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Full Version: Glasgow Loses Super Casino Bid
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Betting organisations throughout the country have stopped taking bets on the proposed location of the one national Super Casino in the UK. The Casino Advisory Panel is due to release its decision to the government and the public on Tuesday, 30th January 2007, but according to the bookies, the event is now a non-starter. The Millennium Dome in Greenwich was the odds-on favourite according to the bookies, until earlier this week when a large number of very high value bets were placed on Blackpool, which forced the bookies to shorten their odds on the holiday resort immediately to 8/11 odds-on. Shortly thereafter the book was closed and bookies will no longer accept bets on the long-awaited decision.

Either way for Glasgow, once the clear second-favourite, it is a very strong indication from the gambling industry itself, that the new Super Casino, with its accompanying economic boom and thousands of jobs (as well as, some say, huge social problems) will not now be heading to our city.

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Oh thats too bad. I realise many people were against it but it would have brought an awful lot of revenue to Glasgow .
Glasgow can do without the problems which gambling can present
According to the latest news from the Evening Times (front page stuff!) in this area, Glasgow will get a 'Super Casino' anyway in nine months time, even though Glasgow has lost, because Gordon Brown wants it that way and Tony Blair doesn't! The thinking goes that once Tony has stepped aside, Gordon will step in and deliver the goods - only reported in the ET though, nowhere else, so you have to wonder...

This would only benefit the bookies and I believe Mr David Murray and the like. Look around the Glasgow Area and see the downfall of many and many people due to Gambling and Drugs. We can do without it thank you the kind of jobs they are talking about.
I have mixed feelings about this Super Casino. It may be good for bringing more jobs to Glasgow, but it is bad for those who gamble and will just encourage others to gamble all the more.

I have been in Atlantic City a few times and it is amazing how fast the money goes just playing the slots. I don't play the Table's as I know nothing about them and I am not interested in learning.
I limit myself to $10 then go strolling on the boardwalk. A gambler I am not.
Personally I'm pleased that this Casino may be non-starter. I don't imagine that the jobs it would have produced would be well paid and the misery it could cause to many others is immeasurable.
Well done in predicting Glasgow wouldn't win, but who would have thought Manchester? Not many, to be sure.

So what has Glasgow City Council to say about this failure? Manchester's bid was successful because of their council's wise decision on fully and openly consulting all interested local parties - why did our council not do this?
I am pleased as well, as the Glasgow bid was ill-conceived and badly managed by both the developers and the council (who are now blaming the Scottish executive for their failure because they did not 'properly' support the bid). I do feel a bit sorry for Blackpool though, as they were truly depending on their bid being successful, and I think - with their history as a major tourist venue and established infrastructure - they were well-placed to make a success of the project.
biggrin.gif Happy news there eh Glad Glasgows safe for the probable 9mths biggrin.gif
why can they all not have a super casino as britain is becoming a big gambling nation in my opinion lottery they got greedy that would have been better with the one not 2 etc
Please, God, don't let there be a super-casino in Glasgow! My dad was a gambler and I've lived through the misery gambling brings. I loved my dad so much, but always wondered why Mum had to borrow money from Gran to buy our food, because Dad had a well-paid job. We got threatening phone calls, too, from the Nasties he owed money to and, many's the time we were scared by Bad Men coming to the door looking for him.

A jubilant press release from the Glasgow Libdems:

Joy at 'Super Casino' rejection
12.00.00am UTC (GMT +0000) Sat 10th Feb 2007

Its not often that the Lib Dems welcome failure, but Greater Glasgow Liberal Democrats were in buoyant mood after Tessa Jowell announced that Manchester had been the surprise choice to host the one and only 'super casino' in the UK.

Glasgow had been tipped as a strong contender along with the Millennium dome and Blackpool as a possible site, but strong work by the Liberal Democrats - in particular Clr Mary Paris, Lib Dem councillor for Kelvindale - is considered to have been vital in ensuring that Glasgow City Council's bid did not succeed

Clr Paris made a strong presentation to The Casino Advisory Panel visiting Glasgow despite the fact that she was given little notice prior to making her presentation - good to see the Council is encouraging an 'open' debate about this controversial issue!

In addition, although the Labour Party supported the bid the executive refused to endorse the bid- much to the consternation of the Glasgow Labour Party.

Despite all of this and the obvious desire of Council Leader Steven Purcell and Labour to encourage a super casino, the inability of the Labour administration to demonstrate any public support for the Super Casino was crucial - a point made forcibly by Liberal Democrat Councillor Mary Paris in her submission to the Panel.

Secrecy of decision-making, lack of consultation - this surprises no-one.

There is, therefore, a clear difference between the Labour party and the Liberal Democrats on this issue at the elections in May.

If you do not want a super casino in Glasgow in the future - vote for the Liberal Democrats.

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