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Celtic’s goal keeper Artur Boruc was charged with a breach of the peace for crossing himself in front of an old firm game…..he was given a caution which means if he ever repeats it he could be prosecuted.The Catholic Church in Scotland has responded with outrage at this decision.Do you think the decision was right or wrong!
You have to remember this was done during the usual highly charged emotion of an old firm game….I have little respect for Rangers or Celtic but I have listened to both sides react today to this decision and don’t much like what I hear.

Artur Boruc
ross its the same old story, that will linger on till something else comes up, and at the end of the day it was monks that started the team off so why shouldnt he bless himself. i dont agree with biggots rubbing religion into peoples faces , i bless myself evryday and it dont mean im gettn a dig at people tht follow other religions. its sells papers and its a money maker thats all its about. i wish they would just get on and play the game instead of being petty and ignorant. wink.gif p.s he is one chunk o a hunk!!!!
I would gladly give an opinion on this, snag is I need to see the incident on tape, as I wasnt there when it happened.
Now having said that, if, and I mean if, Boruc turned towards the Rangers fans and blessed himself in some way with intent to annoy them by this religious gesture, then I think that is unnecessary, and was not needed, and contrary to its spiritual purpose, I would think.
Cripes what an embarrassment......truly!

The same fans have jist watched the World Cup where every second game you looked at had folks blessing themselves.
Did any one of them try to get any particular player prosecuted?
Course they didn't.........didnae affect their wee bigoted space and that's the reason why!

Scotland wants to get a grip of reality here, the judge who gave the caution should be ashamed of bowing to mob mentality.
I agree with you Hubert ,.there is probably more to it than the media beat up,similar incident to Gazza doing playing the Flute bit. Hey remember the wee Chilian Jewish fella Gers had for a while , he used to bless himself before he went on the park. lol
I vaguelly remember the Chilian guy Jimmy, never did see him bless himself, didny know Jewish people did that?
Boruc didny play against Hibs, is he in Barlinnie did he get arrested???
Jist kiddin! LoL
Well see thats the thing Hubert ,Rosenthall said it himself , he did it because it was the thing they do in Chile regardless of creed .
A selection of letters from todays Herald seems to suggest that Artur's behaviour in other ways lead to the caution....I still have not seen the incident but apparently he was taunting the crowd and that is not acceptable to anyone.
Even FM McConnell has defended the crown prosecution office decision and says that the icaution was not related to the blessing......McConnell had to take a stand on this issue because he has continually condemned the religious bigotry of certain elements in Scottish society.
I hate Glasgow on Rangers /Celtic days....they do very little to promote the friendly face of Glasgow.

Artur is Polish and Scotland now has a huge Polish community which brings with it great benefits for Scotland.....I was on a bus this afternoon in the west end and it was packed with young Poles who all live and work here and it was also reported in todays paper that in Inverness Caley Thistle have started up a drive to recruit Poles as supporters for the team after realising that hundreds of Poles were turning up for their games...thousands upon thousands of young Poles are living in the Highlands,so the club is now advertising their fixtures in Polish.

Link Expired.

Caley Thistle go Polish
john bhoy
Blessing yourself is NOT A CRIME !! ph34r.gif
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