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Scots Kiwi Lass.... yer awfy quiet about last week's game at Eden Park! LOL.... it was BRILLIANT. BLUES 34 CRUSADERS 25.
Talked to Dougie (and some others) at the end of the game, told him we were going to Murrayfield. While I was talking to him my cell phone rang , and my ringtone is "Flower of Scotland" - he recognised it right away. Clever lad..
Hope all is well with you... and better luck this week !! At the end of the day we're all on the same side really....

An' I'm GUTTED at that six nations opener for Scotland sad.gif
Scots Kiwi Lass
Thanks for the wee reminder, MMJ, even if it is just so you can skite!

Och, we never worry about losing the first 2 or 3 games, in fact it has become a habit - it won't stop us getting to the final!! Robbie Deans has already sorted out all the problems and I am sure we will send the Queensland Reds packing this Saturday. I think that being without our All Blacks is not necessarily a bad thing as it is giving the younger players a big opportunity to show us their skills and gain some experience in the big time.

Dougie had a good game on Friday and the Blues looked great, even Troy Flavell, who is not my favourite player. No comment on his yellow card. It looks like the IRB has given referees instructions to be a bit tougher this year as there were plenty of yellow cards. But ....... wasn't Steve Devine a bit lucky?

Yes, I was disappointed too that Scotland lost to England but then they did have Jonny Wilkinson back. He’s a match winner but not a patch on D.C. of course but then who is????

Will try to get a reply to your PM later tomorrow. Who are the Blues playing this weekend?
lol... well it's good to skite... I want to be able to skite all season.
The Blues are playing the BRumbies this weekend, in Australia... I've picked the Blues to win (of course) .
The yellow card was a weird thing for sure - I think it was as much Troy's reputation that got him sent off and Stevie not.
Anyway, good luck this week....we want all our NZ teams to do well, even without some of the ABs !!
Isn't it hot!!!! Well it is here - I don't like this humid weather, I wish they'd change the summer holidays till now instead of during the rainy season!
Talk soon,
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