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I have been glued to the telivision watching the end of an era. Aggasi playing his last game, and what a game it turned out to be. He is a fantastic guy and we will for sure be hearing much more about him. However being that it was coming from New York they tend to show mainly the american players, thats ok, but I would love to have seen more of Murray. I know he won his match and I am very happy about that . I hope you got better coverage of his game in Scotland.Can anyone tell me what part of Scotland he is from?
I think he's from Dunblane Isobel...... biggrin.gif
I believe he was at the school in Dunblane during that shooting Isobel. Someone told me that a few months ago.
Andrew Murray is from Dunblane.

No relation,

Just the name we have in common. biggrin.gif
Andy Murray is playing fantastic tennis at the US open this week and today it was announced he would lead the British Davis Cup Team against the Ukraine later this month.He will be joined by Glasgow players Jamie Bakerand Alan Mackin...great days for Scottish tennis! Greg Rusedski is the 4th player.
Andy played a super game against Fernando Gonzalez,brilliant to watch.
As for Agassi..simply a great sportsman and am sorry to see him depart.
The lad is doing well.

Jimmy you're right I think he was at Dumblane when the shooting happened.
Thanks guys.Jim and I are very much into tennis. Just great to see a scots lad doing so well. You know who we will be shouting for.Thank for all the info.I will also be looking for the Glasgow lad in the future.
I loved Andre Aggasi too, jist seemed like a great guy off the Court as well as on Isobel.

Cripes hope their weans are good Tennis players, nae pressure wae havin him an Steffi fur yer mammy an daddy is therr laugh.gif

I'll be lookin out too for these new names now....mind the only time ye thoat a Tennis wis fur the two weeks Wimbledon wis oan.
Every wean oot in the street playin as if we werr great, ye thoat ye'd the look when ye went fae side tae side waitin fur the baw comin.
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