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Does anyone listen/watch Alan Rough and Ewan Cameron on the Real Radio phone in ,living down here in England it keeps me in touch with all thats going on in the football scene as well as being very informative its DEAD FUNNY biggrin.gif
I used to listen to it, but it stopped broadcasting overseas, so now I cant get it.
It was good to listening. I get Clyde 1 which is good, even that doesnt broadcast overseas, but I was given a link by a fitba fan for abroad listening.
Wonder if there is a link for real radio?
hi hubert try this link
hope it works
Thanks Matt, I already had the link, but it says not available to listeners outside the united kingdom.
Am I am sure it can be done, but I dont know how yet? dry.gif
Hubert i've got a thingy/ its an Wi-fi internet radio that allows me to listen to radio stations all over the world don't know if its the sort of thing that you would want to buy but might be worth inquiring about. it might let you pick it up that way. sorry the link didn.t work anything to help a fellow tic supporter
Matt I have hunners of fitba stuff with the PC and extra TV I subscribe to, Clyde1 I use if I am on the PC at that time, I sometimes watch Celtic games on the PC, and last night on TV watched the Hibs game.
Fitba life has changed remakedly for me since I took early retirement in 2000, I remember in San Diego buying a shortwave radio at Radio Shack in 1971, so I could get halftime and fulltime scores, changed days, I still have that radio, but never use it.
Hope to watch the Aberdeen game live Saturday. Hail Hail
i love real radio and the phone in hilarious
Hi marina its great watching it now as i write this post
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