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Full Version: Rbs 6 Nations 2007
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Snow to both the north and south of the capital.The wind whistling in from the North Sea bringing sleet.This ancient city shivered today but nothing on this earth could have dampened my spirits-My first weekend in Edinburgh this year and I was on a mental high….who needs drugs or booze when sport and pride in your country can take you to highs like this.
Edinburgh was buzzing today at our first home international of the RBS 6 Nations 2007.Wales is always welcome as their supporters are brilliant. 20,000 of them packed the city today….dressed well a bit oddly! Loads of Welsh women support rugby…much more than Scottish Women..Welsh woman are rugby daft but loads were in wee skirts and skinny rugby tops…nice yeh ! but no practical…I was wearing thermals and 5 layers and every extremity was covered and I was still cold.A was gonna wear my kilt but took one look at the weather and thought ..stuff that!
We went to my Grans for a pre game brunch. always awesome and then hit Rose Street just to soak up the atmosphere and to let my Dad and my uncles have a quick drink to ward off the cold…it was pure magic, the place was heaving with people. No hassle or grief, everybody was just having a laugh and out to Murrayfield for a 3.30 kick off with the Princess Royal doing Scottish Rugby proud
Donno what she was doing cos we were sitting near her but am sure she had an earphone in….lol
Not a great game, dead scrappy but Scotland did what they had to do to keep the flame alive and we won because of Chris Paterson and his penalties, but hey we won.
I love the 6 nations, the Welsh supporters were magic today and every nation that participates brings its own traditions and great support. We go on to meet the Italians in 2 weeks at Murrayfield, Ireland 2 weeks later at Murrayfield and finish up at the Stadt in Paris…am still working on going to that game….kilt a must that day….French lassies go weak at the knees when they see a guy in a kilt…..A must admit a was horrified at some of the kilts on show in Edinburgh today…mostly older guys and they were way too short…my granddad always told me, kneel down and it should brush the ground and that’s the way I will always wear it…saw some today and they looked like mini kilts….gross!
Welsh lassies on their way to Murrayfield.
Scots Kiwi Lass
Hi Ross

Great to hear the result of the Scotland/Wales game and it sounds like you had a terrific time at the weekend. Hope the Scots can keep it up. The weather was obviously pretty severe and I hope it is a bit milder on 23 September when I will be there!

In Wales, rugby seems to be the national game, from what I can gather. My daughter, who is a kiwi and lives in London, always gets a huge welcome when she travels to Wales to support the AB's. In New Zealand, as you probably know, rugby is the national sport, so Wales and NZ are very similar in this regard. There are a lot of women who support rugby in NZ too, and loads of children go to the games - it is very family oriented and reasonably priced at Jade Stadium, Christchurch, my local rugby ground. There is a "take a kid to footy" deal where children are admitted free, along with an adult. They also get a bag of goodies and a can of drink provided. The atmosphere can be a bit rowdy and the language colourful at times, but patrons are usually well behaved.

After the Six-Nations and the South Africa/New Zealand/Australia Tri-Series, it will be the countdown to the World Cup. Can't wait.

February and September...well different in Scotland.A love winter here,you just dress differently for it.Am used to cold weather cos every second or third weekend am in Berlin and its way colder there so you just wrap on layers and the cold is no problem.
The rugby this weekend was awsome,not a great game but the atmosphere in the city was can get tickets for Italy for £20 cos its not a mega game but todays game and Irelands game are expensive...,Murrayfield puts on a great show with the fireworks and the gun blasting off.......You will feel the Scottish bit in you tugging at your heartstrings no matter how Kiwi you kiwi cousins are reduced to wrecks at Murrayfield cos the emotions are so highly charged....a love when that happens to them .
The 6 nations goes on now,might come over for the Italian Game but will def be in town when Ireland come calling....during a walk about in the old town today I took this Scots so if you can guess where I will buy you a smoothie come September...sums up my feelings today.
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