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Noo jist tae get the baw rollin'.

Ah wus wundering if some brands of breid are still on sale; if anyone wurked in the auld bakeries making them or have oany wee stories to relate to us aw.

Bilsons Bakers, Mothers Pride, Milanda, UCBS <Useless Cakes and Burnt Scones> there are prolly uthers. There wus loads of wee independent bakers too.

Ah used tae think the difference between plain and pan wus the price. Ma Maw telt me only toffs could afford pan breid.

Oanywan know how the terms * plain / pan * came aboot? Wis it due to the container the bried wus baked in?
ave jist spent one hour tryig to find this bloomin bread rabbie laugh.gif
Awee yer a wee doll hen, so ye ur. Yon bried wus a sight fur mah sair eyes.


Dont ye jist lubbers yer ain hame made bried tae

Noo, lets fry a cupple o backenders up in butchers pork dreepin and an wedge a double o square slice sausage in the middle, then huv a wee doddle aroond the Campsies tae work it aw aff!

Huv tae say 2 pubs per hoor is ma fastest these days.

On! On!
Who stole ma loaf? laugh.gif Rabbie, doodle roon the Campsies? Ye'd be crawlin' roon after that lot.
Tesco in Brooklands, Weybridge, Surrey sells Mother's Pride Plain Bread. Iceland sells frozen sliced sausages (half lorne) and Morrison's in Woking sell scotch pies. So ah dae a we tour roon' 'n ah get ma wee bit o' hame in the pantry!
tescos also sell morning scottish rolls not well fired am sorry to say also tattie scones and haggis black pudding and beef links a weebit of hame in tescos my hame fae hame wink.gif
Aye, I huv asked thim in Tesco to keep the rolls in the oven for a wee bit longer because they're awfu' peely wally, bit naebody's listenin'...ah well, we cannae complain it's the nearest we're gonna get 400 miles fae hame 'n' they taste great wi' a 'Tesco' tattie scone 'n' sliced sausage fae Iceland....

.....whit aboot tablet? Ye cannae buy that doon here in Englin'..... Ah made a batch of it fur oor local fete here last year 'n' naebody knew whit it wiz. Bit wance they tasted it 'n' the word goet roon' they couldnae get enough o' it!
Rabbie, did you mean Bilsland's bread (not Bilsons)? I loved Bilsland's when I was wee. tongue.gif
Aye thanks Su, I meant Bilsland's. Dunno if it is still going tho.

Remember an advert for it which showed, Joe Gilroy scoring an over the hied backward kick goal. Class!

Think it was shown late 60's / early 70's.
Davy's Girl
Haw Rabbie....wiz thur no wan ca'ed Beattie's Bread? wink.gif
Noo ah might be oot tae lunch here but ah aye thought plain breed was oor ain square loaf an "pan" breid was a corruption o the French word fur breed "pain". I guess ah thoat that 'cause a pan loaf was broon a roon, an a different texture. Coorse ye realise this is jista theory 'cause we huv sae miny French wurds in oor Scotland. rolleyes.gif GB
P.S. Noo don't ask me why it wis squere insteed o roon like Fench breed usually is.
bilslands bread factorys shut down in 1985 sad.gif packed up and took the dough
Aye DG! I think thier wus Beatties breid, the name rings bells somewhere, wus there no wee breid vans with that name oan them.?

Nooo GB, thats' a good theory tae stairt wi, the French connection hus a loat tae answer fur , much like thier grub, its fair mingin for the maest. But thurr breid isnae tae bad, I like thum bagettes thingies. Mind ye, they are that hard oan the ootside, it skins mah gums.

Thanks for that Stuarty, It prompted me tae look up a wee bit of info, have a wee gander at yon here.

Bilsland's Bakery

When ye see the state of the place there, its enough to make ya waant to greet. Just think how many generations worked and raised their weans aroond thur.
That's a very touchin' WEE PIECE' o' history Rabbie!
oh baguettes are magic the city bakeries usto do a mean one ham cheese egg lettuce cress mayonaze tomato and onions a make my own now and again as in buy the bread stuff with all above ingredients sore haun or what wink.gif
Ma mammy always used mothers pride furr every day,however if we wurr tae hae picnics or visitors were in ,oor wee mammy sent me & ma big brither tae shope tae git a Perfection pan loaf ??? any wan mind o them? 1 day & it wis seterday coz da wanted his sports citezen newspaper tae. well off we dawdled goat the Perfection pan loaf 1st walked oan & goat the citezen sports ooto a newsagents in springburn called Harkins,sure we goat awe the right messages but it started pouring rain & ma brither gave me the paper tae stick up ma duke tae keep it dryish & tae oor horror we saw the perfection pan loaf wis pan deid,he wis hawdin it wrang way roon & the peices fell oot 1 by 1 ! we started greetin coz da belted us fur less,we hidd up a derlect close nearby feart tae go hame ,huddled freezing & starvin we ate the rest o the loaf,seemed we were there a life time but too oor joy we heard ma mammy screeming oot oor names as she stood there greetin fur us she saw us in oor fear we telt her the story & she laffed & gret &cuddled us tae bits & she shouts oot ave funnn them,she telt us tae shhh then wen da asked witt happened she took oer & said she drapped the breed trying tae grabus oot the scary close.widd ye bleeve it wis only 1hr fae we went missing hahahahalol biggrin.gif laugh.gif
Awe Linda..yer wee story hud me greetin'.....I'nt mammy's just the best? I loved ma wee mammy.....she always save the day tae!
Ah don't remember the 'Perfection Pan', ah jist remember that plain breid wiz for the 'pieces' and pan breid wiz fur the visitors. My brother always goet the big plain breid 'ender' (ah'm sure that whit's we used tae call the crust)....that wiz indeed 'a sore haun'. Dae ye remember the greaseproof paper wrapper?...We used tae flatten it oot an' take it tae the swingpark an' sit oan it tae go doon the made it rerr an ' slidy!
Dae ye know witt Georgia,ma life as a wean were bad & mad,however a grew up & let the pain go yrs ago,a merried a gentleman who makes ma every day feel like ave nain o yon childhood pain left jist the funny bits are left.Getting masell back oan topic Aye a dae mind o yon greaseproof paper HAHALOL,me & ma brithers were often starvin & aul Da wis a meanie & gave us only 1 peice in mornin & 1 at night,being active as we wurr then wee were always hungry,the deal we weans made wis tae keep the secret untill all of us grew up.wee widd teeter & tiptoe tae the larder which wis in the kitchen facing da&mammies room,carefully the trade secret wis past wean tae wean,we widd undo the greaseproof wrap,steal the tap two pieces under the ootsider witt you called yer ender,carefully dizz it noo,an older bro widd melt connel wax tae pitt the folds back&sealed tae shape it awe back the gither haha Da never noticed furr years ,he did say more than twice,awethings are gitting weeer & weeer haha laugh.gif biggrin.gif Ma Da realised his mistakes wen what seemed tae be too late,However he wis back then he indeed eventualy get better.OOR DA APOLOGISED TAE AWE HIS WEANS NOO HES IN HEAVEN & NOO AS WELL AS DA <WE ARE AWE THE BETTER!!!!
I've just come back from my sister-in-law's in Halifax - and I was amazed at the bread that the sandwiches were made out of!
I asked my sister-in-law if she had spent ages cutting the crusts off the pan loaf.
"No," she says. "It's an Invisible loaf!"
It seems that you can now get pan bread without any crusts! If it has arrived in Scotland yet, nobody's letting on, but would you believe it? What next - no bread, only crusts?!!! Where will it end? laugh.gif
Bilsland's plain bread was brilliant. Do ye no remember "Bilsland Bob the Mountie." That was their advert. My dad was the manager of Andrew Cochrane;s in Maryhill Road [the one that faced down into Bilsland Drive] and they only sold Bilsland's bread.
Lindamac - I know about outsiders - I am 57 - not scared to say that. Merry Christmas to you.
Bilslands Bakery was taken over by Spillers French which they called their bakery division Homepride Bakeries.In fact it was 1978 when spillers french went into liquidation and closed their intrest in the bakery industry.
In saying that Bilslands Bakery was actually a PROFIT making bakery at the time with over 100 delivery vans on the road.The reason i know this?My late father was Bakery sales manager at the time of its demise.
Andy Wilson
Anybody remember Milanda breid?-and "American Pan Loaves"-I mind my maw brought one hame when I was a kid and I ate the whole shebang with "best butter" (margarine) on it!
Beattie´s, Bilsland´s, Welma and Milanda are my memory. used to hate square/ plain bread when I was a kid. We usually had "French" which was not very French- very strange shape. also think that the "Vienna" loaf was more like French and probably unknown in Austria.

BTW, Danish pastry is called Viennese in Denmark. How do all these errors occur?

My father worked in Beattie´s in Dennistoun for a while 1n the late 50´s and my mother in Macfarlane Lang´s , Tollcross .
Ma Ma worked in Milanda in Weslayan Street back in the 1960's, an ah can honestly say there's nothin nicer tae a cuppa tea than a few warm crumpets pulled ooty yer cleavage. Swipin the strawberry tarts wis a bit merr o a problem though. biggrin.gif

Milanda had a wee shop called the Shan Shop where damaged products could be bought cheaper. Little did the public know it wis also hoatchin wi rats.

Ah don't normally eat white breid noo - ah switched tae wholemeal breid aboot 30 years ago - but ah still like the odd plain piece oan jam. The best white breid ah ever tasted wis Price's - the loaves were usually aw misshapen, but the crusts were as black as the Earl o Hell's waistcoat. Ma Ma used tae always tell me it made yer herr curly - it jist made mine faw oot. rolleyes.gif
Aye, Benny - a loat o us huv been conned wi you story! sad.gif
Remember the lovely different kinds of bread we could buy in Lewis's? I particularly remember a sort of cottage loaf my gran would buy although she called it a French loaf. I can still remember how great it tasted. smile.gif
Melody do you mind of the Vienna loaf, we used to get in Lennies the bakers beside us it was a crusty loaf
glasgow lass
Anne I remember my mother buying the Viena loaf, they didn't last too long in our house.
Vienna loaf that was fab. It reminds me of the wee half dozen box of cakes as well. Was it Tunnocks cakes ah'm rememberin' they had the picture of the wee cakes in kind of brown outline on the top of the box?
That wee box rings a bell Melody. was the Milanda loaf much like the Mother's Pride we have now? My Dad was a driver for Bilslands Bakery and every Saturday he would bring home a large box of cakes which we would share with the neighbours, those cakes tasted like cakes way back then. smile.gif
Ah can't remember which shop they were from Mary, ye kind of chose which cakes ye wanted and ye picked family favourites and they came in a wee box of a half dozen and there was this wee kind of drawing of cakes in brown on the top of the box. smile.gif Oh it conjures up being wee and kneeling up at the table and the grannies wi their hats still on taking their tea. smile.gif Complete security and love.
Melody am sure it was City Bakers that had the wee boxes smile.gif My other favourite was Paris Buns and Eiffel Towers[spelling]
Aw Paris Buns were my father-in-laws favourites. Sure it's funny how we remember all our loved one's favourite things? When I'm in the supermarket or whatever and see a certain thing it goes through my head, Dad's favourite or Gran's favourite or so-and so's favourite. It often makes me buy them just for the sake of it. smile.gif Good job their favourites wurnae caviar and champagnes. laugh.gif
Ever remember being sent to buy "tea bread" when the aunties drapped in?

(Scones,buns etc) rolleyes.gif
Yes Guest, that seemed to be what folks called iced buns and things. smile.gif
When I was a milkboy..ScottishFarmers....(wee red electric van)..well fired rolls were the big seller every morning also the ice buns!
My daddy was a milkman with Scottish farmers, Think they delivered bread also and orange juice. I seem to remember both Mother's Pride and Milanda.
A plain loaf from the co-op, wrapped in white paper, and getting the big fat end to toast in front of a coal fire. Then smothering it in butter bought from the co-op out of a big wooden vat and patted into shape by two wooden paddles, kept in a stoneware jar with water. I guess the toffs had a pan loaf 'cause it was more "ree-fined". laugh.gif
my ma used to send me about 10pm round to a wee bakers i think it was on vernon rolls straight from the oven. as i carried them hame i felt the heat and smelt the smell absolutely brilliant they were
There used to be a midnight horror movie, think it was a friday. We would take the dog out and walk to the shop at the corner for the hot rolls. Rolls and fish fingers yummy at nearly midnight. The thought of it now makes me think yuck. Do remember making the toast on the open fire when I was wee. When we got married I used to get the creamery butter from Curly's on the Gallowgate near Belgrove. Used to ask for a pat of cramery butter. No idea what it weighed. Only on special occasions we got "Pan" Bread and then when we came here it is all you could get for a long time.Now we get fancy bread. Bit nae plain breid
There used to be a midnight horror movie, think it was a friday. We would take the dog out and walk to the shop at the corner for the hot rolls. Rolls and fish fingers yummy at nearly midnight. The thought of it now makes me think yuck. Do remember making the toast on the open fire when I was wee. When we got married I used to get the creamery butter from Curly's on the Gallowgate near Belgrove. Used to ask for a pat of cramery butter. No idea what it weighed. Only on special occasions we got "Pan" Bread and then when we came here it is all you could get for a long time.Now we get fancy bread. Bit nae plain breid
We always had pan loaf in our house. Never could like the black crust and bottom of plain bread.
In our house we never Had Pan bread, my mother always said it was far to doughy, Just like here in Canada after all these years I'm still searching for a decent loaf to buy, and now that I no longer bake bread it is impossible to find a decent loaf. ps at this time , I'm trying pumpernickel. smile.gif
It's the same here Angel, I never buy pan bread it's like cotton wool. There seems to be plenty of varieties of bread in the supermarkets however they all taste about the same. I generally stick to plain bread unless I'm in Byres Road and buy some in the cheese shops.
We got a bread maker about 10 years ago and rarely buy bread at all now, Mrs A makes a couple of loaves a week. The latest one (we've had a couple of machines) cost 25 in Lidl and has been the best of all. My brother bought one several months ago and is making bread for his family now. They need a bit of care with quantities but it is one kitchen gadget that really has worked.
I think I'll do that Ash and get one. smile.gif I'm fed up of horrible food in the shops. sad.gif
QUOTE (ashfield @ 29th Oct 2010, 09:28am) *
We got a bread maker about 10 years ago and rarely buy bread at all now,

I got a bread maker as a pressie a few years ago it has been used maybe 2/3 times , I'd l send it to you if it would work over there . I Just not for me , the bread didsny last long once it comes out of the machine huh.gif
QUOTE (Lennox @ 29th Oct 2010, 02:34pm) *
the bread didsny last long once it comes out of the machine huh.gif

That's part of the attraction, it dosen't have the stuff the bakeries stick in to preserve the loaf. Ours is good to eat for a couple of days and makes great toast on the third tongue.gif
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