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Full Version: Pokey-hats Etc.
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Remember pokey-hats with ice-cream so cold on a hot day you got a severe headache?. And that funny red juice that was poured on top. Not forgetting this .............................. >>>>>>>
Double nugget wi raspry.....worth the brain freeze anyday.... laugh.gif
yes rab and a got great pic of a pokey hat
When my husband was wee he used to ask The Ice Cream Man (Alex in Drumchapel) for monkey's blood on his pokey hat. He still refers to raspberry or strawberry sauce as monkeys blood. Alex used to sell a Drumchapel Special this was ice cream and a Lees snowball with monkeys blood. My husband still enjoys a Drumchapel Special to this day, only difference is that I buy everything from Tesco's and make it myself biggrin.gif wub.gif
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