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Glasgow has long been associated with many customs which are peculiar to a unique city: the jelly piece flung from the third floor.

Please have a wee think and come up with some great Glasgow customs from yesteryear or yesterday!

If you see a custom which takes your fancy, why not start a topic about it in the 'General Chit Chat' board and have a chat about it?
wee mags
how about the Scramble at a wedding?
I remember getting shoved oot o the wae by the bigger kids
When ah wis wee we used to have to recite a poem or do a wee dance when we'd go round the doors at Halloween. We'd be given fruit or nuts, or maybe a sixpenny bit for our efforts.

Ma grannie would cook a fruit dumpling on Sundays, the day the whole family would visit her. She'd put coins in it wrapped in tissue paper. Lucky was the grandchild who got a slice of dumpling with a coin! However, I think she arranged it so that none of us got left out and that we'd all get something. ( I seem to think that sometimes one of the coins would be a silver threepenny. )
What about when a baby was christened, we took a tea biscuit and put a silver coin in between two biscuits and gave it to the first child, of the opposite sex of the baby. Does anyone know why we did this??
How about going first footing .After the bells at new years
wee mags
and what about when a girl is getting married and you have a showing of gifts .the mother puts all the gifts the couple gets out in the living room for all their friends and family to see.
and the night you stop working and the girls give you "A sending off" they take you from work, some times in an old pram and they dress you daft, but its great fun I remember it happened to my oldest sister biggrin.gif
If you wanted good luck all year the "First Foot" in your door after midnight had to be a man with dark hair and if he carried a lump of coal that was even better. My brother was always sent oot at 11:59 with orders to be back in at 12:01
Maybe this custom doesn't exist any more.
On July 12th, the day of the Orange Walk, many folk freshly painted their doors according to their sentiments - bright Orange by the Protestants & green by the Catholics. Feelings would sometimes rise high on that day with neighbors snubbing those of opposing persuasions.
a bride was expected to collect bed linen, blankets, bits and pieces etc for her new home, it was called bottom drawer.
This wis a favourite in oor hoose

you didnae get wearin yir new coat tae yi wore it tae chapel first
wee mags
did anyone else do this we got new clothes for the first sunday in May?
Hanselling a new purse given as a gift.

Baby Money, placed in the tiny fist of a new baby.

Telling complete strangers all your business!! laugh.gif
To greet friends and family with a great big hug
If you made a gift of a wallet or purse to a friend or family member, you always put a coin in it first signifying that you always hoped they'd have money in it.

[Hi betty2 - that was no' the custom in mah family & ah'm thankful!]
cool.gif Hi weemags, aye we always goat new claes fur the first Sunday in May, an we hud tae wear them every Sunday efter that until the next year, an we could'nae wear them any other time. biggrin.gif
Jim D
The Govan Fair Parade!

No further explanation required to Govanites. tongue.gif
wee sammy
What about when someone died they would put white sheets on the windows
Margaret P
We always got a new outfit for the first sunday in may and were I worked if you were getting married they dressed you up put you in a wheelbarrow and took you round the streets and into the pubs people put money in the barrow for the bride
You always gave a penny to the giver when you received a gift with a sharp point, like a brooch or scissors. Without the penny, the friendship was broken or soon would be.
Cannae move fur laughin at that wan bard laugh.gif

Whit aboot blessin yersel as ye went oot the door, did anyone else dae this? biggrin.gif
Ah still tae this day ask ma God tae watch ma hoose if ah leave it fur a while
Wee Sammy mentioned covering windows with white sheets when someone died. Some families also covered all of the mirrors in the house. I believe the superstition was that if someone looked in one of the mirrors, they might just see the ghost of the person who'd died.......
This is also an Orthodox Jewish custom Tusker, all mirrors are covered in the house for a year after a person dies. On the first anniversary of the death they call it "the unveiling"....where mirrors are uncovered and also the gravestone is put up covered then "unveiled". The custom is to respect the dead and to mourn without vanity.
Hoi whit aboot gaun oot the door an whoever yer leavin says "watch yer feet" laugh.gif Ma gran God rest her aye said this, ah dae it masel noo laugh.gif
Hoi catherine, That widny a been cos ye hid been oan the sauce wid it. wub.gif biggrin.gif
ohmy.gif ...Oh no me sjmac.....Trust me Gran wid huv took the heid aff ma shooders ....{if she'd known} laugh.gif
Margaret P
Have read all your posts ,come to me us Glasgow folk are just special folk do you agree biggrin.gif
QUOTE (Isobel @ 2nd Aug 2003, 02:58 AM)
How about going first footing .After the bells at new years

My Grandmother from Glasgow insisted on a coin from the first foot of the New Year
wee sammy
What about when a girl was getting married before the wedding her friends would dress her up and beat on pots and pans and sing songs and make her kiss any men that were passing by
annie laurie
Nancy, a piece of cake or bun and a bit of coal as well as the silver,
May you always have food warmth and never be broke, a believe thats how it goes
When you moved house you never took the salt with you - it was left for the new owner/tenant. We didn't move very often but I do remember I was always sent out to buy salt........and know what? I've done that every time I moved.

Another thing, thought about it today as I was dragging out some winter things, - My Mum said 'always leave some money in the handbag you're putting away an ye'll never be broke!' She was right - I dragged out a couple of black bags and a brown one - I'm CAD$3.98 richer - won't take me far but ahm no broke! biggrin.gif
sjmac - Naw - it was tae miss the drunk lying on the landing ootside her door!.
Here you Rabbie, ahv jist found this wan ya cheeky get....ah didnae huv a landin {but ahd miny a close wan} laugh.gif
Margaret P
I remember all of the above we Glasgow folk are special biggrin.gif good reading
What about the black cat & chimney sweep decorations/ornaments that the bride was presented at the wedding. Is that only a scots thing ? I was married in the USA but my family sent me those things (from Scotland) so a child could hand them to me at my wedding.
I always thought everybody did these things! Is it really only Glaswegians? I knew we were special! laugh.gif
What about the horseshoe for the bride on her wedding I remember getting one sent from Glasgow from my godmother .
Was invited to,dinner last night,so naturally I turn up with a bottle of wine.My host was very upset,saying "you were not expected to bring anything but yourself." Course,I reply,"ma Maw wid turn in her grave,if ah turned up at a do,wi ma two erms the wan length.!!" took me a long time to explain it to my host and Aussie friends. biggrin.gif
Oh yer right jimmy, never go tae a hoose empty haunded right enuf.
Mind when we first moved here an ah wis invited tae a wee wummins night...Ah goes in wae ma wine an they're aw "Oh we didn't know we had to bring wine"...ah don't know who wis mare shocked, them or the host....or me..... cos no a bugger hud brought as much as a boattle a waater an therr wis seven countin masel drinkin wine!!
It gave me GREAT satisfaction when ah said "Oh wherr ah come fae ye'd get sent back hame tae get it" laugh.gif {ye no wan of thae wee points ye kin get acroass in a funny way but ye get it acroass....they ALL bring therr wine tae wummins nights noo, ah mean who the hell could afford tae hae a wee night an be supplyin the booze an aw....cripes ye should see the way they drink an ye think AHM bad????} greatbigguffaw!!
Don't know if it was a Glaswegian or just a Caeltic superstiscion, but my Father did his nut if we girls placed a new pair of shoes on the table ???? & for some unknown reason I carry on this stupid tradition!! unsure.gif
wee mags
I do the same Leeinaus my kids awe tease me about it they say what will happen if we do will yir banshee come efter us ? biggrin.gif
Gee I guess I'm not alone here I'm always on about not putting new shoes on the table never thought of it as a Glasgow custom. dry.gif
Just caught up with this - shoes on the table - och! a REAL NO NO - granny and Mum went bananas at the mere thought!

An what about these - give a penny when you receive a pin or sharp object as a gift; always leave the salt when you move house; never borrow eggs.........ah think my Mum knew them all - and honoured them! To this day I have guilt pangs if I don't observe these customs.

Oh and what about dropping a fork, a spoon or a knife when setting the table - can't remember them but each item indicated a visitor or something or other.
Whit aboot when ye first see a new born wean, ye hud tae gie a piece o silver tae the new born. Ah cannae remember if ye touched the weans cheek or forehead with it oany body oany wiser. wink.gif
tongue.gif you pit money in the weans haun so they will always hiv sum!
Marion Dougan
Aye an kin ye imagine the germs aw ur the coin in that poor weans hawns lol,
Another-old-Glasgow-custom-is-to-*eep-trying-to-tal*-when-you-really-should-shut-up-because-your-computer-is-bro*en!! laugh.gif
tongue.gif Whit germs!!!!! The wean never hid the money long enuf tae git any, thier maw took it fur that nites supper teehee
Marion Dougan
Good wan Joan 2000. Aye Melody yer right hen. Af bin in America too longha ha ha
It's awright Marion, we'll take ye back!! laugh.gif
Meeting somebody in a shop and telling them yer life story. We're good at that....and getting a drunk man on the bus beside ye..telling ye a 'joke' ..and saying I'm no annoying ye am a hen?
Not at all...yer fine...'a think this is ma stop!! Thinkin' poor wumman's gonni answer he door tae that!! It's a great life!!..if ye don't weaken.... laugh.gif That's Glasgow!
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