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wee sammy
Father Burns yes i remember him as well he used to have a walking umbrella we were afraid of him i remember one time he came to our house and cricket was on the TV and he said to my dad what do you know about cricket i thought my old man was going to hand him his lunch stick the nut in him also after mass on Sunday he would be selling the IRISH MESSENGER i can still here his voice-
Guess we could all tell a few stories about auld Burns ha ha ha!!
im sure my aunt came from priesthill her name was june bain
Tori G
Hi to all who have and do live in Priesthill. I use to live there @Ravenscraig place#7
Iwent to Burnbrae Primary started at 1965 Mrs White was my teacher then. Craigbank is the Secondary School i went to. I now live in Perth Western Australia

My pals then where, Elaine Hamilton,(RavensCraig Dve-she had a brother named Bobby) Aileen Donaldson,(Elliston dve), Caroline Millar, Christine Boag,(Priesthill road-diagonally across from the shops-near the hilltop- lane) Linda Cameron (down stairs from us),...
My neighbours were the Robbs,Mavis and Alex. Ronnie Janice, Sandra and Diane, they live in New Zealand now. We moved there first before coming to Australia. {dont get upset if ive missed any one out}.
Would any one know of my pals or their where-abouts or whats been happening with them.
My brothers are Stephen Gourlay, Allan, and David, my sister is Margaret. Oh yea im Victoria (or Tori) rolleyes.gif Ps Found Linda Cameron on Freindsreunited.
Sheena blue
Hey Priesties , what a blast from the past. I lived at 4 Ravenscraig drive with my old granny Nene Campbell (with the wee dog in her shopping bag) My uncle was killed building the Kingston bridge , Jim Campbell. I am Sheena Campbell . I had a daughter to George Borland , they lived in the inshot, I went to Burnbrae from 1960 then onto Craigbank . Now living in Newcastle ,miss Priesthill so much . wub.gif
Helen of Oz
I was just talking to Lorraine Love, seems she remembers me delivering the Evening Times on her street, I knew her brother Bernie, and our faithers worked together at Babcock and Wilcox in Renfrew. It's a small world after all. 28 Muirshiel Crescent was the flats I lived at, and left there in 1973 to Canada at the tender age of 17. Went to St. Roberts and Bellarmine. Crossmyloof ice rink, Parkheid and the Bundy were all favourite places. The Bennetts lived just up the street... can still remember that resounding "Ma big brother Malky's gonnae get yoo" .. but he never did obviously. Well not yet anyway. I still keep in touch with a few old school pals, and the Bellarmine reunion a few years ago was outstanding. All the best to the other Priesty survivors. I'll go see my Ma and Da, and get whatever Priesthill pictures they might still have.
Frank Roselli
Tori G
Hi Frankr I used tae live in Priesthill but went to Burnbrae and Craigbank left there in early 70's and my brother stephen also used to deliver the Times with me and my youger brother allan. Did you know one of the familys who lived right across from the Burnbrae, I think there was about 10 of them I think there name was Richards I went to school with Catherine?
Seems to be a while since you 'Priesty' lot sent in any further info or stories. So, I thought I might pen a wee bit. I used to hang about at the top end of Elliston Avenue and up the water tank (which is still there). When we felt daft enough, we used to go down the brickworks and build dens. "What I find difficult is to recall exactly where all the different streets were exactly" Does anyone have an old 'map' or street layout of Priesthill of old (1960's) so that some folks might better remember where they used to hang about!! Or is there a simple website that is accessible for such? cool.gif As I have said before, it has all changed with new hooses everywhere and nae mer flats (sorry - apartments). Keep smiling.
Sheena blue
Hi Geeza , or as my granny used to call them wee villages on stilts. I lived in Ravenscraig ,and I cannot place where Ellison Avenue was ,the names so familiar. I too played at the water tank, and the brickies. I was always getting told off for carrying bricks in my dress. hehe.
Hi there sheena blue...Nice to hear from you. (Guy at work told me about maps) - I found a map on the google page. It gives me a look at the streets we used to live in, but I still canny remember the layout of the streets i.e. what number hoose was where etc. so when someone says they lived at number so and so, I'm afraid I'm still a bit lost. I guess when you were wains you knew where your mates lived and didn'y need to know the number eh! Still, I mind the water tower and bricky well. Take care. Bi.Bi. dry.gif
hello.. i lived on hhwood...did u know the water tower has been demolished braught a tear to my looked great from my tenement on bon fires night wen the kids set a fire up inside it.........glaring away in the dark..........heres a wee pic of preeesty lol the houses have fair changed xxxxx( preesty blackneck..did u ever get called that as a kid)...well its still gettn used..................... i went to bellarmine aswell and thats gone too, gettn a shopping mall built on the grounds now...wonder if that will sink too just like the school? xxxxxxkaryn xx
Hi I'm trying to find the McFarlane family that lived in Priesthill in the 60's and 70's. They were twin girls Marie and i think Ann who were born in 1949. They attended Ballermine secondary.he parents were called Edward (he was a joiner) and Mary. They lived in Ravenscraig Drive in the 60's but by the 70's they had moved to Blackrock Terrace? or Black loch Terrace?. Can't make out writing properly, does anyone remember that address. I have checked on maps and it doesn't exist now but i know area was demolished and rebuilt. Thank you Estelle
helen from Eliston
QUOTE (Sheena blue @ 4th May 2005, 10:29 PM)
Hey Priesties , what a blast from the past. I lived at 4 Ravenscraig drive with my old granny Nene Campbell (with the wee dog in her shopping bag) My uncle was killed building the Kingston bridge , Jim Campbell. I am Sheena Campbell . I had a daughter to George Borland , they lived in the inshot, I went to Burnbrae from 1960 then onto Craigbank . Now living in Newcastle ,miss Priesthill so much . wub.gif

hi There,
I knew the Borelands my sister Meg Millar married Allan Woods, Bobby Borelands friend and his wife was Lucy O'brian from the Priesthill road..
Anyone know anything about Jean Crawford that lived around the corner from the O'Brian's..can remember the name of the street but just 2 houses up from the Priesthill Road, across from the church
Helen from Eliston
thanks to jimmyd i got a pic of st roberts chapel. peat road xxx the link i got the pic from said it was st bernards chapel but its st roberts , i dont know why theres a mix up on the names????
once again thanks to jimmyd wee have a pic of bellarmine sec b4 it got demolished cheers jimmy xxxx
In the name o the wee man ,would you auld Priesty's have a look at the price of rent !!!!! ha ha ha!!

Listing 1 flats to rent in Priesthill

Glasgow - Priesthill : Linnhead Avenue
Studio flat in ideal location for all public transport and amenities. The property comprises of lounge/bedroom, fitted kitchen and bathroom. The property benefits from door entry system

0 bedrooms

275 p/m biggrin.gif


From what I have seen on the net Kirsty the changes are massive ,but some say will be good for the area . biggrin.gif
i agree jimmyd. its the jobs the new shopping area will bring. it has to be a good thing.

kirsty smile.gif
changes so far are we have to get the tesco bus to barhead (bawheed) now... free of charge may i add.... as the shopping centre is almost gone now, do u remember the clock in the centre, i was going to ask for it so i could have a big momento , but it would never get in my front door... , its like something out a circus show with all the strange parts to it, i think someone stole it of the gypsies and thought we would like it.

Here you go you Pristies/ Hoosilwid/Pollok crowd who went to Bellarmine , I had this pic a few years ago but lost it .Thanks to Frank R in Canada (see previous post this thread ) he was able to provide this one for you.
Some memories here as well wink.gif
hi is nobudy interested in the old priesty
60s - 70
am a donnelly
am eddie
da joe
ma marther
do u now us
Where in Priesthill did you live? I knew most families because I worked in the Co-op at Priesthill Ave next to St Robert's and as there were only two shops the Co-op and Galbraiths most people wandered in eventually
I am a 40s 50s Priesty boy lived in Ravenscraig dr. Marydee I worked as a messenger boy in the Co-op in Househillwood Rd shops also worked in Frank Boyles butcher Houeshillwood Rd and Craigbank shops left Priesthill in 1961.Still have lots of family around the area , Dochertys and Griffins. Have often thought about getting a Nitshill ,Priesthill ,Househillwood ,Pollok site organised. biggrin.gif
Hi Jimmy, great idea i'll be in that. How are you?
Thought you would like to see my Birthday photo.
Right thats it Anne !!! ,am ower tae Perth noo , tae see that smashin looking dug haha biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
I grew up in Ravenscraig Drive, 110. When u came up the hill from the Priesthill shops we lived in what was called a T. Block looking on to Ravenscraig Terrace were Gerry the ice cream van used to sit. The people up my close were the Robins, the Mulhollands and the Kanes.
I was in the street last year and 110 consists of just one house now, but the hill with the bar running down it was still there intact. I used to play on those bars like a circus acrobat. The fields at the end of Ravenscraig were our playground and further on the bluebell woods near Carnwadric.
My first memory of Priesthill was when Mr Mulholland the aforementioned decorated his garden in red white and blue flowers for the coronation in 1953, hard to imagine street parties in Priesthill but it did happen, maybe others will remember it. Douglas's paper shop on the Priesthill road was were I bought my Bunty and Judy Comic every wee.
QUOTE (marydee @ 30th Nov 2006, 05:20 PM) *
Where in Priesthill did you live? I knew most families because I worked in the Co-op at Priesthill Ave next to St Robert's and as there were only two shops the Co-op and Galbraiths most people wandered in eventually

Margaret Quin here marydee, I lived in Ravenscraig Drive and As a teenager I once worked in the co-op that you mentioned when Mr Kennedy was the manager, i remember his daughter sat at a high desk at the door on a Sat. taking the milk money. Do you remember your divi. number ours was 52936.
God Margaret you are taking me back You must remember Jessie Ramsay, Anne O'Brien and Nan Duffy at the Co-op... they were in with the bricks. I remember Gerry's ice cream van and the hill to the shops especially covered in ice in the winter. I remeber the Mulhollands but I can't place you I also remeber the Lennies and Jessie Henderson and daughter Lily from Ravenscraig Place. If you lived in the T block you must remeber wee Greta Russell who lived in the T block opposite on the other side of the Place. She got the name of being a lady of the night although I don't think she was and she was always nice to me. She had wee skinny legs black tights and white shoes and wore bright red lipstick and dangly earings.
Elliston Avenue boy just doing some catching up here folks... Thanks for all the above posts, keeps popping memories in yer heed... happy.gif
wee sammy
Greta Russell i remember a Betty Russell she was a big hit with the boys if you know what i mean but me being a good boy refused the offer i used to live at the top of Priesthill Rd at the terminus
N0. 10 girl
QUOTE (Geezabrek @ 13th Apr 2007, 09:39 PM) *
Elliston Avenue boy just doing some catching up here folks... Thanks for all the above posts, keeps popping memories in yer heed... happy.gif

Hi Geezabrek Im an old Elliston Ave. Lass lived at No. 10. with the Blacks, Walkers, Consatines Keens, Campbells, Gallanaghs they moved into the Bells old flat. I had 4 brothers ring any bells?
Hi Guys,
New to this, going to try to post a couple of pictures. One of my brothers on the hill above the shops ( you can just see the bars that we played on in the background) and one of my sister and brother at the top of the few steps that down to the shops from Priesthill Rd. We lived at 99 Ravenscraig. wee murn
eddie mccallum
I notice in your profile you were born 1938, that makes you about the same age as my ma.
I wonder if you knew her she was from Muirsheil Crescent her name was Isa Baldwin, sisters
name was Ealanor and she had 2 brothers Gus and Jack Baldwin. My da was Eddie McCallum
from Ravenscraig. People I remember as their friends were Tam McCrimmon, Margaret McCulloch
Betty Kelly and Wullie&Delia Smith. I noticed in one of your very early posts you mentioned an Isobel McInness, well my ma's name was Isobel (Isa), and her mothers(my granny's) name was McInness.
Just seemed a coincidence.
My own name is Eddie McCallum and i was born 226 Muirshiel Crescent and later moved to Ravenscraig Drive, no.33.
I lived in Priesthill from 1957 until we left in 1969 so I had 12 good years there. I hope some of those names ring a bell.
sandra stevenson
hi there does anyone remember the grocer van that sat at shilton drive called malkys, do you remember the scandel about food for sex also does anyone remember the big house in nitsdale road on the corner of cleeves road and nitshill road we as kids thought it was haunted and had great fun in it
St Robert's Primary School - 'about' 1959? (Not sure of the year - guessing)....
(I am back row 7 from left)!!
QUOTE (sandra stevenson @ 27th Nov 2007, 05:04 PM) *
hi there does anyone remember the grocer van that sat at shilton drive called malkys, do you remember the scandel about food for sex also does anyone remember the big house in nitsdale road on the corner of cleeves road and nitshill road we as kids thought it was haunted and had great fun in it

I remember Malkys van but it wis jist recently I heard about the goings on. When I asked my sister about it she remembered one of our neighbours always hanging around an getting free stuff and she used to go to his house a lot rolleyes.gif

Can't say I remember the big house but Wee Rosie put this picture in the Gallery and it would have been just down the road, Cleeves road is down at the end to the right. The Levern Water Hotel wis built there but I heard it has been or will be pulled down.
Geeza luvly picture, you look like a wee cheeky angel tongue.gif
Looked at the picture fur ages tae see if a recognized anyone but can't say I do.
I think St Roberts used to give out free milk on Saturdays (can you remember if this is right)went once with my pal and got a wee bottle of warm milk, cream on top tongue.gif
Guest weebarra *
I lived in Corsford Drive from 1957 to 1972 and went to St Rabs and occassionally to Bellarmine.
Would like to hear from anyone from this area in particular and share memories of the burn, dams, Anyone remember the Mitchells, Todds, Langs, Loves from the drive, the McMahons from Muirshiel, the Burns from Ravenscraig and the McKeans from the inshot. Used to go to the auld brickies in cleeves road and have a wee bevvy in the Railway In, Cavendish and the Oak. Believe the only 1 left is the Nia Roo.
Tam Cook
My gran and granda Wullie and Jeanie McArthur used to live in Priesthill in the 50's and 60's. My mum wen tot Craigbank school Brenda McArthur, she had a sister Jean and 2 brothers Harry and Billy
I had family from Priesthill,the Prices,auntie anne & uncle mick,young mick,tommy, trisha and a few more I've forgot.Then there was Auldy who's Dad used to breed canaries/budgies oan Priesthill Rd.
Hello Weebarra,
I was born 226 Muirsheil Crescent in 1957 and went to St Rabs.
I was in the same class as Ann and Geraldine Lang, also in my class was Lorraine
Love. I remember Bernie Love from Bellarmine.
The other names you mentioned I cant recall but I do remember the Dams and the Brickies.
bluebell woods
I am in SHOCK !!!!I did not know there was a site like this one......I came upon it accidentally and have cancelled a night out so that I can read everything. I lived at no. 17 Priesthill Road, near the shops and also the stairs that led to Ravenscraig........I have lots of memories to talk about......I lived there from 1950 to 1970...went to st.Roberts and then to Holyrood which was in Govanhill...there was no catholic senior secondery school nearby at that time........hope someone can remember me........................Angelina Lombardi
wee sammy
Angelina i lived at no 9 i remember your father at New Year he would ring a bell and shout happy New Year lots of memories
bluebell woods
wee are spot on, he loved new was more important than Xmas......we always had a party in the close with all of the neighbours joining in, this would go on until the father would get a 'provie' line' for his carry out, I think it was for 5 pounds. He worked in Shanks in Barrhead and my mother used to go there on a Friday at lunch time to get his wages, or he would come home late from the pub, with nothing left !!!!! She was not the only wife who had to do this.....
glasgow lass
Hullo blue bells, this is definitely a super site,,,aha hope you have a great time reminiscing,Lass smile.gif
How the memories came flooding back................Priesthill was a magic place as far as I'm concerned.
I was brought up there. I lived in 18 Elliston Ave and went to Burnbrae Primary School.
I could easily get a' emotional just thinking about it.
I lived in Priesthill from the age of 5 till I was 15 and looking back now it was brilliant.
I wish I was 12 years old again just so I could run around the water tower and build a den from the grass that had just been cut. It might sound daft but thats what we done in those days..... I think kids were more "innocent" then. Too many 12yr olds now go out getting steamin drunk.
Every summer in Elliston Ave some of the mothers would organise a kinda theatre play round one of the back greens and all the kids would turn up to watch... it was great and I can still see all the kids who were friends of mine away back then.
Johnny Clarke, Derek McGroarty,Johnny McGroarty, the McAllisters, the Cargills, Frankie McDaniels, Eugene Gallaghner and wee George Black, there were loads more but too many to mention. The summers were great and I loved every minute of my time in Priesthill.
Its been 30 yrs since I left Craigbank Secondary School and this summer there is to be a school reunion in Glasgow city centre so if anyone wants to come along get in touch and I'll give you any info that might help. I'd love to meet some of the old folk from PRIESTY. lol

Robert Johnston.
bluebell woods
Hi again, I love reading all the stories everyone has to tell, and also they have the same memories. I stayed in Priesthill from the beginning when they were built I lived at 17 priesthill rd near the shops and the stairs leading to Ravenscraig.. the bus stop was at the bottom of the stairs. when I first started work At 15, I was in love with a boy who worked in Galloways, this was next to Douglas's. He looked so handsome in his white butchers jacket. I would go over to the shop every morning going to work and buy a quarter of roast pork, so that I could see him. I would then buy 2 rolls and take them to work for my piece. I could not eat roast pork for years after that lol....his name was Jim Conroy.......he was possibly a few years older than myself. I hope someone remembers me
we lived in the bottom flat and as this was the beginning of the building we had a porthole in the living room as well as the kitchen. there was a large boiler for washing clothes under the porthole in the kitchen. our carpets were not fitted and as we were in the grould floor we had stone floors, my mother would buy 'RED CARDINAL POLISH' and put it on the stone floor surounding the carpets, she would then buff it up and it would look quite, it was a good long time after that before we had linoleum. The families that lived there at that time were the Farrells, the Burgess's ,The Postlewaites, the Hainings, the Quinns, the Embletons, and ourselves the Lombardi's...our neighbours were wonderful, they were all there for each other. nobody had much but they were happy and were willing to help in any way they could.
Hi bluebell, yeel spend hours going through the memories have fun. I lived on Ravenscraig just up the back from you, sorry can't say I remember you. I was born in Priesthill and lived there until I was 12.

I remember Christina Quinn, have been in touch with her a few times she now lives in Australia. Also remember the Hainings, we used to always fight with them rolleyes.gif

Few of the names in our close, Carvells, Mckinnes, Browns, Greenans, Hoods and us The Martins wink.gif
We used to jump the midden dykes from our back down to the backs on Priesthill road canny believe none of us got killed.

Have fun and will talk to you later.
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