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Full Version: Value For Money ?
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Oor Wullie
According to the BBC today:-

“The Football Association believes it has set prices at a "sensible" level for the FA Cup final between Manchester United and Chelsea on 19 May.

The event returns to Wembley after the stadium was rebuilt and tickets will be £35, £60, £80 and £95, with a limited number at £17.50 for under-16s. “

Malcolm Clarke of the Football Supporters' Federation is quoted as having said :-

"Football in general is rapidly pricing itself out of the reach of a lot of ordinary supporters and this is just the latest example."

Are football fans getting a fair deal in England and in Scotland ?
In words of one syllable NO WAY ! laugh.gif laugh.gif
ohmy.gif thats some seriously shocking prices there Jimmyd i may not be that into footy but my brothers live & breathe it as does my husband.Seems to me the same thing has occurred at the movies & especialy at the theatre too where the everyday person cannot afford these massive price hikes yet again the well off grow & the working man gets shafted for want of a better expression please forgive my rudeness mate.
big al
The prices are no worse than some of the outrageous prices you get charged for theatre or music shows these days - you have the choice - pay or not pay - if the bulk of fans decide they are not going to pay these prices then the guys at Wembley would soon get the message - But it won't happen - both ManU and Chelsea fans will pay through the nose to be there on the day - even though it's is after all a historic occasion being the first FA cup final at the New Wembley - which I have to say is outstanding - having been in for a quick look last week when I was off during Easter break - but is it worth the money - most definitely no way.....
Makes you wonder if Football at home is going the same way as other Sports are here.....all for the Corporate.

It's around 95 dollars here for an 'okay' seat at the Basketball for instance, but you're by no means close to the Court for this.
Try 200 dollars plus for that.

Baseball you're in the Gods if you're looking for a 25 dollar ticket.
The good thing about this is you can hop an jump doon a few rows at a time if it's no busy laugh.gif

Ice Hockey is just as ridiculous, but again it's all majority Corporate bought, and they in turn buy these tickets for Clients etc, then put them through as Tax Reductions on their Business.

Wee plebs don't huv a lookin laugh.gif
wee mags
the Bassball games are the same here it cost my son nearly $300 to take his daughters to a Mets game after he bought the tickets, soda, awe works as he knew they would not be going back for a while,takes efter his mammy he bought the teeshirts at the mall before he went to the game, It wa less expensive
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