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Full Version: The Crown Office And Boruc
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Crown Office

Why should the Crown Office be questioned? It has acted perfectly properly. They made it clear to Boruc that it was his behaviour as a whole that brought the caution V sign and "come on" gestures.
The people who did damage to Scotland's reputation were the religious spin-doctors and those politicians who jumped in without the correct facts .

The Crown Office said that Boruc was cautioned for a number of things one of which was for making .. "come on gestures" to the crowd.
They stressed that they would never sanction action against a sportman for acts of religious observance.

Boruc should be repremanded by his club for his actions.
Well I have seen video of Boruc giving the finger to fans behind his goal, when he played in Poland.
This is unacceptable!
I mentioned on a fitba forum that Boruc was a bit ego minded, and somewhat nonchalant and cocky, this doesnt surprise me, I sure would like to see the video in question?
I am Celtic fan, however I wouldnt put it passed Boruc to capable of stupid gestures, during a game.
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