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Tomorrow is the final game of the Autumn season and the last international before the 2007 6 nations…and am gonna be there….wearing my kilt…my mum is like take a scarf and a tammy it will be well chilly at Murrayfield…get a life Mum!
Oh did I forget to say who were playing…..the Aussies…the chilly weather will zap their bits before it zaps mine….hahaha
Will be a great day and am so looking forward to it……this is the last international of the year before the 2007, 6 nations and we have trashed Romania and beat the Islanders but man they were rough and injured some of our guys including my hero Chris Cussiter.
Tomorrow we take on Aus in a great final game of 2006….this year has seen Scotland rise from the ashes…..oh wrong word…the ashes should not be mentioned this weekend with Engerland and Aus doing the business again right now…..but 2006 has been a great year for Scotland under Frank Hadden…hopefully tomorrow Franks reign will be crowned with another amazing victory and then we can go on to next years 6 nations with confidence.
A know not a lot of the board are into rugby but a love it and a know some like Ems and Ballindalloch will be interested…..I was telling my dad Ems that ur school played rugby and he thought he remembered them playing at Garscadden is that right!
Tonight we are expecting wild autumn gales and I donno what the forecast is for tomorrow but I will be in the stand tomorrow…maybe holding down my kilt….ach why bother…singing Flowers with pride and expecting the best my guys can do….if we get beat then there is always another day.
Even if we get beat it won’t be a wasted day in the capital…my cousin Laura is 21 tomorrow and having a pash bash in Crammond and her m8’s are awesome.
Go Scotland Nov 25th and Nikky from Melbourne prepare to weep as we guys sweep you away.But I will still like you.
Oh how I envy you going to Murrayfield tomorrow Ross. Give the Scots an extra cheer from me.... smile.gif

Yes your Dad is right, Hillhead's main playing fields were (I think still are) at Hughenden but we also had fields at Garscadden.

Enjoy the game and the party afterwards laugh.gif

Go Scotland Go
What a day yesterday was…went through to Edinburgh with my brothers and my uncle had 8 seats booked for the game…only seven of us at Murrayfield and just as the national anthem was being played my Dad arrived….came over with Easyjet from Berlin into Glasgow and my mum drove him through…cost him like £35 to come over for 24 hrs…was magic …meant he was here for the game and the party and is going back to work this morning on the 9.10 flight from Glasgow.We are just heading off to the airport with him now and he is not happy that he has to go.
What a day, almost a capacity crowd and the atmosphere was electric…so many Aussies in the crowd and loads of Aussie lassies….including my friend Nikki but she wasn’t sitting with us.
Scotland were total magic, they just took control from the first few moments and held us in their glory through the first 15 min then they fell apart and we got blown away…our first defeat at Murrayfield this year…..a was devastated…then as my cousins party got into full swing my Dad decides he is going home to Glasgow and we left…what a total bummer
I never thought about doing it Ems but thought you might enjoy Flowers from a previous game…am gonna do my own in future…a don’t know why it is but Flower’s is a highly charged moment and yesterday in Edinburgh was no different…the hairs rise on the back of my neck…..the football teams are now adopting Flowers as the anthem but I will always associate it with Murrayfield and days I will remember all my life…yesterday in Edinburgh was such a day…we might not have had our first victory over the Aussies in 25 yrs at Murrayfield but something was happening yesterday and you could feel it in the winter sunshine as the crowd just merged together with passion…..failed in outrlast test of the year but we will start 2007 with even greater passion and not only for the 6 nations but the world cup as well
Do you get to games in BC…a always think of Canada’s team as being mostly from the west coast! I have great screen savers of Canada's team

flowers at Murrayfield
Thanks Ross, I enjoiyed that wee video, brought back memories except we used to sing Scotland the Brave!

I didn't see the game but I did hear the score and thought of you at the time. In my part of British Columbia we don't get as many channels as they do in the Vancouver area or other parts of Canada.

I'll be watching for the 6 nations games in the new year. Who plays at Murrayfield this year? Keep me up-to-date, eh? tongue.gif
Ems we have three home games for the 6 nations and am gonna try be there for all of them Wales On Feb 10th
Italy on Feb 24th and best of all Ireland on March 10th

Might miss the Wales game but the rest will def be on

You have to look at this...totally funny

bring on the haka guys
I'm glad you had a great day Ross, and that your Dad was able to come over, albeit for only a short time - no matter!

Shame about the result of course. If memory serves me well, there's always a terrific atmosphere when the Welsh play the Scots hahaha.

laugh.gif biggrin.gif

On the day, however, the best team will win, it's just the same with football, although sometimes I'm not so sure the best team does win. If they give their all and try to score - that's always good even if we don't like the end result.
Haha....I loved it Ross, wasn't sure where it was going until the end.......... ohmy.gif ohmy.gif
The welsh games are Brill Carmella but its a holiday weekend here and am maybe gonna be in Germany...donno yet but if I am I will not not be at Murrayfield for sure...I never ever get 2 down about a long as the guys really make an effort am happy...I just think in rugby the guys don't prima it they way they do in football and I have never been to a game where I have not come away well awed am not saying its more exciting than football...just well different
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