photos and all those fans and no trouble
Totally unbiased of course, ah mean there wis wis wan photo of Seville supporters. Explanation pleeeeeese!

Ah bet they foreign fans just love coming tae Scotland to see real rain Welcome Senors to Glasgow land of el peesy doono aw dayo.
Great photographs! For a moment I thought the first batch were Rangers supporters! biggrin.gif
The fans would have helped to bolster the economy in Glasgow! wink.gif
laugh.gif well done GG nice photos. could yae tell me wiz that espanyoll supporter sittin on a bull or a dunkey? laugh.gif
Great photos, most of those Spaniards were not from the plains, therefor seeing rain for the first time?
The rain in Spain faws mainly on the plain, we awe no that! smile.gif
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