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Hello GG,
I was wondering why the change to the boards, so far as when you log -in and want to be Anonymous, why does it still show your name and show it with an Astrix beside it. Surley the whole point of being Anonymous is to not be seen by others.
I have noticed that when I sign in that way I still show as viewing on the shout box.

My Other question , will we ever see a return to the members who have been on the boards that day.
lennox do you mean the shoutbox [whos been on]
QUOTE (Anne1 @ 3rd Apr 2007, 04:35 PM) *
lennox do you mean the shoutbox [whos been on]

Anne, I was taling about the main boards , we used to be able to see who had been on earlier in that day .
Still waiting to hear from Martin sad.gif
See while yer lookin at Lennox's thing Martin, my pm section quite regularly comes up with a minus number and ah've no record of any pm's ah've sent....ah thought at first sumdy was stealin them, but if ye get a wee minit, could ye check they've no fell doon the back o' the sideboard?
Java, look under the carpet, maybe Martin swept them under there.... lol. Jaybee
Java, you better look under that carpet for Martin , it seems he's no talking to us ..
Moan we'll jist aw go unner the carpet an see if he's therr, it'll be waarmer therr onyroads, baltic in Toronto the night laugh.gif laugh.gif
keelie gal
laugh.gif laugh.gif
Hope naebudy's haudin therr breaths Keelie laugh.gif laugh.gif
QUOTE (Catherine @ 5th Apr 2007, 10:27 AM) *
Hope naebudy's haudin therr breaths Keelie laugh.gif

I wondered why I wis turnin Blue... dry.gif
H All,

I've been experimenting with the 'anonymous' login procedure and have occasionally allowed full GGBB members only to view who is logged in as anonymous. I'm a bit concerned that some board members (no-one who has contributed to this topic) are now logging in anonymously for long periods and not contributing much.

I've not concluded amything, but would be interested to hear general opinion on the matter: do you use the anonymous login feature? If so, why? Is it useful? Should it be removed?

Martin, I like to be able to log in under the " Anonymous " button, I try to log out when I am done. ( if I stay logged in Sorry )
I feel that since I some times log on at work, I like to be "unseen " for want of better wording .
I don't think you should take it away, we all have reasons why we like to "sneek on/off " ph34r.gif
I.E. going into the Shout and not wanting to talk to this person or that. for what ever the reason! ( No names need be mentioned )

Maybe if we had a way to veiw who is in the chat room? before we entered it I would not feel like I was sneekin.
i feel that if its going to be anonymous it make me paranoid as a know people that are there but are not wanting to talk and that makes me feel unwanted and if the ones that dont contribute give them a deadline to contribute then take them off the gg martin as its a place for sharing and lennox a know you contrabute doll so that no havin a go at you but a think the members that do this watching and saying nothing are just like peeping toms and they would go to court for that if caught only a suggestionlike you asked martin
I'm guessing Martin you can tell when someone who'd logged in as Annon is either Active or not on the Boards, therefore someone forgetting to log out wouldn't be a problem Lennox I'd think.

I have mixed feelings about it myself, I'm more creeped out with the fact you can hit on a persons Profile and be given the Info on where they are on the Board at that exact time.
I mean if you need to know where another Member is then jist pm them and if they want you to know they'll tell ye.
Makes sense to me biggrin.gif

Another Topic maybe Martin biggrin.gif , but I see no reason whatsoever for any kind of Archive in the's used as the Chat and I think it's rude for anyone to go in and read what others have been talking about hours or days before hand. I mean who needs to know?
I thought the old chat was way more private, those entering joined in the conversation AT THAT POINT and not before.....which I believe is the way to go cos if yer no there in the conversation then there's no need to see what others conversation is about.
Jist my opinion.
HI catherine you said about reading the archives was like being nosey to see what other people said surely we done that with old shoutbox when you could check back sometimes 4 pages at a time to see what had been happening and even have a laugh at some of the shouts.
PS A dont like te archys because a cannae get it to stay still long enough to read the bliddy things ha ha
Naw Anne ah don't think we did......before when folks posted in the Shoutbox they knew it was going across the Boards visually so nothin wid ever be private to begin wae.
Now folks get intae actual conversations on the 'new''s treated like a chat cos that's aw therr is laugh.gif naw ah don't think it's the same.

Jist ma opinion mind biggrin.gif
Can't understand why any member has to use "Anonymous " I don't like it at all.
I like to log in from work and read without the boss noticing.
I agree with Catherine , this Shout box is a lot different from the other , and the other shout box , you had the choice to go private if you wanted to chat with another member.

I don't look back in the shouts either, I was nosey to start with , but I just dont do it now.
if some one was talking about me , then I am sure I'd find out.
I don't think I'd use the Anonymous button if I knew who was on , the way this is set up at the moment you can only see when a memeber was last on, I hate going into peoples profile to find out when they were last active.

I wish it was a requirement to fill in your profile when you register, and to be honest about it !

While on that issue, what steps are taken to prevent someone who has been banned, from posting to be able to re-register and post again ?

Just a thought?

I agree with Stuarty as well , give guests a time limit to register .
Mibby it is purely about 'choice' - is it not up to "whoever' if they want to be anon or not?? Does it really matter?? rolleyes.gif
QUOTE (GG @ 5th Apr 2007, 06:32 PM) *
H All,

I've been experimenting with the 'anonymous' login procedure and have occasionally allowed full GGBB members only to view who is logged in as anonymous. I'm a bit concerned that some board members (no-one who has contributed to this topic) are now logging in anonymously for long periods and not contributing much.

I've not concluded amything, but would be interested to hear general opinion on the matter: do you use the anonymous login feature? If so, why? Is it useful? Should it be removed?


Hi Folks
Where is the anonymous button I think somebody pinched mine
It's in yer 'set up' Baskabar or CP ....Jist go through all yer options and ye'll find where it says 'do you wish to be seen Active' or somethin like that biggrin.gif
Hi Catherine thanks for the reply i was just curious where the Anon button was,i looked where you said in CP still cannot work it out.I'm not to bright with these things dry.gif
It Is on the main log in page . when you sign in.
Thank you Lennox and Catherine

I found the little devil smile.gif
I know that I've not been posting as much thes past few months, but now and then when I get the chance I do come on, I do log on as Anonymous when I am at work, but if I when I get on at home I am visible.

This morning I see that more and more people are logging in as Anonymous, ( as is there right ) but I am just wondering why,? I am just asking and yes I know it is members rights to privacy but what is causing this. I am going to make more of an effort to make sure that I no longer log in that way and if that means not logging in while I am at work , then that's what I'll do. wink.gif
unsure.gif I agree as some are anonymous all the time and when posting it tells me that they are on withOut showing me and that in itself is making a mockery of the anonymous bit and this is only an observation not a finger pointing critisisum on anyone anonymous person as we have the freedom of choice and of speech I would like to think so any way
I am looking at this from my own point of view,
I did say I was guilty of logging in that way , but we do have that right, and posting/not posting should not even be an issue, after all we are all members that is the only way we can post.

I have my own feelings why some people feel that they have/need to log in that way but I am keeping that thought to my self for now.

The reason I brought this up today is because I looked in ,at 7.00am Okie time and there was 5 active members and 6 anonymous, as I said I am going to make a effort not to log in that way any more and if that means not coming on while I am at work so be it .

We all need to remember why we came her to start with,( laughs, fun friends)
I totally agree Lennox, why are we second guessing people and the likes these days?
glasgow lass
Aye,, aha loved the anon button and thought it was the coolest wee feacher aha thought that aha was the only one who knew aboot it, mah wee secert,,, but then aha told a few members who seemed a bit surprised tae hear that there was such a wee button,, aha still like using it fae time tae time, why, well no real reason accept tae be anonymous fo course biggrin.gif
What I find annoying is being unable to sign on due to "flood contol" and then note that, for example, the number of people signed on include 100 anonymous and only 20 registered guests. (These figures are not an exaggeration).
I wonder if there is any way "bump off" some anonymous guests only when necessary to avoid "flood control" measures? Might give them an incentive to register.Would also allow us to hear from more registered members who now just move on rather than wait for the "flood" to ease.
unsure.gif Ah thought flood control was only to stop really quick posting, a kinda spam killer... unsure.gif
I have never gone anonymous as im a stand up and becounted person why joyin a chat site then be anonymous dont make sense to me and reminds me of peeping toms or thomasinas laugh.gif
glasgow lass
Aye, I think that the members on the GG'S should be able tae enjoy all feachers,, aha mean whats so bad aboot being anonymous anyway,, do aha really care who aha cant see , no, it never enters mah mind as aha dont post personal information,, aha used anon when first goined as aha was unsure of the boards , found it a great little help especially in the shoutbox till aha was able tae keep up whith the conversation and had some time tae look at all of the different personalities ( still cant keep up though when lots of members are in,,, so aham for that wee button still,great ferr the newbys. smile.gif
Don't see anything wrong with the anonymous feature. Do it sometimes when I jist want a glance around to see whits happening, without getting involved. If I want to post I will log in before I do so. But sometimes forget, and who cares, it is not as if the posting comes up as anonymous.
Don't care one way or the other who is on anonymous, I have only noticed about 3 or 4 at the most on at one time. To each there own wink.gif ph34r.gif
Angela Chick
I sometimes log in Anonymous i never used to but i do now, like murn i do it because sometimes i just feel like reading posts and such and cant be bothered talking. All the features are there to be used, otherwise whats the point in having them. rolleyes.gif

As murn said each to their own.
I have never used the anonymous button, I didn't know it was there. I have GG on my favourites and it goes straight into the posting boards. I sometimes don't feel like answering any posts but I read all of them. I enjoy the shoutbox but rarely find anyone in there when I am on but my name come up when I'm there. I have no problem with anyone coming on anonymously, I'll repeat, to each their own.
I never used to log on anonymously, in fact I'm sure Martin must have been annoyed at me for forgetting to log off and my name appeared at the bottom of the boards all the time. However, I have since found it to be a useful tool to use if I simply wanted to read the boards and not get involved in conversation due to being busy. I must say what disturbs me more is the thinking on the boards, the being suspicious of other people for no reason whatsoever simply for not having a name shown. It's very distasteful thinking and must surely in itself put people off from posting and joining in. We want to show a welcoming place and an inviting atmosphere in which people will take pleasure posting and meeting new people. What's to be suspicious of ? What is to be afraid of? What a lot of nonsense.
keelie gal
Exactly melody wink.gif
I have no quams what anyone choses to do on gg except vulgar jokes and each to there own as its a free country and we all have free thinking so it would be sad if eveyone agreed with everything or everybody in here on gg or in life in general .
laugh.gif Aye it would be sad world if we all thought the same way.
a agree totally melody wub.gif
I log in anon. most of the time its my perogative and nothing to do with standing up to be counted, [nonsense] when I post its there for all to see and read if they so choose. As I said before in another post I dont have a nameplate on my front or back door , the GPO dont have a problem finding me or anyone else for that matter. So whats the problem on here????????Ialso never stand up to be counted have no need to
Guilty, as charged and being I started this topic, I am going to have another little say.

When I joined this site I loved the friendliness, that was here, and to a certin degree it still is.
Martin,gave us all something to enjoy and I think most of us do.

Loggin in Anonymous is a choice, and Martin also gave is this wee counter thing to track how many posts we do and when , which I think is great, so if you like to log in or not, just relax and enjoy these boards before we lose them.

I am not a Pepping Tom or Pepping ( Female Tom) But some thing you should know before jumping the gun here,
ANYONE can, go to the main page and read anything we post here, the only thing non members can't do is read your profile,and I am not sure if they can post or not without Martins ok, I know when I tried to post as a guest when I messed up it took a few days.

Martin is doing everyting he can to make this a safe site, . I thank him for that, as should all other members.

I personally know two memebers who have not logged in Visibaly in over a year , but not one word is uttered when they post anything., so is it just a question of
"IF I have a issue with you I don't want you to log in unless I can see you ?"
Not pointing the finger here just asking?
a totally aggree with everything said as to make postings somtimes I engage mooth before brain and am not perfect so I best stay away from these topics like this one from now on by choice wub.gif
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