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Full Version: Rugby World Cup 2007
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I have recently found out that the All Blacks are in the same pool as Scotland in the World Cup, to be held next year. They are scheduled to play each other at Murrayfield on 23 September in a pool match.

Now, I am a red-hot AB's fan, though Glasgow born. When I lived in Scotland I was a football fan - rugby didn't exist for me then - but around 30 years ago I developed an interest in the game and have come to love it above all other sport.

There is just a chance that I may be able to come over to the UK next year and if I can get two tickets to the Scotland-All Blacks game, I will travel up with my daughter who lives in London. I have never been to Murrayfield and think it would be fantastic to be there. The atmosphere will be great and I look forward to singing both national anthems - God Defend New Zealand and Flower of Scotland (I hope). This would be just magic.

There is one snag. From this end I can only buy tickets through a travel agent, which includes accommodation.

If anyone can help me out with information on where in Scotland I could buy tickets for the game only, it would be much appreciated.
I don't know much about rugby but I'm pretty sure you could get your tickets from Murrayfield itself - there is a website for Scottish Rugby so I'm sure there would be phone numbers etc....

Hope you manage to get them and have a great trip... biggrin.gif
Ballindalloch, you will love the atmosphere at Murrayfield. We used to travel through from Glasgow for all the International matches, every year. My husband was a rugby player and the school I went to was a "rugby school" so I learned to love the game at an early age!!!

Wish I could be there with you.... rolleyes.gif
Hi Ballindalloch....I hope you make it home for the Scotland .NZ game next year.

The 2007 world cup is organised by France and its in typical French style…..they love getting the Anglo Saxons in a twist.

They are using Edinburgh and Cardiff for a couple of games but all the final action will be in France…the final being in the awesome Stadt….they control the ticket sales and they are making it really awkward to get a ticket.They want you to buy a package for your countries games and that then gives you access to the semis and finals if your country goes that far….if not they will give you a refund next year…weird!
In Scotland they are trying to get you to buy tickets to 4 games including the NZ game… the other 2 games are in St Etienne and am never gonna get there…the ticket sales are suspended just now because of technical problems but I have heard that when it re opens you will be able to get some single game tickets for Murrayfield …I have given you a site address you can access only problem being it susses out your PC and directs you to your team area so in NZ u will not see the same screen as me…just work around it.
I don’t think am gonna be going…I have a love hate relationship with the all Blacks…I have kiwi cousins and they just annoy me no end when it comes to rugby but I do recognise the quality of the kiwi game so seeing them play at Murrayfield is always a thrill…..I just don’t wanna see them win.
I don’t think I will be in Scotland next September so there is no point in buying a ticket but I hope you manage to get one and manage over to see and hear Scotland at its most magic moment am sure my Dad will be there if he can and maybe one of my brothers…should be a great day…the site gives you a great seat layout at Murrayfield but the best seats are really expensive….be good to hear how you get on and if I hear any more about the seats being on sale I will post it here.

RWC 2007 Edinburgh
Ross / ems / javamol

Thank you for your helpful information about getting to Murrayfield next year.

Ross, I have looked up the website you suggested and after looking into various options, it seems ticket packs became available to the general public in April 06 but unfortunately I am not able to go to all the pool games so package deals are no good to me.

Around September 06, individual tickets will become available but from what I can gather, it will only be what's left after the tours and packages are sold. One of the agencies is in Christchurch and they will be selling tickets with either 1 night or 2 nights accommodation. If I can get two of these, I will be in like a shot.

I really want to be "amongst my ain folk" again and soaking up the atmosphere at Murrayfield. About 3-4 years ago I travelled to Dunedin to see Scotland take on the All Blacks. It resulted in a big win for the ABs, but just being a part of the ex-pat Scots in the crowd was great fun. Dunedin is a very Scottish city and they turned out in their thousands, clad in tartan and with blue- painted faces.

I hope you don't mind me saying that if I do get there, I will be shouting for the ABs but I will be surprised if we don't get a good performance from the Scots.

Keeping my fingers, toes and everything else crossed in the hope of getting tickets!
I would not be upset if you wanted to cheer the All Blacks Ballindalloch but I would not be sitting beside you...hahaha

If you have lived a long time in NZ I would think it was natural to support them but my loyalties would not allow me to do that.....but come the day and you are in ancient Edinburgh surrounded by the real tartan army and its September and the first chill of Scottish autumn is in the air and the band and the fans blast out Flowers of Scotland I would bet you loads your heart is ripped apart just trying to undermine the kiwi support here lol! Oh Flower of Scotland

Just another little thing I saw in another post that that you went to NZ on a ship called the mum and dad stayed in NZ,in Auckland for a year a long time ago and thats where they lived in Auckland...Remuera...we think it was Market Rd and they had a Rugby ground across from the house and they could see One Tree Hill just along the road and it was pretty near a place called Karangahappy Rd...great names!!!
You are right, Ross, it will be an emotional experience for me at Murrayfield - if I get there. Pipe bands are enough to set me off! Who knows, I may even get to the Tattoo, which runs about the same time of the year. I have to say, though. that the Maori Haka brings a lot of emotion as well. Never having been a follower of rugby when I lived in Scotland, my support will definitely be favouring the All Blacks. There will probably be several of our local Canterbury players and they are just great to watch, especially in a black jersey.

I know of Remuera in Auckland but am not overly familiar with it. It is a very affluent suburb indeed and only the wealthy live there. I will be going to Auckland at the end of the month for a holiday with another Glaswegian who lives in Pakuranga.

Auckland is not my cup of tea - too big and too much motorway travel for me. Christchurch is still small enough to be enjoyable, although we do have the usual peak hour traffic jams.

One Tree Hill is minus the tree now, having been damaged so much by protesters in the last year or two, it was not able to be saved. There has been a lot of talk about its replacement but I am not aware of anything having been done yet.

Karangahape Road sounds nice but from what I can gather it is a well known area for night-time entertainment, 'ladies of the night', etc.

I love Maori names and my favourites are: Manawatu, Wairarapa and Aramoana. Two places in or near Christchurch I have lived in are Hoon Hay and Tai Tapu (which means "sacred stream").

My mum is stunned that the tree is gone..she says that they used to walk up there quite a lot.....they have loads of pictures taken there and in places like Devonport and St Heliers...they both liked Auckland a lot...they never went to the South Dad had an old girlfriend who came from Christchurch and although she asked them to come down....they never did !!!!
They liked Rotorua and especially in winter going to the Chateau at Tongariro where they could ski in!
I think the south Island looks pretty amazing especially around Queenstown...maybe I will get there one day.....They said that the house they lived in on Market Rd was actually on the side of an old volcano and you could climb into the old crator...amazing!!
Back to the RWC 2007...I hope you get tickets for Murrayfield...a NZ game always draws a big crowd of ex pat Kiwi's so you would feel at home and after the game is over head into Edinburgh and drown your sorrows(lol!!!) on Rose Street or if you prefer the younger scene head to the Grass Market and party with the Scots into the night.
I donno if you will see the opens tonight and usually ends late August or early Sept but this years show has been sold out since going through on Sunday..not to the tattoo but just to see the Festival get under way....then most weekends while its on because the atmosphere is brill with all the street shows and all the foreign visitors....we've been known to just wear a kilt and a T shirt for a walk down the High Street....draws the lassies like magic....we just do it for Scotland...put on a show for the tourists....aye!!!
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