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Please post your memories of this Glasgow district here...Hamiltonhill

Were you born here? Did you grow up here?
Did you visit your aunt here? ...or your children?
Was your first home here? Were your children born here?
Did you shop here? Was your favourite cinema here?
Did you go to church here? Was your favourite pub here?
Did you 'romance' here? Did you go to school here?
Do you have a photograph from here?

Come on let us know and immortalise your memories here...Hamiltonhill

maggie wilkie
i was born here
I lived in 35 Auckland St when I first got married 1963 to 1965 but used to go about with a few mates and girls before that.
My family lived at 22 Hamiltonhill rd when I was born in 1955. Lived at 261 Stoneyhurst st from 1964 to 1973.
My Granny Curran lived at 35 Hamhilltonhill Road in the low down house to the left . I remember the house well. We used to go up Possil Road till we reached the stairs, then walked up them straight into the road where Gran lived.
Marion Niven Dougan
Ma Aunt Jenny Divers lived there, canny mind the st though. I lived at the Mosshouse jist doon the hill fae Hamiltonhill. A think ma Granny Drummond hud family there Mc Killops???
My Auntie lived there can't remember the St but it was facing the swing park .
I think it was a four in the block house names were McPhee. Isa&John children Agnes and John. Lost touch with them. always had lots of fun when we went to visit.
my best pal in surrey came from hamiltonhill and her brother was the only boy he died last year and his name was terry and his sisters still live there the mammy lost her husband and he was 42 it was verry sad murphy was the name
maggie wilkie
i was born 1952 in bonhill st went to saracen school then on to possilpark secondary,found some school pics last week of classes from secondary at the mitchell library ,one of myself too ,getting a copy lol,i know the name divers im sure there was a woman that name in bonhill st but was long time ago
maggie wilkie
hy again just rmebered something else
,did mrs divers live 11 or 13 bonhill st one up on right,
very trusting old soul ,was shame what happened to her
Marion Niven Dougan
Hi Maggie, I am not sure where she lived, Bonhill st. rings a bell.You said it was shame what happened to her. I knew she passed away, but do not know what happened to her
audrey steadman
My mother Gayda Bond lived at 56 Hamiltonhill Steps, Possil Park, does anyone remember her?? she lived there with her grandfather William Bond and her brother Billy Bond, there was a few Bonds living in and around this area and Stobcross Street. Gayda's mum was Margaret Bond and she was a dancer.
Can anyone help me with some information. I am researching my family tree on my mothers side. Her name is Gayda Margaret (nee BOND). She used to live at 56 Hamiltonhill Steps, Possil Park with her grandfather William Bond. They were quite a large family William had eight children, but he brought my mum up. One of Williams daughters was called Margaret Phylis Bond and she would be my grandmother, she was a dancer and i believe danced in Edinburgh before leaving for LOndon.

Can anyone help me, if so please email me at

Many thanks
hi maggie if you go to possil sight you will find photos of both schools i went to them as well you will find flam has put them there cheers john watson

A lot of the old tenements in Hammy hill are fast disappearing.
This is a view of the shops.
my pal helen murphy who am on my holidays is from hamilton hill there was a big tribe of weans her ma cathy worked in a bakers and her da died very young we are having a great time helen looks great a will put a pic up when a get home as am still cruising on the bay of buisque bolk not me laugh.gif
I Was Born And Brought Up In Hamiltonhill, I Knew Mr & Mrs Divers They Lived Above My Gran In The Same Close.
Here Is A Funny Thing About That Close... It Was The Last To Get The Cladding On The Front Of It.
There Was A Mad Woman With Lots Of Animals In Her House, Who Lived 1 Up Would Chase The Guys Doing It lol.
Great Times There Just A Pity GHA Had To Turn It Into The Jungle Part 2.
a wee photo of hamilton hill
Marion Healy
QUOTE (Marion Niven Dougan @ 23rd Apr 2007, 02:03pm) *
Ma Aunt Jenny Divers lived there, canny mind the st though. I lived at the Mosshouse jist doon the hill fae Hamiltonhill. A think ma Granny Drummond hud family there Mc Killops???

Hi, I was born up 40 Bonhill Street. My mother was very friendly with Jenny. Jenny had 2 daughters, Fanny and Mary. Fanny had a son David and lived I think in Caldarvan Street, at the top. Mary was pals with my sister babs. Mary's boyfriend lodged for a while with my granny Mac who lived one up at 15. Jenny, her husband and the girls lived next close to my granny so that would be no.13 I think.

I think Mary married the boyfriend who lodged with my granny but I can't remember his name now. Mary was a fun loving person and I can still hear her unique laugh, memories memories. Hope this helps. Are you in America now?
HIYA i lived in hamiltonhill @ 57 Auckland Street throughout the 80s i moved in with my inlaws and forgot to leave they were the DAVIDSONs MAY and ANDY i married theyre daughter MARY 3 of our sons were born while we were there they are JOSEPH Jnr CHRIS @ ANDREW we moved to CARBETH STwhere our 4th son THOMAS was born everyone called him FANG then moved to ARDOCH ST after a few years we moved to IRVINE where we remain to this day if anyone knows us give us a shout hope to hear from yous soon JOE HEREs TAE US WHAs LIKE US GIE FEW AN THEYRE A DEID
hi all I lived in Denham st No 23 pat scott is the name I remember the shaws and the grimes the browns the bennetts and the fitzgeralds and the boyles who lived up the same close. I was up there in april the shock of seeing what it looks like now nearly brought me to tears. the swing park where we had many happy hours spent playing football it's a complete nightmare everything is opposite from what it was, the railings are still there we use to walk on them all the way round. I went to st cuthies. I lived in hamiltonhill 1951 till about 1963 then went living in killearn st possilpark
I went to Saracen in the late 60. We lived at 2 Aukland Street.

We came back from Canada, there was lots of us living there, my brother Joe, Harry, Jack, Terry and me Deborah Mc Goldrick and my cousins Clifford, Elizabeth and Jaqueline Stirling.

I know it sounds like a lot for todays standard, but we lived well.
On vacation I went back home. We stayed at my aunties house in Hamiltonhill.

I remember one night we were taking a taxi for in town to Glasgow
we gave him the address, he said "oh the posh side of Possil".
I am looking for my mothers family who lived in Hamiltonhill in the late 40's and 50's their name was Nutt who was my mothers cousin any information would be great to recieve
QUOTE (Dissy @ 13th Apr 2016, 10:37am) *
I am looking for my mothers family who lived in Hamiltonhill in the late 40's and 50's their name was Nutt who was my mothers cousin any information would be great to recieve
I have just been informed NUTT family stayed in Appleby Street
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