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Full Version: Scotland Vs All Blacks 2007
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Scots Kiwi Lass
Finally, I was able to get hold of two tickets for the World Cup game on 23 September next year and I couldn't be happier.

Ross, you may remember me when I was registered as "Ballindalloch" - sorry to say I am a red hot All Blacks fan, though born and bred in Glasgow. Probably comes with living in NZ for 43 years.

Had a change in circumstances and was "off the Internet" for several months, then found out that I had to start all over again on GG. Have missed reading all the messages from Glaswegians everywhere. My daughter and I will travel from London to Edinburgh on 23 September, then go by rental car through to Glasgow for 4-5 days. Gail said it will be hilarious to see me in All Blacks regalia, with tattoos on my face, speaking with a Scottish accent. I think the atmosphere at Murrayfield will be wonderful and I am so looking forward to it. I have never been there, having been a football fan when I lived in Glasgow - Ibrox, Hampden Park, Celtic Park, etc. were more in my line then.

Sorry to say I didn't see the Scotland/Australia game and even more sorry that they lost heavily to kiwis' arch enemy, Australia. I only saw highlights on the news and that was only the Aussies' tries. I thoroughly enjoyed the All Blacks games in England, France and Wales and was very proud of our boys.

Best wishes to all.
Mahn Kiwi that will be an awesome day for you, just walking down to Murrayfield on an international day…..the atmosphere is just pure magic and even if your face is painted in Kiwi black nobody will be bothered. we kinda like the Kiwi’s sometimes.
Last weekends game was awesome, even though we got trashed…place was full of healthy Aussie lassies all painted…including one that I know but she was made to sit like miles away from us…….just as well cos Scots guys don’t cry and I was having a tough time in the second half, I was well gutted….a just expected more from the guys! but we learn from our mistakes and will get better and there is all to play for in 2007,England is in melt down so the 6 nations will be awesome I think and the RWC 2007….Well its always possible.
Have you never been home in 43 years,mahn that’s a double lifetime… you still have a Scottish accent after all these years in Kiwi land…my dad thinks people in the South Island sound more Scottish…I hope you have a great time here doing stuff and just enjoying Scotland…..have you got places you want to go?
My Kiwi cousins like places like St Andrews and they took me to Rosslyn way before the Da Vinci was popular and they always wanna go to Stirling….its so old Scotland with the castle and they love the William Wallace monument and they like places like Iona and Mull.
Murrayfield will be the most awesome day for you though, every time am there it just tugs at the emotions…what it would be like for a Scot not supporting Scotland..I can’t imagine what that would feel like.
Scots Kiwi Lass
Hi Ross

I agree with you that the atmosphere at Murrayfield will be brilliant. About 5 ot 6 years ago I saw the ABs playing Scotland in Dunedin and had a great time. There were many Scots there, painted up with the St Andrew's flag on their faces and a lot of tartan everywhere.

Yes, I was surprised too that Scotland didn't do better against the Aussies as they have been pretty pathetic lately. However, from past experience, you can never write the Aussies off and they never give up until the final whistle, whatever sport they play in. I will be following the 6-Nations with interest again this year. Maybe it's Scotland's time? I thought they looked really good when they played the All Blacks last year.

I have been back to Scotland only four times since I left in 1963, the first trip being in 1988. I visited Glasgow briefly last year but sorry to say I didn't see much of it. The rain was bucketing down on one of the days, and that was in July! This time my daughter will be with me and will do the driving, with me telling her where to go.

My accent hasn't changed all that much in 43 years, only I had to learn to speak a lot slower. In my experience, Scots don't usually lose their accents, and only then if they really want to.

One of the places we intend to visit is Stirling. It is probably 50+ years since I was there. Also, I plan to visit a whisky distillery - maybe you could suggest a good one to see. We will possibly visit St Andrews - I would really like that. How far would you say it is from Glasgow or Edinburgh? I'm not sure I know anything about Rosslyn, or even where it is - sorry. Is it worth a visit?

You are lucky to be in the rugby season - we have nothing now until the Super 14's get going in February and I have withdrawal symptoms already! My team, the Crusaders, will be without Richie McCaw, Daniel Carter and a few others for the first seven weeks as they are being rested and "conditioned" in preparation for the World Cup.

I will post you loads of links to places but just remember these are places I have been and like...not everybody likes what I like.
Ive been some places with my cousins....not all kiwis and sometimes they were like wow...other times ...oh jeez not another castle.....I have places I love to go back to and am like overwhelmed by the history.....Edinburgh/St Andrews/Stirling other places are more like my family history....I guess you know about your previous name,Ballindalloch,home of the Macpherson-Grants and a Speyside one I know is only 20 min from Glasgow at Glengoyne....its well beautiful and they do tours and stuff so that will be my first link


next has to be St Andrews,you must go here,its awsome,read up on its history about Mary De Guise and Beaton and then golf....tell any golfer in the world you have walked the old course and they will fall at your feet...the old course is closed on a Sunday and you can walk it for free....just take pictures to prove it,right in front of the world famous club house...I played it once with my grandad and once in sept or oct when the Dunhill was on we were crossing the old course...pedestrians rule here we met a pal of my dads and he was a caddy and his golfer was Sean we had a quick chat and moved on..a did not know who he was but my mum did
Waiting to play the old course
Scots Kiwi Lass
Thank you so much, Ross, you have been very helpful already. The places we will definitely be visiting are Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling. Glengoyne distillery sounds great and is so close to Glasgow. A lot depends on how long my daughter can spend in Scotland as she will be doing all the driving!

St Andrews also is definitely a possibility. I have been there before, once when I was in primary school in Maryhill (many moons ago) and a brief visit in 1988. I am not a golfer but would enjoy seeing the famous course. Maybe with a bit of luck I might meet up with Sean Connery too - I have always been a big fan.

You mentioned the name Ballindalloch. No, I don't know anything about the name, just that I like it and it was the name of the street in Dennistoun I was born in. My surname is Thomson, which I believe comes under the Campbell clan. You are certainly very knowledgeable about Scotland and you put me to shame. I was never very good at history but in the near future I hope to do some serious studying of our heritage, before my memory gets any worse.

Many thanks for your interest and your help.
No matter what your background Kiwi,if you come to Scotland looking for something in your past ,then you will find it...St Andrews for me is pure magic.....when I first played golf there my wee gran was watching us tee off...she was so mega supportive even though I played like a grandads expression....a know now a was pure rubbish but she was the one that encouraged me to stick with it...a just wanted to wrap my clubs round my grandads I can outplay him but he says its because he is getting old.Aye rite g/d talent shows......
My time on the board is coming to an end,I just don't have the time anymore and its the rite time to go.. a will probably drop in now and again when I have some free time and anyway I have asked Santa for a new state of the art Digi Camera and am gonna want to to show it off when I come back in January
For me here are some places I totally love in Scotland

Well one it won't let me multi post
Will see you there, Scots Kiwi Lass!
My son and I are going home (from Auckland) for that game....
he'll be fully in black, I'll be half'n'half..LOL
A silver fern on one side and a thistle on the other - with a Dougie wig.
Might see you there!
Scots Kiwi Lass
MMJ - good to hear from you. I know we will have a ball at Murrayfield. I never got there when I lived in Glasgow but then I was a football fan (Rangers). Football doesn't interest me now at all - too slow and footery for me. Give me the real rough stuff any day!

I am off to Queenstown early tomorrow for the Christmas break - I will send you a longer message when I get back. What do you think of our Richie? I wish I was a bit younger, in fact a good bit younger - Richie is about 12 years younger than my own son!

Regards from the Mainland.
Och, kia ora SKL ! biggrin.gif
Hope you had a lovely time in Queenstown - a beautiful spot, been there a couple of times. Where abouts in ChCh do you live? Have stayed in Kaipoi a few times when we've been in the South Island. Have you come to the City of Sails before? cool.gif
Hehe, Richie's ok, we love him when he's dressed in black, but he's definitely not as appealing in Red n Black!!!!!!!!!! LOL And NEVER a patch on our Dougie! He is da man!!!! (I'm hoping like mad that Doug'll be playing No 14 at Murrayfield and not Gear !!! ) hehe GO THE BLUES!!!!! They canny understand me sayin' that in Glasgow, coz I'm a Celtic supporter! Although like you, I prefer rugby now - I even coach 4 teams at the school I teach at. (Now that is a laugh to see !!)
Dan the Man is a fine All Black , and I have a lot of time for Reuben Thorne. But mainly I'm a true blue Auckland supporter.
Not long to go before the Super 14 starts up... it will be different without the "cotton wool" club this year eh!
Do you do the Virtual Super 14? (My name there is WeeMags.)
I'm trying to get tickets for the AB game a week after Murrayfield in Toulouse.. no luck so far. Are you just going to the one game?
Talk soon, have a happy Christmas and great New year!
Scots Kiwi Lass
Hi Margaret

Yes, Queenstown was, as always, magnificent. They even had snow a couple of days before I arrived and the mountains were awesome. I will send you a PM shortly, with some more information.

Thanks for your PM Betty - great reading!
I'll reply to it very soon... hopefully tomorrow . (I'm still catching up with the Christmas emails and stuff..hehe)
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