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Opening campaign to qualify for the Europe nations Cup 2008, Scotland are up 5-0 at halftime against a very poor Faroe Island team, guess who scored at Celtic Park for Scotland yes, Kenny Miller he got a penalty kick and the goalie near saved it, anyhoo it counts, well done Kenny and Scotland!
The game ended 6-0 for Scotland, Lithuania Wednesday over there.
Oh the kilts the kilts, wish the town was like that every week. laugh.gif Was it about football?
Melody isnt that great, and the rain was stoating aff the grun as well!
I made a mistook, its the 2008 Euro Nations Cup.
Can the heading be changed I wonder?
Who cares Hubert 'A rose by any other name' ah wish ye could have seen them today in town, and did they enjoy themselves? You bet. smile.gif
Haha I noticed that 2 Hubert and a was gonna say its 2008 but a thought no mahn thats rude...I hate it when somebody corrects me on a slip...just e mail Martin and he will change it for you..I saw the rain as well but it was local cos I live in the city and it was dry.....the Faroes were no really a taste of what is to come but I still believe......
Terrific score, the lads did us proud. biggrin.gif
Well Ross we must live in different cities because it was certainly raining in my city, Argyle Street, George Square, Buchanan Street.
smile.gif Either that or me and everybody else wi brollies up have lost it.
Well Melody a was at home and it was dark but it never rained and am sure bout that cos ma mam had a washing out and I had instructions to take in if it rained...AND IT NEVER RAINED ON MY 2 lawyers as neighbours and they can vouch for me..Haha it was defo dry and am stickin to that.
Scotlands game Wednesday, is Lithuania, who tied today with Italy in Italy 1-1, it will be extra special if we win that game! smile.gif
Great news peeps!

Scotland won 2-1

When we're smiling, when we're smiling, the whole world smiles with us........ biggrin.gif
European Championship Qualifying : Group B Table
--------- P W D L F A GD PTS
1 Scotland 2 2 0 0 8 1 7 6
2 France-- 2 2 0 0 6 1 5 6
3 Georgia- 3 1 0 2 8 6 2 3
4 Ukraine- 1 1 0 0 3 2 1 3
5 Lithuania 2 0 1 1 2 3 -1 1
6 Italy---- 2 0 1 1 2 4 -2 1
7 Faroes- 2 0 0 2 0 12 -12 0

When your smiling right enough Carmella, and happy days are here again, the sky above is clear again!
Dailly and Miller the goal scorers.
Hubert, to the less educated {me laugh.gif } how many points or stages do ye go through in order to be in the next World Cup?
QUOTE (Catherine @ 13th Sep 2006, 01:02 AM)
Hubert, to the less educated {me laugh.gif } how many points or stages do ye go through in order to be in the next World Cup?

Thats four years away, or at least the pre World Cup games are off in the future.
This competition is the European Nations cup, I made a mistake in the title, it should be 2008 not 2007, and Scotland are in a group as you see, however they play each team in that group home and away, so it takes awhile, and I believe its the top two teams in the group that advance to the next round.
Scotland have played two of the weaker teams, so anyhoo they are doing no bad, under Walter Smith.
And should improve.
Celtic play Man Utd the morra at Old Trafford, in the first game of the Euro Champions League Cup, they are carrying the banner for Scotland there, sure hope they put up a good showing, and continue to put us back on the map fitba wise, as the national team are doing?
Remember Catherine the daft question is the one thats not asked, although you certainly come close, wae yours! LMAO
Thanks Hubert.
Cripes trust me tae get it mixed up! laugh.gif
QUOTE (Catherine @ 13th Sep 2006, 05:02 PM)
Thanks Hubert.
Cripes trust me tae get it mixed up! laugh.gif

It sawright Catherine, gave me a chance tae grump! LoL
Thoat ahd better clear the flerr for ye here incase ye'v any mare input here after the day's game Hubert.

Gies ye anither chance tae grump, but it's also good tae read whit someone who knows whit they're talkin aboot sgoat tae say laugh.gif
Well the Bhoys got beat 3-2 last night in their game against Man U.

I see this morning too that our Goalie Boruc has accused Ryan Giggs of diving.

He didn't think it was a penalty, therefore he got angry, according to the coverage.

I missed that part so I don't know.

Onwards and Upwards.
"Follow! Follow!"
Hey have you jumped the fence Carmella ,whits way this Follow! Follow! stuff. biggrin.gif
laugh.gif jist ma wee joke for the day Jimmyd hahaha

Wondered who'd notice first!
Carmella that was a good come back, wae Jimmy, but I dont thinkl he will be fooled, you know you screwed up, follow follow my arseum, not only that your post is in the wrong thread, it should be in the old firm wan, no the Scotland wan. LoL
Grump grump! We lost!
ah took a leaf out of Catherine's book ah pressed the wrang button hahaha.

Sparta playing Hearts tonight so see what happens here, in fact in just a few minutes' time, the game is on tv.
Scotland play France Saturday in Scotland, not sure where the game is at, canny mind, anyhoo Barry Ferguson may get a game as he thinks he has done well in his two games back from injury playing for Rangers.
I am not a fan of Ferguson, and think he is overated and especially with Scotland, however having said that I think he is better than Quashie, whom I think will be picked.
For seasons now I have not liked Christian Dailly, and I believe he scored in his last game for Scotland, he will also probably get the nod on the first team, yet he can hardly get a game for his club, West Ham? rolleyes.gif
Well here's hoping it's a great game.

Let's hope Scotland win. biggrin.gif
Canny wait, I get to see it live on my TV Setanta is bringing it, and I subscribe to them.
Well Quashie is not playing and Ferguson is, although I am not a fan of Fergusons, he is better than Quashie.
Too bad Miller isnt playing, he sure is a worker, he might not be scoring many these days, but he reminds me of the auld saying, The world loves a trier, and that he is.
If we can get a draw even, I will be delighted, heres hoping awe the best SCOTLAND!
Hi Hubert ,hope they can get a win I might be able to see it on my mates Satellite service , will need to check it oot
Hail Caledonia !!!!
WE won, we won, Scotland 1 France nil. laugh.gif

Buchanan Street was brilliant today all the Tartan Army were out in force, best looking fans in the world. Hail Caledonia, atmosphere amazing, Hampden roars.
QUOTE (Melody @ 7th Oct 2006, 12:56 PM)
WE won, we won, Scotland 1 France nil.  laugh.gif

Glad to hear that Melody, I wish I could have been in the Town,
My daughter just phoned to tell me that the place is going mad about the win, town is jumping. Sure it's brilliant, we'll be partying for days in Scotland. smile.gif
Absolutely brillian - 2 would have been better but nevertheless we won, and that's the main thing. biggrin.gif
Who said there aint no miracles, a draw would have been a fabulous result, but this is totally brilliant. biggrin.gif
Well done the players and especially Walter Smith. A draw with Italy away from home would be a great result or even better still, a win! wink.gif
It was an unbelievable result. Well done tae the boys and I never thought I'd ever say the words. "Well done Walter Smith."

"C'est magnifique" or in other words " guan yersel Scotland " biggrin.gif
Oh ah wiz so proud o' ma boys yesterday....... ....It's gone all quiet down here in Surrey!!!!

I drive out showing my Scottish badge at the back of my car with pride, even more so now!!!!

Top o' the league.....Well done Walter Smith biggrin.gif


I wish it was this weekend instead of next weekend that I was coming to Glasgow. The atmosphere in the city must have been electric...I would loved to have been there!
It felt a bit like New Year laugh.gif Magic.
Fantastic, can't wait for next game. Well done Scotland.
Wednesday is the next game in the Ukraine, they say Shevchenko that plays for Chelsea may not be fit, well I wish him no ill, but I hope he aint playing against Scotland?
It says on the radio that some of oor Tartan Army have been attacked by people in the Ukraine. Most unusual no doubt we'll get in on the news. sad.gif
Whit a bummer , Scotland lost to Ukraine ,was always going to be a hard game for them. Have not found any info re your post Melody ,no doubt it will all come out in the wash . biggrin.gif
Sorry the lads lost, sad.gif
Did anyone watch that own goal of Englands?

Oh dear oh dear, it sounds awful but kinda makes ye feel better annaw laugh.gif

That poor goalie must feel terrible, I was cringing for him.

What was the Scotland score guys? TSN here only gave the England score.
2-0 Catherine mad.gif
I saw the replay at 5pm my time Wednesday, I new the score before hand, however I thought Scotland had more or less been well outplayed from what I had heard? I found this not to be the case, although there is no question the better team won, Scotland did fairly well, we had mistakes that cost us, but the team kept plugging away. Thought Pressley being sent off could have been a yellow card and not a red, however Pressley has to realize we are playing fitba no rugby. Also thought not to single him out, but Hartley was somewhat just running around and bumping into the opposing players and giving away daft fouls. Scotland will be hard to beat at home, and we have a first class goalie and he is only 22 as well!

Catherine I saw that England own goal, it should be a lesson for all goalies, that on the 6 yard line when goalies kick the ground to make a wee teeup mound to kick the ball from in goalkicks, they make sure they tamp it down after the ball is kicked, I think this is what cause the ball to go up over Robinson the English keepers foot.
Whits that? No I am sitting here trying tae haud it in! laugh.gif LMAO.
Got this in from Catherine ,couldnae a happened tae a nicer team !!!!! biggrin.gif
Oh wid ye no jist die if ye were that Goalie Jimmy .

Isobel what did Jim say? laugh.gif
A couple of years ago Scotland under Berti Vogts had fallen to their worst Fifa World rankings 88th place, currently under Walter Smith, Scotland are in 25th position, no bad I would say! wink.gif
Guest hubert *
The current Fifa World Standings.

Scotland last played in October of last year, if they could only no play for a few years we might knock Argentina aff first place! LMAO

The Top 20 positions:

1. Argentina 1616 points
2. Italy 1592
3. Brazil 1557
4. France 1515
5. Germany 1390
6. England 1339
7. Netherlands 1313
8. Portugal 1288
9. Czech Rep 1195
10. Spain 1161
11. Ukraine 1037
12. Croatia 982
13. Greece 961
14. Romania 919
15. Sweden 914
16. Scotland 911 <-------------- You got to be kiddin?????????
17. Switzerland 906
18. Cameroon 893
19. Ghana 881
20. Ivory Coast 875
Well it would be grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat if we beat Georgia Saturday, its funny Georgia are 85th in rankings and we are 16th, LoL, however it will be tough, we have a good chance.
One of Scotlands players they are trying to get fit is a guy I do NOT rate Quashie, goodness gracious he and Dailly are two players that struggle with their own clubs in England, oh well? unsure.gif
Guest hubert *
That will play against Scotland?


Potbelli Beerbelli Giveitsumwelli

Wotsontelli Toonsgotkenni Onetoomani

Legslikejelli Havabenni

Wobblijelli Spendapenni

Guest hubert *
Scotland 2 Georgia 1, Boyd, Beattie, we play Italy Wednesday, it will be tough, but who knows?
Congratulations Alex McLeish and Scotland!
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