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Full Version: Queens Park Fc 1884
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can anyone help me with some history of Qeens Park F.C or where to find out about the 1884 captain Charles Campbell or a web site relating to this bit of research.
would very much appreciate any advice
Sorry I tried couldnt find anything on Charles Campbell.
I typed in Queens park football club 1884, no help, with google.
I know Queens Park knocked Aberdeen out of the CIS Cup yesterday.
thank-you Hubert,for trying for me ,will continue searching
Blackburn Rovers were winners against Queens Park in the FA cup final 2-1 in 1884, I wasnt there LoL, honest, cant get the team players names.
Here is a person that may be able to help you Kryss Tal, E mail.
thanks again hubert sure you wissnae there!!!!! must hiv been sumbudy like ye I saw hahaha
The first members of of the SFA were Queens Park, Clydesdale, Vale of Leven, Dumbreck, Third lanark Rifle Volunteer Reserves, Eastern Granville and Rovers. Scottish football was formed in 1873.
In 1873 a cup meeting was begun, and its first winners were Queen's Park. Queen's Park was formed in 1867 which went on to dominate Scottish football until the club's amateur status ( which it still retains ) led to its eclipse in the inevitable trend towards professionalism.
In its heyday Queen's Park represented Scotland in the earliest internationals with England, played twice in the final of the ( English) FA cup in 1884 qnd 1885 and did not concede a goal in six years of domestic competetive football.
It was a during Queens Park cup tie with Preston North End in 1886 that a foul on the Queen's Park centre forward led to the offender, also a Scot having to be escorted from ground.
This incident produced the rift between the English and Scots FAs which resulted in the latter banning Scottish clubs from the English competition. a' declaration of independence which profoundly affected Scottish nationalism' (C Harvie).
Thereafter Queen's park gradually began to lose its pre-eminence in Scottish football, posibly because of its somewhat down-to-earth Rangers and, later Celtic.
Sorry to say Cathie nothing is mentioned of a Charles Campbell

There is a team photo of him here in this link taken in 1887, hope I can get it to work for you.
Hi Mitchel..thank-you very much for all this great info worked just great...the friend of mine who asked me to find anything on this man(charles campbell) will be over the moon...I could find nothing lol once more my sincere thanks to you ......cheers cathie rolleyes.gif
Here is another link Cathiie ,with his name in it .He played for Scotland .
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