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Full Version: Red Road High Wire Act
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An acclaimed French artist by the name of Didier Pasquette, is to perform a daring high wire act by walking a tightrope between three block of the Red Road flats in the north of the city. The circus performer will be working for theatre company Artangel, one of the country's leading exponents of novel art experiences.

A spokesman for Artangel said:
"High Wire will offer an indelible experience for the residents of the estate and inhabitants of Glasgow as a whole. Artangel commissions and produces exceptional projects by living artists. These are the kinds of projects that shift expectations and generate excitement wherever they take place."

The daring Frenchman will capture the scene in June this year from his viewpoint, courtesy of a small camera strapped to his forehead.

The theatre spokesman added:
The spokesman said: "The high wire walker strives to make his audience forget the dangers, to lure it away from thoughts of death by the beauty of what he does on the wire itself. His job is to create a sensation of limitless freedom"

The daredevil has performed similar stunts at the River Thames and the Stade de France in Paris.

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Guest Jimmuck *
Och the rent dodgers urr dae'in 'high wire flits' aw'rra time up therr so thae urr. He better noa turn his back oan his 'wire' furr copper is fetchin a rerr price th'noo so it is, LoL!
laugh.gif laugh.gif
Iam not so sure there wont be a follow up of teens trying tae dae daft things in the light of this highwire act seems the young cin be influenced by a lotta stuff thats dangerous so am hoping naewan ends up copy catting the professional eh. laugh.gif
Should make it compulsory for neds and wee joabbies to do this act, withoot a safety net!

laugh.gif laugh.gif Noo that is funny Rabbie hahaha
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