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Full Version: The Scottish Rugby Team
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My heart goes out to the players of the Scottish Rugby Team. What an utter humiliation. wub.gif
I was gutted at Saturday's game and result, and I have to say for the first time in my life I wished -just for a wee while- that I wasn't Scotland's number 1 fan - because I knew the stick I'd get today at work... and sure enough, it came thick and fast.

But slowly.... my annoyance gave way to a feeling of deep compassion for those poor guys who have to front up again publicly for their next game. This is not going to be easy!!
We Scots all need to get in behind them and be true supporters.
AH well, our Bravehearts finished with the wooden spoon.... wacko.gif
Next time maybe.....
Congrats to France.
penny dainty
Sorry to have to say they are pretty consistant sad.gif
Ah love watchin' rugby an cannae wait for the world cup tae start! biggrin.gif
Scots Kiwi Lass
Me too, Georgia! I have tickets booked to see the All Blacks playing Scotland on 23 September at Murrayfield. I've never been there but am so looking forward to soaking up the atmosphere. I am planning a 5-week holiday in the UK, all worked out so that I can watch the World Cup, though I will only be seeing the other games on TV.

By the way I have been in contact with MMJ, who started this post off, and we met up recently when I visited Auckland. She is an Auckland Blues supporter and I am a red hot Canterbury Crusaders fan but we get on just fine, especially when our favourites are wearing the black jerseys! We hope to meet up in either Edinburgh or Glasgow.

Roll on September!
Scotland's rugby team are in the process of rebuilding, hang in there and have patience with the lads.
They could not be any worse than the woeful Australian side who only managed to scrape home in the last seconds to a second string Welsh side.
Can't see any team beating the awesome All Blacks except mind you for South Africans who are also building a good strong team. wink.gif
Raising the Saltire
Scots Kiwi Lass
It would be interesting to see Scotland playing the Aussies right now, especially at Murrayfield. I agree that our Anzac partners are woeful at the present time!

The All Blacks play France on Saturday night (NZ time). I will be watching the game but nobody is expecting a great game. As there are still competition games being played in France, most of the players they sent are second or third string. Mind you, the All Blacks have learned not to take any team for granted as they have been caught out before. (At least I hope they have learned).

We also have the Tri Nations coming up, between Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. As you rightly said, Mitchell, SA are becoming a real power and will surely provide some great entertainment. The All Blacks are just great but they are not infallible. I don't mind if they lose the Tri Nations or the Bledisloe this year as long as they bring back the World Cup to New Zealand. It has been a long time since the last one.
Guest MMJ *
Yea, but the difference between the woeful teams is that the Aussies won't stay woeful - and when they're on the up they're at their most dangerous!

And don't worry - I'm a loyal wee Scot, I'll have a silver fern on one side and a thistle on the other when I get to Murrayfield and I'll be singing both anthems lustily (Pity the poor sods sitting next to me! LOL)

But nothing can beat the haka.... sends shivers up my spine every time!

Yea, the Tri Nations is not as important this year... more like a warm up! The huge score last night against France was tempered with the loss of big Ali Williams with a broken jaw... not good.

Looking forward to seeing you in Edinburgh, Scots Kiwi Lass - anyone else who wants to join in, get in touch!

(My tickets arrived - you got yours?)
Scots Kiwi Lass
Kia Ora, Margaret

Poor old Ali, I hear he might not even make the World Cup! (I heard a rumour he may come to the Crusaders next year and bearing in mind his problems with Nucifora this could be true). There's a different kind of discipline at Jade and it could be making of him. There's no sign of my tickets yet - maybe I should check it out. Did they come by courier?

I agree with your comment about the Aussies but I don't think they have the goods to win this Cup. I also think they will get a heavy defeat from SA on Saturday night.

Hi there Scots Kiwis!
Sorry to say but this Australian side are the worst they have picked in a long time.
They seem to be having a lot of internal problems at the moment.
We shall find out tonight when the play South Africa in Cape Town. happy.gif
Scots Kiwi Lass
Hi Mitchell

Nice to hear from a Scots Australian (?). I didn't see Saturday's game in South Africa but from highlights it looked as if South Africa did not find it as easy as they thought. With a bit of luck, the Aussies could have held on for the win. That's rugby though and if it is close there's always the chance of getting pipped at the post.

Having watched many games between the ABs and Australia, I have always felt nervous about the outcome and I know that you can never rule out the Aussies, right to the final whistle. There are a couple of Aussie players I admire - the best being Stirling Mortlock. He is a real warrior and brushes off injuries like flies and plays till the bitter end. I also like Latham and Larkham and despite not liking Gregan's attitude at times, he has been a great ambassador for his country and is playing well again despite a lot of criticism.

I am not sure at this stage when we play each other in the Tri-Nations but I think it is at Eden Park, maybe the weekend after next. Whatever happens, I hope there are no major injuries so close to the World Cup.

Are you going to any of the World Cup games? I can hardly wait for Murrayfield.

Hi SKL, it was not a very exciting game too watch. It was more like the old Garryowen game.
The Proteas lost their captain very early on in the game,and that in my opinion was the difference to the S.A team.
I do not think that the All Blacks have anything too worry about in the Tri Nations or World cup or even the annual home cup.
Get your money on them now. wink.gif
Sorry wont be at Murryfield ,will watch in the comfort of the lounge room.
Edinburgh would have to go down as the best city in the world after a rugby game.
The pubs in Rose street are brilliant.
Hi all... well after saying the Tri Nations wasn't as important this year, I have to say it's a GREAT feeling for the All Blacks to have beaten South Africa in Durban... never an easy task and it proves the benefits of the reconditioning idea, when you compare the fitness levels at the end of the game.
Yes, SKL, think Ali going south will probably be on the cards especially with Nucifora getting a 2 year contract... wonder what Joe Rokocoko will do... (but we're keepin' Dougie!!) ... silly man Nucifora, doesn't understand how to work with these guys...
Richie was brilliant in the test match, and the Wellington boys too... we have tickets for the game at Eden Park against Aussie.... and yea, no matter what their form is like early season, I'd NEVER write off the Aussies...
I have my tickets for Murrayfield, they came by courier a couole of weeks ago, but have not yet got the tickets for the game in Toulouse....
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