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In the pub yesterday, a Chelsea fan heard my Glasgow accent and asked me what the allegiance was between Chelsea and Glasgow Rangers. I couldn't help him, anyone out there got the answer?
hi georgia, my daughter informs me that there isnt really a link between the two just that its like the friendship between celtic and liverpool or celtic and man u or as you asked rangers and chelsea, hope shes right
I think Marina`s daughter is right, I dont know of any ties between the two.
Well I know a few Gers fans ( nae kiddin !! lol ) and they tell me it's to do with the shirt colours and loggos.Seems if you are Gers fan in London then you go to Stamford Bridge,to some it's like watching the Gers , go figure lol
Great post Jimmy, that should be in the funny joke section. LoL
I'm afraid you are all sadly wrong. Chelsea, Rangers & Belfast club, Linfield have some fans who believe in loyalist sectarianism. They have formed an alliance and attend each other's games from time to time to try and stir up sectarian trouble. They are somewhat pathetic if you ask me.
Thanks for that Henke , see how wrong my mates were haha . cannae wait to put them right.
Mind you it is not funny to think of that sort of alliance ,quite frightening to think about actually.
There is not infact any alliance between Rangers and Chelsea its mearly because of the collours and of the lion on the logos. In actual fact the scotlang England alliance is Rangers and Arsenal. This is because during the 1900's to 1960's rangers and arsenal were dominating the scottish and english leagues. They woul play each other once a year in what was known as the battle of brittain! biggrin.gif
QUOTE (Henke @ 7th Oct 2006, 11:08 PM) *
I'm afraid you are all sadly wrong. Chelsea, Rangers & Belfast club, Linfield have some fans who believe in loyalist sectarianism. They have formed an alliance and attend each other's games from time to time to try and stir up sectarian trouble. They are somewhat pathetic if you ask me.

Happened upon this site where surprise surprise, another Celtic fan lies about Rangers. There is a difference between Loyalism and sectarianism, which "Henke" deliberately misses. Very much like his club has re-invented their support for the 1RA from being murderers to political activists. The link with Chelsea was further cemented when Rangers and Chelsea played a friendly in the early 80's. The two sets of fans got on famously, and the return game was attended by thousands of Rangers supporters. The link is most certainly not as strong as it was, as the two supports diversify and develop, but there was most certainly a time when there was lots of mutual friendships through football. Linfield, Rangers and Chelsea had a mag dedicated to the three teams, which also was in curculation about 25 years ago called the Blues Brothers. No mystery and no sinister overtones. Rangers have traditionally drawn a large support from Ulster, who travel to see Rangers, in much the same way as Celtic.
No-one attends anywhere to "stir up sectarian trouble" and the only pathetic actions are Celtic fans stooping to this level.
Peace love and Rangers to you all!
friendship between the teams began, when rangers fans traveled to london for a match between the sides to raise money for the bradford fire appeal. After the match the police fearing there might be trouble escorted the rangers fans from the ground, only to find that the chelsea fans who were present at the game, stood and aplauded the glasgow rangers fans as a thank you gesture for traveling to the game as it was for charity.
the link between them both is they don't like celtic
actually the link goes back to the friendly at stamford bridge in 80's in honour of the bradford disaster , when the fans got on so well singing how they hated each others rivals and ended up rangers fans getting applause etc after game
There is no link between celtic n liverpool fr a start (liverpool are protestanr),everton the the cathlic side there , n the gers chelsea link is because chelsea's first tops were rangers ones as thay were founded by two brothers from glasgow . This link was then found stronger when the two sides played in a friendly in the late 70's when the chelsea fans started singing rangers songs biggrin.gif
Thanks Roscocee for that absolute piece of rubbish.

Correct there's no connection between Liverpool and Celtic, no history, no link, in fact there's nothing between Celtic and any team, absolutely nothing only long historical links between Rangers and eh! well everyone according to you. Can't remember the last time any English team wanted you in England but why worry about facts when fantasy will suffice.
Sorry guys but this is a no win situation , you are leading into . I would hate to see these boards sink to the gutter levels of some others . The orginal query was answered in an adult fashion. Suffice to say ELEMENTS and I emphasise that fact , of both Rangers and Chelsea have brought shame on their clubs in the past , as have some Celtic fans I might add .So lets call it a draw eh!!
For many years Liverpool Football Club WAS owned by a family with strong connections with the Orange Order, similar to Glasgow Rangers, though many ordinary Catholics in Liverpool have ALWAYS supported Liverpool fc. it has often been said that Liverpool are a Protestant team and everton a catholic side. That is complete rubbish.

Glasgow and Liverpool have long had the largest Orange Order membership outside of Northern Ireland. That probably has something to do with the fact that many catholic irish people settled in these 2 cities in the 19th century. the growth of the orange order in these 2 cities was probably due to the locals reacting to being swamped by catholic Irish immigrants. Ironically, the orange Order tended to be strongest in those working class areas of Glasgow and Liverpool where there were many catholics such as the Bridgeton area of Glasgow

There is a website called LIVERPOOL'S ORANGE PAST
At the end of the day Scouse , who really cares !! d'you know whit I mean, lifes too short to be worrying about such stuff !!
George Muir
Good answer Jimmy - Finito
Good result for Rangers at Ibrox on Sat! Beating Chelsea 2-0. They say it was a very entertaining game.
Will see how they go on Tuesday, I believe that the BBC are showing the game live!
I am sorry if any of you took offense at my last post, but none was intended. The website LIVERPOOL'S ORANGE PAST is not about Liverpool FC but is about the sectarian problem that once existed in the city of Liverpool.

I am an Everton supporter and my 2 brothers support Liverpool. Most Liverpool families are just like mine. Does the same situation exist in Glasgow? Somehow I don't think so. I know Glasgow Ranger's alleged former policy of not signing Roman Catholics is often blamed for the sectarian problem in Glasgow. However it takes 2 to tango. You just have to listen to the songs sung and chants made by BOTH sets of supporters at their matches.

Thankfully sectarianism is a thing of the past in Liverpool. Unfortunately the same thing cannot be said of Glasgow. Ranger's alleged former policy has long been discarded yet the Old Firm are still the focal point of sectarianism in Glasgow. Old habits die hard in Glasgow.
I have to agree on some points scouser, the sectarianism is still present in Glasgow and the problem as you rightly say is heard in the songs. The thing is that Rangers, although saying they have tackled the problem, have failed to do enough to remedy the situation and so, going by the charts, our sectarian songs are still far better than Rangers' sectarian songs.

I suggested they sign a good sectarian lyricist but Mr Murray is struggling to sign players and says he doesn't have the financial clout to go that extra yard. Not forward thinking at all, a good sectarian lyricist could write you a right belter and if Rangers win the league they could outsell the tic sectarian discs and make a fortune.

Anyway never mind the sectarianism, let's get down to racism and ask why you scousers nicked our song, You'll Never Walk Alone and bastardised the Fields of Athenry.
Guest Tom *
Large numbers of Rangers and Celtics supporters are overtly sectarian. Rangers and Celtic fans who stay overseas are usually great mates and see the Old Firm through rose-tinted spectacles, though that is not the reality of the situation back in Scotland. The situation is made even worse by busloads and planeloads of fans coming over from Northern Ireland for matches. The boards of both clubs have made token efforts to stamp out sectarianism but they are just kidding themselves. Sectarianism has meant good business for both clubs and Ibrox and Parkhead are as packed as ever with their sectarian choirs. I recently stumbled across this on the net and I am sure I could have found similar sites for Rangers fans. The best thing that could ever happen for Glasgow is that these 2 clubs be disbanded and new Glasgow football clubs formed. Otherwise sectarianism will continue to be a problem in the city of Glasgow.
Hi Jimmyd, nice to a sensible reply to what may well be unanswerable.

Celtic and Liverpool? well as far as I can see there is a link, they all sing, You will never walk alone . biggrin.gif
Apart from that they have played against each other over the years ,to a mere Rangers fans they seem to get on.
Chelsea and Rangers, maybe its the Blue strips but lets hope its not anything sinister, we have enough nutters in Scotland with out bringing any from Chelsea or any team for that matter.
I like watching Chelsea, Arsenal, Man U, Newcastle, not too keen on Liverpool, some times they play boring football.
Having a said that, I did enjoy a couple of games from last season.
Bye for now, Norrie
Scouser, I went on the web site you spoke about, and Iv never heard so much crap in my life. There are other web sites you can read about the Orange Order with more fact than the fiction of the one you suggest. Can I just say this, there will always be club football songs that have a bit of the anti in the words, but they are just songs. And in these times we can have mates on each side singing there teams songs, and after the match they can meet up without killing each other. Both Rangers and Celtic have made great progress in the sectarian thing, both should be praised for that, and in time the songs will change and it will be us silly old buggers that will remember the old ones. So Scouse sorry if it offends you but I think you have got a bit of predudism in you, or you wouldnt have mentioned any site.
And just for your information, there is only two degrees in the Orange order in Scotland, three in England. Battle of the Diamond was 21st September 1795, it was James Wilson not Thomas. So as I said dont believe everything you read on web sites.
Any other information you would like to know about the Orange Order, please e mail me, be happy to give you the real dates times, people etc.
Guest andy *
hi, the rangers/chelsea link comes from the 80's. Chelsea had, and still do have, a strong contigent of national front/bnp supporters. With the old rangers/celtic hatred, word soon got round and a lot of london-based rangers fans attended chelsea games, where friendships were formed. Also the link between the colour blue, and the lion in the badges. A friendly was played between chelsea and rangers in the early-to-mid 80's for the bradford fire, and more recently, in 2007. The hated of celtic fans towards chelsea only adds to the fire, and over the years, the two groups of supporters have become pals. Also the vast majority of chelsea fans are protestant, like rangers.
biggrin.gif i am a chelsea / rangers fan who went to every chelsea game back in the late 70"s and 80"s. the love was there for glasgow rangers from hundreds of us. i unlike many supported rangers and chelsea because my dad was from glasgow and i just followed in his footsteps, but as this group of us who chanted rangers songs at chelsea games got larger and larger it was deffo an anti celtic reason that the group got bigger. there was also a lot of national front supporters at chelsea then
as said earlier the games at ibrox and the bridge were both absolutely brilliant with both sets of supporters swapping shirts etc. ( i remember the floodlights going out at ibrox) it was really the start. shortly after that we played liverpool at anfield on a sunday, about a midday kick off it was if i remember and there was about 4000 gers fans there all supporting chelsea, so from then on it has been that way, and even now you will get chelsea fans at gers games and vice versa,
blues brothers will go on and on
Neutral Neddy
Bah, the earlier post that Celtic supporters have cornered the market on sectarian abuse is sheer rubbish.

Perhaps much of the Chelsea/Rangers alliance is owing to a colour code, or a shared patriotic fervor for the queen -- but don't act as if that doesn't take on dark, violent overtones in many segments of the hooligan population. Take a pass in any of the harder Rangers supporters clubs and you'll see how the rhetoric comes together . . . FTP, God Save the Queen, No Black in the Union Jack . . . etc, etc. What do you think 'The Football Factory' film was on about with the connections of Chelsea firms to Combat 18 and other neo-nazi groups? Why do you think Chelsea supporters pick up Feyenoord Rotterdam, notoriously ultra right wing, as an away favorite? The messages in the graffiti point to the same message.

Listen, I have no respect for Celtic supporters singing songs about the aulde revolution or flying Hamas colours at the fixtures. But, son, don't tell me that the Chelsea/Rangers alliance isn't also driven by a shared ideology of loyalist pride -- one that's about more than summer ice cream and banging the ol' lambeg for fun. Come off it.l
I've supported Rangers all my life. I was born in Glasgow in 1970 and moved to England in 1981. It's easier to step away from the more unpleasant side of the Old Firm when you live away from Glasgow. I took my Chelsea supporting nephew to Stamford Bridge to do the tour recently and they said the connection between Rangers and Chelsea was to do with an ex Rangers player being the first Chelsea manager and the reason Chelsea play in Blue is because Rangers do. I don't know if that is true, but I certainly don't support Chelsea, I find a lot of their fans distasteful (I find some Rangers fans a disgrace too and Celtic are no angels). I myself chose LIVERPOOL FC as my English side, purely because in the 1980's they had plenty of Scots turning out to play for them. I always assumed Liverpool FC were the catholic side in Liverpool but that has never been an issue for me.

I support Rangers FC because I come from a long line of Rangers supporters. I also have Aunties and cousins that support Celtic. We have a dig at one another at times, but as far as we are concerned, we will support our clubs...we don't need to hate one another to do it.

Bessie smile.gif
One of my twins support chelsea and celtic and the other twin supports celtic and arsenal and they never argue over football they always say may the best team win so its a win win with my boys thank god wink.gif
Let's get some facts into this argument:

1 The Chelsea/Rangers connection is quite firmly founded in the bnp/nf/loyalist supporting fans of both teams. I know, I have spoken to many chelsea fans in my time down south, and to a man, they ALL say then same thing.

2 Rangers did not have an "alleged" sectarian policy, it was a blatant, out in the open policy.
garvan did you read my post as my son it not with bnp nor secterian thank god for that
Good result for Rangers today but not without some contraversy
Rangers 3 Dundee Utd 1
From what I have heard theer were goals dissallowed and penalties not given for Dundee Utd, check out the press or web for the latest on this match
Bye for now, norrie
Cee jay08
long live the alliance of the blues brothers

i was at the match against chelsea last year. what an amostphere, we were all singing together

chelsea fans a great!!!!!
Guest robbo *
i am a rangers fan from glasgow living in belfast for the past 15 years and i go along to watch linfield when i cant get to the brox . cee jay you are 100pc right with your observations
CHEER UP WALTER SMITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thought you said you didn't support Celtic, Alexbc!
I never said I didn't support Celtic, I just said it was nice to see good protestant managers being successful in Europe and I knew wee Dick would come good with a decent
Why are there faces obliterated are they ashamed to show them or are they hiding fae the polis
Giros so they don't miss out on the giro.
the link is alot of things...the friendlys the 1980s,the fact that were both protestant teams, the fact were both blue, the fact were both the best in our leagues, the fact we both hate celtic....who cares, its a great alliance to have, linfield inclueded.......

I don't know where to begin with this one and whether it's worth the bother. "Both protestant teams" , says who? Please give any evidence that Chelsea ever had a 'protestants-only signing policy.
"The fact that were(sic) both blue." Lots of team have blue strips e.g. the Blue Brazilians, Cowdenbeath. Are they all protestants too?
"The fact that were(sic) both best in our league(sic)" 2007/8 Champions: Manchester Utd/Celtic.
"The fact that we both hate Celtic" I'm not a 'Tic fan myself but many Chelsea fans will talk at length about Davie Hay, a fine player for Celtic, Chelsea and Scotland.
Please don't assign your prejudices to otherwise innocent others but do seek help with spelling, punctuation etc. You might also try reading the Sermon on the Mount.
By the way, my father and brother are both life-long blue-noses and they don't subscribe to any of your views - my wee Tim mother would kick them out of the house.
Le durachd,

CELTIC UNITED The most successful connection in British football and we can still travel for friendlies.
I was talking to two "old soldiers" in the club on the last Anzac day , both Glasgow men. I have known one for many years, he is a Gers man , the other was his friend visiting from Glasgow a Tic man The subject of football came and one of the Aussies ,came up with the usual "But are you two not supposed to hate each other" , this unfortunately is the view, many people have of us OF fans , My auld mate says " son !! when you are lying oan yer back , wi a bliddy 10 foot German haudin a rifle wi a bliddy 6 foot bayonet oan it , an ye know he is gonnae stick it right up ye, an next thing this wee barra , ( points to his mate ) comes fae nowhere , an blaws his effin heid aff.Ye don't think aboot whit bliddy team he supports "!. Think aboot it you sad little people, who do not have the brains to see beyond bigotry and hate.
Jimmyd - the voice of reason.
Thank you Sur Jimmy, once again your thoughts outshone mine, My hand and my heart to you Sir.
Well said Jimmy!
Oh Jimmy, you just put the icing on the cake. I really wish everyone could reason like that. Time to stop all of this religious hatred. Jaybee
IM with jimmy on this as a think bigotry is not a subject a wish to see on this site a did report the post in question as am not afraid to stand up and admit a made a report as am an open book and a had to do what i seen fit at the time take the bigotry oot and friendship should be a religion noo theres somthing to think aboot eh
It would seam like the Bile of Hatred has spewed over from other sites onto GG. Ah well ,at least I can avoid this part of GG in the future.This is such a good site too, feels like someone has broken into our house and tried to trash it.
Totally agree with you Tennscot. We are now in the 21st Century, surely time to stop all this "crap!" It is what is inside a person and the way they treat others which should count, not what football team you support.
im glad this issue is put to rest?
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