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Oor Wullie
...know where it is / was ?
Wullie....a lot of years ago we had friends in Dennistoun. For some reason I think I remember seeing Eveline Street there, think being the key word. I've a street map from the eighties and can't find it there so maybe I'm all wet....or it's another old street that's gone. Maybe The Mitchell Library will offer some help?
Hi Wullie,

I have a ninth edition of the official guide to Glasgow (sorry dont know the year, but it cost a shilling biggrin.gif) and it shows Eveline Street east of the Necropolis coming off Ark Lane...see attached...Click to view attachment
Oor Wullie
Many thanks to both cb and Java.

Java's map was particularly helpful and confirms that Eveline Street was, indeed, in Dennistoun .

The street appears within the Dennistoun area on my map of 1894 Glasgow, but is not named.
Hi Oor Wullie,

We had a 2 room and kitchen at 92 Eveline Street, Dennistoun when we got married at first. It ran across the top of Dunchatten Street which was off Duke Street (it was a dead end to the left and went up to Cardross Street to the right). We stayed there from 1969-1971 before moving down to the south of England.

I haven't been back to that area since but believe that it was demolished in the mid 70's.
Jonathan Laird
Many years ago a young woman called Isabella Miller (prev. Edgar) lived at 86 Evline Street in Dennistoun. She worked in a local Travel Agency and she had an affair with an African Student who fathered a child with her. This was during the early-mid 1960's and no doubt would have caused a bit of a scandal in the area. A good Glasgow girl with a wee black baby.

I was that child.

Never new my mother or father. Isabella adopted me into a loving family from Motherwell. My efforts to trace her have so far been futile.

If anyone remembers anything about this lady I would appreciate an email. or

Wee Jonny.
Just browsing and came across these posts. My granddad was born at 86 Evelyn Street, in 1906, think this must be the same one. He was William Mann Gauld. Other relatives lived in Fisher Street. I think George Gauld lived in Evelyn Street until he died?

Anyone know of Gauld's in Springburn?
Robin Dickson
I was born in a single end at 92 Eveline Street on the 13th June (Friday) in 1958. My brother Keith was born there on the 29th December 1956. On both our birth certificates it was specified 'in the burgh of Denniston. My Uncle Sandy and Aunt Betty lived in 92 as well. We moved to Johnstone as part of the overspill in 1960 where my 2 younger siblings were born. We all moved away. My brothers all live in or around London, and I buggered off and after many years ended up in Montreal. Go figure.
**chris** I see it's been a while since the last posts in this topic but would Willliam Mann Gauld be any relation to an Isa Gauld who lived in Eveline St 50's/60's.
She was friends with my Aunt and my Mother, I think they attended the Women's Guild together.
Iain Galston
Suddenly there is life again in Eveline St. My father, John Galston, was born in 99,Eveline St., in 1904. Never been there but I would have liked to visite it if there is anything left.
There is nothing left of old Eveline St., however, as you were never able to get there before it was demolished, here is a photograph taken from our front room window in Cardross St. looking over into Eveline St. No.99 must have been near the top on the left, my aunt was in 77 which was just over half way down if I remember right.Click to view attachment
I know this is not anything helpful to the questions on the board,but when I was young,very young,my mother took me to a woman who lived in Evaline Street and she was magic with sewing. Any old coat soon transformed into a lumber jacket or whatever was wanted. What a talent to be able to do that.My auntie lived in Edmund St just down the road,so I suppose thats how we knew of the great tailoress further up the street. The photo doesn`t do Justice to the street,all up the top of Dunchahattan St were "lovely" buiidings ,as we said then. Actually for the "toffs" .I loved going to my auntie`s up there.So sad it`s demolished,like so many others that could have been saved with a bit of planning and spending.
My grandad was born in 86 too Wee Johnie, many years previous, 1906. Not sure Coliboy, I had a great Aunt Elizabeth, might she have been called 'Isa'? I was told she lived nearby but not sure where. Thank you for the great picture.

I wish I knew more.
My sister just shared the above post. We were born in 77 (all but our youngest sister) I was seven when we moved to Easterhouse. Family name Lee, we were ground right facing close, Uncle Eddie and Aunty Ellen Lee above us and Aunty Kitty (nee Lee) And Uncle Willie Reid above them. Across at 100 was our cousin and her husband (Kitty's daughter). We were Josephine, Peter, Beryl Ann and Baby Tricia and our parents Peter and Beryl Lee.

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