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Full Version: The Ashes
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Well did not take long for the Aussies to regain the Ashes ,15 months is all it took .. Yeah !!!! Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi !!!.
This team is awesome ,the depth of talent and fighting spirit,and character of the team is 2nd to none . Love him or hate him ,you just can't deny the genius of Shane Warne . Talk about "send him homeward to think again " could have been written for Australian cricket team . I know, I know ,lot of you will be saying whits cricket ," a religion mate ,thats what cricket is in Oz"
Well done to the Aussies !!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Congratulations Aussies, good on you beating the Englanders!!! tongue.gif tongue.gif
I have really enjoyed the cricket, poor Poms they are certainly a second rate side compared to the Aussies.

Jimmyd there is a program on Foxtel/Austar where an Aussie has been following the Barmy Army around makes for very interesting viewing they seem like a good crowd very entertaining. Jimmy Saville (Top of the Pops) is following the Barmy Army around. If you haven't been watching it, it is certainly worth a look at.

I have friends who are now trying to selling their tickets for the Boxing Day test, but I still think it will be worth watching.
Jimmy, ah hate cricket...normally....bores me tae death, but that's cause ah've only ever watched England....ah happent tae catch the replay of Gilchrist batting the other mornin and ah have tae say ah wis well impressed....s'no as borin as ah thought if the team knows how tae play.... biggrin.gif
Och ah know what you mean Java .I used to think it was the most boring game ,but used to watch with my son when he was about 10 yrs old , cause we were like that went to all the sports, he actually taught me the rules and I became very interested. Yes that Gilchrist bat was awesome ,he only knows how to play one way ,gets out a lot but never boring to watch. If you get the chance watch the one day games they are very good.
Weesmasher I don't have cable ,wish I did mind you ,I think teh Boxing day game could be a cracker ,pressures off both teams. wink.gif
Scots Kiwi Lass
I watched the start of the final day today and thought England were going to make a game of it but it was not to be. Much as I hate to say it, the Aussies are a mile better than any other nation playing cricket (a bit like the All Blacks are to rugby!!).

What I have noticed is that any tests played in England or Australia always get a big turnout of spectators. Not so here in New Zealand. Today was the 4th day of the 5-day test between NZ and Sri Lanka. NZ collapsed as they often do but what a disappointing crowd. Spectators were few and far between and seemed to be mostly Sri Lankan fans! One-day games are more popular here but are often spoiled as drunken yobs make the games unsuitable for decent law-abiding sports fans, especially with young children.

I enjoy a good game of cricket, whether it be NZ, England, Australia or any other team playing, as long as they are competitive.
Congratulations to our Aussie's.

You didn't lose the Ashes for long, but nice to see you regain them.

I'm afraid it would be fair to say that the England side just didn't appear to be ready, and I don't think their fitness was what it should have been.

Well done Australia!
Aye Carmella ,was very obvious the Aussies were the masters !!!! wink.gif wink.gif
I've been wondering. Will the Australian team now be awarded MBE's in the New Years Honours?. I'm not holding my breath!. cool.gif
I would say no Rab , as Aust now has it's on awards , they may get a gong in Australia Day Honours List , wee Johnnie Howard PM is a mad keen cricket man. Personally I don't agree with these highly paid sports stars getting awards , heck look at that Rugby coach ,getting a Knighthood for winning a world cup !!! What has he done for the good of the British people since. Zip !!!!
biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Jimmyd. I dont agree either with most of the 'honours' dished out to all and sundry. A mockery has been made of the entire system. I was pondering on the likelihood, following the hysteria in England last year when the Ashes came home and they were all feted at the Palace. A ridiculous precedent was set. If its good enough for one team to win the Ashes and receive an honour .......?.
Would Scotlands or Wales coaches have been given a Knighthood if they had won world cup ,I very much doubt it. biggrin.gif
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